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Martin Dejnicki
Sometimes we don’t mind being alone with only our thoughts and silence by our side. But other times or phases in life, being alone often feels depressing. The following alone quotes are meant to communicate both sides.
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Being Alone Quotes
Alone and Lonely Quotes
Leave Me Alone Quotes
Forever Alone Quotes
I Stand Alone Quotes
Sad and Alone Quotes
Love to be Alone Quotes
Living Alone Quotes
I Want to Be Alone Quotes

Being Alone Quotes

The moment I feel uncomfortably alone, I reach for a temporary cure – the nearest old phone.

My mind craves a nature’s path intoxicating wonder and peace. It also dreads the lonely silence of a fatigued and busy rush hour train home.

We all fear that helpless and depressing feeling of being all alone. To defeat it we must strive to open both our hearts and our time to others.

It’s always quite difficult to adjust from being surrounded by loved ones in moment in time to being completely isolated and alone (in our minds and in our hearts).

Why does time fly when we’re surrounded by those who are close to us and it suddenly slows to a treacherous crawl when we’re alone?

Each of us occasionally need to be alone with silence and few simple thoughts.

Feeling and being alone is much more common and widespread than we may believe. All of us who feel this way should get together and talk about it, and we’ll no longer feel alone.

Alone and Lonely Quotes

Nobody ever plans to be lonely. But when it arrives, it often brings plenty of sadness and sorrow along for the ride.

I’m surrounded by a city of people. Yet sitting here without you in this noisy coffee shop I can’t help but feel completely alone.

Loneliness often stalks the old and tired, while staying clear of youthful energy.

Leave Me Alone Quotes

Peace I do seek, in each vein, in each bone. Am I asking too much to be left simply alone?

Leave me alone for now and for always. I wish for this in my heart, on my sleeve and in my life.

Anger and sorrow live in the same tribe as leave me alone.

Hurt them once and they may forgive you, hurt them many times will lead to leave me alone.

Please leave me alone, it’s nothing you’ve done. I need time to gather my thoughts in place of solitude.

Forever Alone Quotes

Now that you’re gone, I’ll be forever alone. How to live, how to love, with your soul you have shown.

This forever alone, I wish I could share. There’s a glimmer of hope, in my mind as I stare.

To be forever alone in a dream or in life, my savior, my heart, pierced with a knife.

I would prefer a moment with you and forever alone than forever with anyone else.

I sit here all alone, but because you loved me, I’ll never feel it.

I Stand Alone Quotes

Standing alone against a wall of odds with only hope and perseverance by my side.

It’s better to stand alone with your dignity and values than lie with a crowd.

I stand alone by choice in search of truth.

Never stand alone because of pride. Always stand alone because of love.

Sad and Alone Quotes

Sadness and sorrow; alone dance of pain. Where is the freedom from this old rusty chain?

Loneliness and sadness are the twin thieves of joy.

To dissolve sorrow one must eliminate that feeling of isolation.

Love to be Alone Quotes

Many of us find solitude and peace during those times when we’re alone. Here are a few quotes about that.

To be alone is what I crave, from all this noise my mind must save.

Those times I’m alone with just my thoughts allow me to reflect upon my most current state.

I’m never completely alone when accompanied by a good book.

The true beauty of nature has been revealed to me on those journey’s when travelling alone.

From a young age I could always rely on my dear friend, Alone.

Living Alone Quotes

If my house is a larger bedroom and my home is my community, than I shall never live alone.

The clear benefit of living alone is the freedom to choose or create a unique dance of actions for each waking day.

Now that I’m living all alone, I truly miss that crowded and noisy home I grew up in. I would trade this silence for those daily conflicts and my current privacy for the lack of.

The greatest benefit of living alone is not silence nor complete control and freedom. It’s the simple act of leaving your socks right there on the floor where you took them off, without objection or scorn.

Now that I’m living alone, my dear old friend Focus visits me with greater frequency.

I Want to Be Alone Quotes

Right now, my only wish and only desire is to be alone.

I want to be alone in this moment in time, is this too much to ask for and is it a crime?

I need some time to be alone, to gather my thoughts, my emotions and my life.

I wish to be alone, is this terrible or wrong? Would this seem more “normal” if I simply wrote a song?

Just like running, the desire to be alone does not require an explanation nor reason.
PUBLISHED: Oct 10, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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