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Martin Dejnicki
Here's a collection of useful apology poems that you may use as a unique way of apologizing to someone. Whether it's a close friend or your loving partner, they deserve a sincere apology.
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Sweet Apology Love Poems
Apology Poem for Girlfriends
Apology Verse for Boyfriends
Apology Poems for Friends
Short Apology Poem

We all make mistakes and sometimes hurt the people in our lives that we care about. One of the best ways to fix things, is by simply apologizing (from our hearts).

While you are thinking of apologizing, here's some apology quotes that may help put things into perspective for you.

That first poem is fairly general and may apply to any situation.

You may share it with your best friend or a family member like your mom, dad, sister or brother.

I wish I wrote this poem when I was younger since I didn't always bother to apologize when I hurt someone (pride sometimes got in the way).

I think it's important for each of us to learn to apologize. By doing so, we will strengthen our relationships with the people who are dear in our lives.

Inner Vault

I just feel so much guilt,

That my words and actions built.

I know, what I did was wrong,

Tried to avoid it, and be strong.

Following me has been the truth,

It was hurting like a tooth.

A second more, I could not deny,

Not apologizing was a lie.

I'm so sorry, from deep inside,

Clearly guilty, my hands are tied.

It was obviously, all my fault,

I have opened my inner vault.

By Martin Dejnicki

The next poem is titled - "Crime". This is just a metaphor that I use for hurting someone's feelings in this poem. I decided to use this word because it has the potential to stir up emotions and also attract the readers attention.


I'm really sorry for my recent actions,

Selfishly searching for your reactions.

What I did was not very kind,

I don't know what, got into my mind.

Something wrong with my psychology,

From my heart I bring this apology.

I know there are no valid excuses,

Negative feelings arguments produces

I'm really sorry, I truly care,

What I did was completely unfair,

Hope you forgive me over time,

I feel awful about my crime.

By Martin Dejnicki

"Chance to explain", is a classic phrase that many of us use when trying to defend ourselves from accusations of wronging or hurting someone.

At least this poem does not make excuses and rather places the fault on the person that did the hurting.

I think it's very important to admit guilt if you want someone to eventually forgive you.

Chance to Explain

Please give me a chance to explain,

What I did was completely vain.

It was clearly way beyond rude,

Completely stupid, I must conclude.

I used words, I did not mean,

I need to stop - acting fifteen.

My actions and words, simply not right

I'm sorry for my anger and spite.

Please give me a chance to explain,

There must be something wrong with my brain.

My emotions, I must learn to control,

And never hurt you, this is my goal.

By Martin Dejnicki

I really hope that you get your chance to explain and the person you are trying to apologize to, accepts your apology.

Sweet Apology Love Poems

Take a look at these apology love poems, and give it to the love of your life that is mad at you. Whether it's your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, I'm sure they're waiting for an apology, so you better hurry.


I look in the mirror, feel so much shame.

It was my fault, I deserve all the blame.

Just don't know what I was thinking,

With all this shame, I feel like I'm sinking.

All the consequences, I completely deserve,

Can't imagine, where I found the nerve,

I just feel like the biggest fool,

What I did, was simply not cool.

Your forgiveness, I earnestly plead,

Without it, my heart won't be freed.

Please forgive me, I miss you so much,

Beautiful voice and your tender touch.

By Martin Dejnicki

Admitting that you are ashamed of what you said or did is a great start to an apology. The last thing you want to do is defend your wrongful actions. Sometimes it's tough to admit guilt, but that's what it often takes to make things better between couples.

The next one is one of my favourite poems in this section, because it's very simple and it's titled "I Was Wrong!". We all know, those are the type of words that our significant others enjoy hearing when we hurt them. Sure it takes a little bit of courage. However, I strongly believe, the better we get at communicating our guilt, the stronger our relationships will become. Nobody wants to walk around with negative energy or a grudge, that's why we must apologize ASAP!

I Was Wrong!

I agree, I was wrong,

Wish I could, sing a song,

I know you're very, very mad,

What I did, was super bad.

Nothing about it, I am proud,

I was trying to impress the crowd.

Next time I should really think,

Maybe even see a shrink.

What I'm trying to really say,

My love for you grows every day.

We should never, ever fight,

I need to hold you, every night.

By Martin Dejnicki

Apology Poem for Girlfriends

Here's an apology poem for girlfriends, that was specifically written to be shared with all those girlfriends out there that have been hurt.

I'm So Sorry……

I've been so lucky to have a girl like you,

I'm so sorry, if you only knew.

Feel so bad, for being so rude,

I'm so sorry, I messed up your mood.

I promise to treat you like my Queen,

I'm so sorry for being so mean.

If only somehow, I could make things better,

This poem's from my heart, not just a letter.

Your inner and outer beauty amaze,

I'm so sorry, for my crazy phase.

I wish to give you, my entire heart,

Please forgive me, with a fresh start.

By Martin Dejnicki

There are four instances in the above poem that mention the short phrase - "I'm so sorry". If you decide to share it with your girlfriend, I don't know if 4 will be enough. You may need to say it a couple more dozen times, depending on the severity of the situation. Whatever you do, just make sure that you are sincere, and sound it.

Apology Verse for Boyfriends

What do you think of the following verse for boyfriends? Do you think it will work? Well if your boyfriend is really mad at you, you could try emailing or texting the following poem to him. It might actually work, and he'll forgive you. Good luck!

Amazing Guy

You are such an amazing guy,

I'm really sorry, I just want to cry.

What I did, I cannot accept,

Cried so much, I haven't slept.

You simply mean so much to me,

I was blind, now I can see.

Reasons, I just don't know why,

Please don't leave, don't say goodbye.

Promise to make it up to you,

Right now, I just feel so blue.

I'm so sorry, on my knees I cry,

You are one amazing guy.

By Martin Dejnicki

To increase the effectiveness of this poem, you may want to also print it out and decorate it with pictures and graphics that your boyfriend might enjoy. So if he's a huge football fan, you could always decorate it with a football theme.

Apology Poems for Friends

Hope you like these apology poems for friends. Share one of them with a friend that you are not on the best terms with, or just recently got into a fight with.

Sometimes we end up hurting our closest and dearest friends without even realizing until it's too late. The worst thing we could do is give our friends time and just ignore them after the heated incident. They may start thinking that we just hurt them and we don't care.

Instead, we should apologize and show how bad we feel as soon as we can. The first friendship poem may be shared with a very close friend that you might have hurt. I hope you're forgiven and your relationship continues from where it left off.

Close Friend

A close friend, I don't wish to lose,

Sometimes we have different views.

I had no right to act that way,

Allow me to apologize, with no more delay.

Sometimes I can be very mean,

Other times, I may cause a huge scene.

There's no reason that I should snap,

I clearly deserve, more than a slap.

You're my close friend, I don't wish to lose,

Never wanted to hurt you, not even a bruise.

I really hope, we can be like before,

I'm so sorry, my heart is real sore.

By Martin Dejnicki

The first line of the next apology poem talks about taking a friendship for granted. I think we are all guilty of this occasionally. Maybe because we get so used to things and maybe because we just get very busy with our lives. The worst thing we could possibly do in my eyes is just call our friends when we need something from them (like their help or advice).

Instead, we should always show concern for them first, and ask how they are doing and how their families are doing. But we need to do this genuinely. Personally, I can't stand "friends" that only call when they need something. Why don't they call when they don't need anything, just to chat and see how I'm doing?

These are the type of lessons that help us figure out who our real friends are in this life.

I Plea

I may have taken our friendship for granted,

Many years ago, it has been planted.

I did not mean, the words that I said,

Don't know what, got into my head.

Last thing I'd want, our friendship to perish,

Deep in my heart, I adore and I cherish.

You have always been there for me,

If I am a leaf, than you are my tree.

My words are sometimes filled with dirt,

I'm really sorry, I did not want to hurt.

Our friendship means so much to me,

Please forgive me, I beg you, I plea!

By Martin Dejnicki

Short Apology Poem

Now this is a very short verse. It's definitely short enough to text quickly. In this poem of just 6 lines you are still able to say that you're sorry, mention you didn't mean to hurt the person, give a compliment (charm), and still ask for forgiveness. Now that's what I call an effective apology poem.


I'm so sorry, I truly care,

This short poem, I'd like to share.

Never wish to cause you harm,

You are always filled with charm.

Please forgive me, on my knees,

Please forgive me, oh please and please!

By Martin Dejnicki

I truly hope that you found a useful apology poem on this page that you will share with someone that deserves your sincere apology.

I know that it's sometimes just difficult to apologize.

But hopefully, these apology poems will make it much easier for you to apologize to others in the future.

Good luck with apologizing, and I wish you healthy and prosperous relationships with the people in your life.

PUBLISHED: Sep 29, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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