Funny Kids Poems (5-8 year olds)

Martin Dejnicki
Here's a collection of short and simple funny kids poems for children between the ages of 5 and 8. Enjoy.
16 min read
Table of contents
Mischievous Toys
Tim's Traveling Shoes
Blue's Big Shoe
The Hat-Wearing Dragon
The Fluffy Fairy Party
Freddy's Melodic Croak
Runaway Cookie
Clockville's Mooing Hour
Clyde's Flying Dream
Starry Night Games
Polly's Endless Chatter
Ducky's Musical Strut
Finny's Fancy Hat
Barney's Artistic Flare
Binky's Bookish Adventures
Kitty's Feather Folly
Moon's Cheesy Delight
Sunny's Cool Glare
Turbo Turtle's Adventure
The Tree's Secret Jig
Cloudy's Cozy Creations
Stella's Starry Songs
Pippin's Choco Treat
Momo's Spectacular Specs
Wiggly's Wonderful Reads
Sammy's Slow Art
Benny's Ballet Beats
Gary's Grand Hat
Ollie's Nightly Game
Spidey's Sweet Pies
Freddy's Funny Stories
Draco's Wooly Wonders
Barney's Musical Flair
Squiggy's Nutty Beats
Daisy's Rainy Delight
Toby's Turbo Skates
Kenny's Lunar Leaps
Lizzy's Tickle Tricks
Bella's Sky-High Treats
Danny's Disco Grooves
Charlie's Leisurely Pace
Leo's Little Fear

Dive into a world of giggles and fun,

Where bunnies hop and teddies run.

Mischievous Toys

Toys on the shelf,

they quietly sit,

But when we're asleep,

they throw a fit.

Teddy bears dance,

trucks go beep-beep,

All through the night,

while we're in deep sleep.

By the morning light,

they're back in their row,

Pretending to be still,

but we all know.

By Martin Dejnicki

Join the adventure of little Tim's shoes,

As they journey places, experiencing all the news.

Tim's Traveling Shoes

Tim's shoes have been,

to places near and far,

Climbing mountains,

and wishing on a star.

They've jumped in puddles,

and run in the park,

Danced in the moonlight,

long after it's dark.

From muddy trails,

to gleaming mall floors,

Tim's shoes have tales,

of adventures and more!

By Martin Dejnicki

Let's explore the tales of a cat named Blue,

Who loved to wear a giant shoe.

Blue's Big Shoe

Blue the cat,

had a giant shoe,

It wasn't for wearing,

but a house with a view!

Birds would often,

peek inside with a coo,

Wondering about,

the cat and her shoe.

She'd nap in the heel,

and play in the toe,

Blue loved her shoe-home,

this much we know.

By Martin Dejnicki

Discover a world where dragons wear hats,

And tiny mice chat with big, friendly cats.

The Hat-Wearing Dragon

There's a dragon in town,

with a big tall hat,

It's funny and floppy,

imagine that!

He breathes no fire,

just bubbles that float,

And hums a tune,

a jolly old note.

With his hat on his head,

and a skip in his stride,

This dragon's the coolest,

far and wide.

By Martin Dejnicki

Step into a land of magic beans and fairy fluff,

Where unicorns dance and pixies can't get enough.

The Fluffy Fairy Party

In the heart of the forest,

fairies had a spree,

Dancing on petals,

and sipping honey tea.

Unicorns pranced,

with glittering manes,

While pixies played tunes,

and sung sweet refrains.

With sparkles and giggles,

they danced the night away,

In their magical world,

where they always play.

By Martin Dejnicki

Jump into tales of a frog that can sing,

A melody that would make the whole forest swing.

Freddy's Melodic Croak

Freddy the frog,

on his lily pad stage,

Sang a song,

that was all the rage.

Birds would whistle,

and trees would sway,

To the tune that Freddy,

sang every day.

With a ribbit here,

and a croak there too,

The forest enjoyed,

their singing debut.

By Martin Dejnicki

Unveil the mischief of a cookie that fled,

Leaving a trail of crumbs to be traced and read.

In the kitchen,

a cookie took flight,

Hoping to escape,

a munching plight.

Through the house,

it rolled and spun,

Leaving a trail,

of cookie-fun.

Yet in the end,

by the milk it sat,

Ready for a dip,

and that was that.

By Martin Dejnicki

Discover a town where the clocks go "moo",

And cows tell the time, it's all cuckoo!

Clockville's Mooing Hour

In the town of Clockville,

things are quite askew,

Instead of ticking,

the clocks would "moo".

Cows would chime,

on the hour, every day,

Telling folks the time,

in a very unique way.

It's a funny place,

where time and cows blend,

And the day's mooing hour,

seems never to end.

By Martin Dejnicki

Embark on a journey with a snail named Clyde,

Who dreamt of flying, with his shell as the glide.

Clyde's Flying Dream

Clyde the snail,

had a peculiar dream,

Of soaring the skies,

with a jet-stream.

His shell would twist,

catching the wind just right,

And off he would go,

into the starry night.

Though snails are slow,

and can't really fly,

In dreams, there's no limit,

to how high you can fly.

By Martin Dejnicki

Reveal the antics of stars that play hide and seek,

Shining and hiding, in a cosmic unique streak.

Starry Night Games

When the night falls,

and the world's asleep,

Stars play games,

in the cosmic deep.

Hide and seek,

between planets they go,

Twinkling and laughing,

putting up a show.

So when you gaze,

at the night's starry dome,

Know that the stars,

are in playful roam.

By Martin Dejnicki

Jump into tales of a parrot that chats,

Repeating whatever, be it facts or stats.

Polly's Endless Chatter

Polly the parrot,

loved to blabber and chat,

From morning's first light,

to the night's quiet pat.

She'd mimic the phone,

and the old doorbell's ring,

Repeating words,

and just about everything.

Though sometimes noisy,

and a bit of a clatter,

We all loved the fun,

of Polly's endless chatter.

By Martin Dejnicki

Step into tales of a duck in bright socks,

Who loved to quack tunes while walking on rocks.

Ducky's Musical Strut

Ducky wore socks,

in colors so grand,

Strolling the pond,

and the soft, sandy land.

Each step he took,

came with a musical quack,

A delightful symphony,

there was nothing he'd lack.

With socks on his feet,

and a song in his heart,

Ducky's day was pure art,

from the very start.

By Martin Dejnicki

Dive into stories of a fish with a hat,

Swimming in style, wherever he's at.

Finny's Fancy Hat

Finny the fish,

in the deep blue sea,

Wore a hat,

as fancy as can be.

It wasn't wet,

nor did it float away,

He wore it proud,

each and every day.

With a tip of his hat,

and a swish of his fin,

Finny's day would always,

with a smile, begin.

By Martin Dejnicki

Explore the world of a bear that could paint,

Creating masterpieces, without any restraint.

Barney's Artistic Flare

Barney the bear,

picked up a brush so fine,

With every stroke,

he'd let his colors shine.

Painting forests and rivers,

and honey so sweet,

His art was something,

no one could beat.

In his cozy cave studio,

with flair and with might,

Barney painted wonders,

from morning to night.

By Martin Dejnicki

Embark on a journey with a bunny that reads,

Hopping into stories, fulfilling all his needs.

Binky's Bookish Adventures

Binky the bunny,

with glasses on his nose,

Read tales of wonder,

wherever he goes.

He'd hop into stories,

of dragons, queens, and knights,

Exploring worlds,

and magical sites.

With every page turned,

a new journey would start,

For books held the keys,

to Binky's big heart.

By Martin Dejnicki

Join the laughter of a kitten that tickles,

Playing with feathers, causing giggles and wriggles.

Kitty's Feather Folly

Whiskers the kitten,

found feathers so fun,

Tickling his friends,

and making them run.

With a purr and a pounce,

and a playful giggle,

Every tickle session,

came with a wiggle.

So if you hear laughter,

and see feathers fly,

Know that Whiskers,

is surely nearby.

By Martin Dejnicki

Unravel the secret of a moon that eats cheese,

Feasting at night with such great ease.

Moon's Cheesy Delight

Up in the sky,

the moon had a bite,

Of cheese so tasty,

in the middle of the night.

With craters as plates,

and stars as his light,

He'd feast on cheddar,

and blue cheese so light.

So when you see him,

full and so round,

Know he's had his fill,

of the cheese he's found.

By Martin Dejnicki

Dive into the fun of a sun wearing shades,

Basking in its own glow, as the day never fades.

Sunny's Cool Glare

Sunny the sun,

with shades so neat,

Looked down at the world,

from his sizzling seat.

With a smile and a wink,

he'd light up the day,

Making everything warm,

in his own special way.

So when the days,

are bright and clear,

Know that Sunny,

is shining near.

By Martin Dejnicki

Travel with a turtle who wears roller skates,

Speeding around, enjoying his own fun-filled fates.

Turbo Turtle's Adventure

Terry the turtle,

put skates on each foot,

Zooming around,

taking every nook and cranny route.

With a shell as his shield,

and skates so fast,

He left all the snails,

in the past.

Now if you see a streak,

so green and so swift,

It's just Terry,

enjoying his gift.

By Martin Dejnicki

Discover a world where trees love to dance,

Swinging and swaying, given half a chance.

The Tree's Secret Jig

In the heart of the forest,

when no one's in sight,

Trees would start dancing,

with pure delight.

With branches that sway,

and roots that would jig,

They'd celebrate nature,

big tree or small twig.

So if you hear rustling,

and see leaves take flight,

It's the trees enjoying,

their secret night.

By Martin Dejnicki

Laugh with a cloud who knits fluffy scarves,

For all the birds, giraffes, and even the dwarves.

Cloudy's Cozy Creations

Clara the cloud,

with her knitting so neat,

Crafted scarves,

that couldn't be beat.

For every creature,

big and small,

She made them with love,

one and all.

If you see animals warm,

on a cold, frosty day,

Thank Clara's cozy scarves,

coming their way.

By Martin Dejnicki

Meet a star that loves to sing lullabies,

Soothing all creatures under the skies.

Stella's Starry Songs

Stella the star,

high up in the space,

Sang songs of beauty,

with elegance and grace.

Her lullabies reached,

the earth down below,

Making all creatures,

calmly and slowly go.

So when the night's silent,

and you hear a sweet song,

Know it's Stella,

singing all night long.

By Martin Dejnicki

Play with a penguin who loves hot chocolate,

Drinking it up, every last droplet.

Pippin's Choco Treat

Pippin the penguin,

in the icy, cold land,

Held a mug of hot cocoa,

in his little flipper hand.

With marshmallows floating,

and steam rising high,

He'd sip and smile,

under the polar sky.

For in the cold Antarctic,

with snow and ice sweet,

Pippin's hot chocolate,

can't be beat.

By Martin Dejnicki

Chuckle with a monkey who wears funny glasses,

Making all the jungle animals burst into laughs and masses.

Momo's Spectacular Specs

Momo the monkey,

in the tree's topmost deck,

Wore glasses so funny,

you'd surely double-check.

With frames twisted and turned,

in colors so wild,

He made every creature,

even the tiger, smile mild.

So, if you hear giggles,

from the jungle so dense,

It's just Momo's glasses,

making perfect sense.

By Martin Dejnicki

Join a journey with a worm who loves books,

Reading every page, no matter the looks.

Wiggly's Wonderful Reads

Wiggly the worm,

with his tiny little nook,

Loved nothing more,

than a good storybook.

From fairy tales,

to adventures so grand,

He read every page,

under the sand.

If you see a worm,

with a book on the side,

It's Wiggly, lost,

in another story's tide.

By Martin Dejnicki

Laugh out loud with a snail that paints,

Creating masterpieces without any constraints.

Sammy's Slow Art

Sammy the snail,

with a brush in his trail,

Painted every scene,

without fail.

Mountains, rivers,

and sunsets so vast,

He painted them slowly,

making memories last.

Next time you see,

a colorful leaf or bark,

Remember Sammy's love,

for art in the park.

By Martin Dejnicki

Dance with a rabbit who wears ballet shoes,

Hopping and twirling, he never does snooze.

Benny's Ballet Beats

Benny the bunny,

in shoes pink and neat,

Danced across meadows,

on his tiny feet.

With jumps and spins,

to a tune in his ear,

He brought joy and claps,

from those far and near.

If you spot a rabbit,

dancing without any treats,

It's Benny, lost,

in his ballet beats.

By Martin Dejnicki

Giggle with a goose who wears a top hat,

Waddling with style, imagine that!

Gary's Grand Hat

Gary the goose,

with a hat so tall,

Waddled with grace,

capturing the attention of all.

Feathers so white,

and hat so grand,

He was the stylish goose,

across the land.

Should you spot,

a hat in the lake's flat,

Know it's Gary,

and his grand hat.

By Martin Dejnicki

Play hide and seek with an owl in the night,

With big bright eyes, he's quite a sight.

Ollie's Nightly Game

Ollie the owl,

with eyes so wide,

Loved playing games,

under the moonlit tide.

Hide and seek,

was his favorite one,

Hiding in trees,

and having so much fun.

If you hear a hoot,

from a tree's frame,

It's Ollie inviting,

you to the game.

By Martin Dejnicki

Meet a spider who bakes the best pies,

With eight hands at work, to everyone's surprise.

Spidey's Sweet Pies

Spidey the spider,

on his web so high,

Baked the yummiest pies,

under the sky.

With berries, and creams,

and crusts so fine,

His eight hands worked,

in perfect line.

If you taste a pie,

that's simply so nice,

Thank Spidey's touch,

and his secret spice.

By Martin Dejnicki

Laugh with a frog that tells funny tales,

Of swamps, and bugs, and big windy gales.

Freddy's Funny Stories

Freddy the frog,

on his lily pad seat,

Told stories that made,

every critter's heart beat.

With humor and wit,

and a ribbit in between,

He was the funniest frog,

the pond had ever seen.

When you hear chuckles,

by the water's stories,

It's Freddy's tales,

in all their glories.

By Martin Dejnicki

Watch a dragon who loves to knit,

Making scarves and socks, every little bit.

Draco's Wooly Wonders

Draco the dragon,

with fire so neat,

Loved to knit socks,

for his giant feet.

With colorful yarns,

and patterns so wild,

He'd knit and hum,

like a joyful child.

If you see smoke,

and wool flying above,

It's just Draco,

knitting with love.

By Martin Dejnicki

Dance with a bear who plays the flute,

His melodies are sweet, and oh so cute.

Barney's Musical Flair

Barney the bear,

in the forest's quiet,

Played the flute,

under the moonlight.

With notes so pure,

and rhythms so neat,

He made every creature,

tap their feet.

If you hear music,

from the woods so clear,

It's Barney's flute,

drawing you near.

By Martin Dejnicki

Chuckle with a squirrel who loves to rap,

With acorns and beats, he's quite the chap!

Squiggy's Nutty Beats

Squiggy the squirrel,

with his acorn cap,

Loved to drop beats,

and loved to rap.

With nutty lyrics,

and rhythms so fine,

He'd groove and move,

around the pine.

Next time you hear,

a beat so neat,

It's Squiggy's rap,

feeling the street.

By Martin Dejnicki

Splash around with a duck who loves rain,

Puddles and quacks, come again and again.

Daisy's Rainy Delight

Daisy the duck,

with feathers so bright,

Loved every drop,

of the rain in sight.

She'd splash and play,

in every puddle she'd find,

Rainy days for her,

were the best kind.

If you see a duck,

playing without any fright,

It's Daisy enjoying,

her rainy delight.

By Martin Dejnicki

Giggle with a turtle who wears roller skates,

Zooming around, he never waits!

Toby's Turbo Skates

Toby the turtle,

not usually fast,

But with roller skates,

he'd have a blast!

Whizzing past trees,

and surprising his mates,

He loved the speed,

of his turbo skates.

If you see a blur,

that seems out of rates,

It's Toby on,

his super skates.

By Martin Dejnicki

Jump with a kangaroo who adores the moon,

Bouncing so high, he'd whistle a tune.

Kenny's Lunar Leaps

Kenny the kangaroo,

with his pouch so roomy,

Loved to bounce high,

under the moon so gloomy.

With every leap,

and twist in the air,

He'd feel the magic,


Spot a shadow on the moon,

with a jolly sweep?

It's just Kenny,

taking his lunar leap.

By Martin Dejnicki

Laugh with a lizard that loves to tickle,

With every wriggle, there's a chuckle and a giggle.

Lizzy's Tickle Tricks

Lizzy the lizard,

with fingers so quick,

Had a tickling trick,

that always did the trick.

From big elephants,

to tiny little mites,

She'd make them all,

laugh with delights.

If you feel a tickle,

with a sudden flick,

It might just be Lizzy,

with her quick tickle trick.

By Martin Dejnicki

Play with a penguin who's a detective so cool,

Solving icy mysteries, he's nobody's fool.

Penny's Icy Clues

Penny the penguin,

with his magnifying glass so slick,

Solved all the mysteries,

real quick.

From missing fish,

to snowball fights,

He'd find the clues,

in the cold nights.

If you've a riddle,

or a clue that's new,

Penny's the penguin,

to come to.

By Martin Dejnicki

Sing with a monkey who plays the guitar,

Strumming and humming, he's a superstar!

Mickey's Melodic Strings

Mickey the monkey,

with his guitar so fine,

Played melodies,

that'd make the jungle shine.

With every strum,

and each joyful swing,

He'd make the forest,

dance and sing.

If you hear a tune,

from a tree that clings,

It's Mickey's magic,

on the guitar strings.

By Martin Dejnicki

Fly with a bird that loves to bake,

Cakes and cookies, what a sweet wake!

Bella's Sky-High Treats

Bella the bird,

with her oven in the sky,

Baked sweet treats,

as clouds went by.

From sky-high pies,

to cookies that float,

She'd serve them all,

from her nest boat.

If you taste a dessert,

that's dreamily neat,

Thank Bella and,

her sky-high treat.

By Martin Dejnicki

Dance with a deer who adores disco lights,

Shining and shimmering, oh what a sight!

Danny's Disco Grooves

Danny the deer,

with his hooves that gleam,

Loved to dance,

under the disco beam.

With every move,

and each flashy slide,

He'd light up the forest,

far and wide.

If you see a sparkle,

in the night that moves,

It's Danny's delight,

in his disco grooves.

By Martin Dejnicki

Chuckle with a cheetah who's comically slow,

Taking his time, enjoying the show.

Charlie's Leisurely Pace

Charlie the cheetah,

not in a race,

Preferred to move,

at a leisurely pace.

Watching the world,

with a smile so wide,

He'd chuckle at tortoises,

passing him by.

Spot a cheetah,

without any haste?

It's Charlie enjoying,

his own kind of chase.

By Martin Dejnicki

Play with a lion who's scared of a mouse,

Roaring with laughter, in his big house.

Leo's Little Fear

Leo the lion,

king of the pride,

Had one tiny fear,

he couldn't hide.

Every time a mouse,

would give a little squeak,

Leo would jump,

with a startled peak.

See a lion,

with a giggle so clear?

It's Leo laughing,

at his little fear.

By Martin Dejnicki

PUBLISHED: Aug 27, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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