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Martin Dejnicki
Hope you have fun reading and sharing these grandmother quotes and sayings. Add them to your scrapbook or include them inside those greeting cards for grandma. There's also a few quotes that are relevant for those who lost their grandmother. If your grandma has recently passed away, I'd like to share my deepest sympathy.
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Quotes about a Wonderful Grandmother
Loss of a Grandmother Quotes
Grandmother Birthday Quotes
Grandmother Love Quotes
Grandmother and Granddaughter Quotes
Grandmother and Grandson Quotes
Great Grandmother Quotes
Funny Quotes for Grandma
Inspirational Grandmother Quotes
Grandmothers are wonderful ladies who always seem to place others in front of themselves. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandmothers created empathy and practice it each day. - Martin Dejnicki

There aren't too many things that are more comforting on this earth than a hug from grandma. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandma's listen because they care and helpful advice always willing to share. - Martin Dejnicki

A grandmother is one of those rare individuals who you may always depend on. - Martin Dejnicki

Quotes about a Wonderful Grandmother

Here's a few short quotes that talk about wonderful grandmothers. When writing these, I was thinking of my wonderful grandma's.

My stomach has concluded that nothing is more delicious than grandma's homemade apple pie. In my opinion, nothing even comes close. - Martin Dejnicki

Every wonderful grandmother is the queen of care, concern, and sacrifice. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandmothers are special human beings that must be regularly spoiled with beautiful bouquets and delicious chocolates. - Martin Dejnicki

My grandmother is the hardest working person that I've ever met. At her youthful age of 85, she still manages to get more done in a single day, than your average sized village in a week. - Martin Dejnicki

It's not by coincidence that my wife has the same values and zest for life as my grandmother. - Martin Dejnicki

Loss of a Grandmother Quotes

The following quotes are about the loss of a grandmother. Feel free to share them at her memorial/funeral or simply think about her for a while as you read them. My paternal grandmother passed away a few years ago and I still think about her and miss her deeply.

The day my precious grandmother passed away, was the day my tears could not subside. - Martin Dejnicki

I'm just so sad, and I wish she was here. I could hear her voice say, "live life to the fullest my dear child, for you have nothing to fear."

Whenever a grandmother passes away, her community loses, a dear friend, a great role model, a caregiver, a leader, and a fabulous cook. - Martin Dejnicki

My grief from losing my grandmother is multiplied knowing that my mother just lost her mother. - Martin Dejnicki

I am far too young to have lost my dear grandma. - Martin Dejnicki

Future sweet moments we won't get to share, but the ones that we did, in my heart I'll take care. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandmother Birthday Quotes

Enjoy these entertaining grandmother birthday quotes with your cute little grandma. I plan on sharing them with my 85 year old grandma in a few weeks on her birthday.

Grandma's birthday is always quite sweet. Her baked sensations are a wonderful treat. - Martin Dejnicki

A grandmother's birthday should not be measured in years, but rather the number of hugs she receives from her grandkids. - Martin Dejnicki

On grandma's birthday we all participated in her favourite hobby. Gossiping! - Martin Dejnicki

Grandma's birthday doubles as the family reunion, and she wouldn't want to have it any other way. - Martin Dejnicki

The best gift you could ever give your grandmother for her birthday is your time and undivided attention. - Martin Dejnicki

It's grandma's birthday. Treat her like a queen and don't let her wash any dishes. - Martin Dejnicki

It's very important that everyone attends grandma's birthday. That's why she sends the invitations three months earlier. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandmother Love Quotes

Let your grandma know how much you love her and care for her with the following grandmother love quotes.

I love my grandma, she's so special and dear. Whenever I see her, I'm excited she's near. - Martin Dejnicki

A grandma's love may be felt an ocean away. - Martin Dejnicki

Next time your grandmother calls you, let her know how much you love her. She'll be dancing for the rest of the week. - Martin Dejnicki

Visit her regularly, and she will feel truly loved. - Martin Dejnicki

Help your dear grandmother whenever she needs a hand with something, and her gratitude will shine from her heart. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandma, I love you, I love you a lot. How to treat others, since I was young, you have taught. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandmother and Granddaughter Quotes

Here's a few quotes that talk about the relationship shared between grandmothers and their granddaughters.

Grandmothers are known for passing down secret family recipes to their favourite granddaughters. - Martin Dejnicki

Granddaughters really enjoy shopping with their grandmothers because they rarely hear the word, no. - Martin Dejnicki

The sight of her grandmother, makes a granddaughter instantly smile. The sight of her granddaughter instantly warms grandma's heart and brings her indescribable joy. - Martin Dejnicki

A grandmother is a lady who will listen for hours and is a great source of advice. A granddaughter is a lady who will entertain for hours and is a great source of youthful energy. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandmothers and granddaughters always seem to have so much to talk about. They are able to talk about just shoes for a whole week. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandmother and Grandson Quotes

When I was writing these quotes, I tried to relate them to my relationships with my grandma's. Looking back at it, both my grandma's inspired me a lot, and I'm very thankful for that.

Many little boys learn how to treat ladies right from their grandmothers. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandsons remind their grandmothers of the boys that chased them and pulled their hair, nearly a lifetime ago. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandmothers bribe their grandsons with delicious homemade pastries, and grandsons bribe their grandmothers with hugs and kisses. - Martin Dejnicki

My grandmother has instilled strong values in me since I was a young child. Her countless stories of struggles and triumphs have inspired me and have given me a grateful perspective on life. For that, I will always be in her debt. - Martin Dejnicki

Great Grandmother Quotes

Great grandmothers are rare ladies who are very proud of all their grandkids and great grandkids. When I was a child, I had a wonderful great grandmother. Her memory inspired me to write these quotes.

Every great grandmother is a living legend. - Martin Dejnicki

Great grandmothers have the last say. - Martin Dejnicki

I'm a mother, and grandmother, and a great grandmother. It has taken me many decades to climb this family latter. Now that I'm here, I think I deserve a big fat bonus. - Martin Dejnicki

Nothing phases a great grandmother because she's been there, and has done it. - Martin Dejnicki

I've never seen a grumpy great grandmother. It has been proven that a great grandmother's sense of humour is her secret to longevity. - Martin Dejnicki

Funny Quotes for Grandma

Hope these funny quotes make you and your grandma laugh. Enjoy!

My grandma is known for pushing her weight around any kitchen. For that reason, nobody dares to get in her way. - Martin Dejnicki

I gave my grandma plastic flowers, and she watered them each day. She thanked the lord for their lasting beauty whenever she would pray. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandma loves Wednesdays because she gets 10% off at her favourite department store. One day she went in with her nine closest friends expecting a 100% discount. - Martin Dejnicki

A grandmothers love is like motherly love, but with more experience. - Martin Dejnicki

My grandma is sweet, but sometimes can't hear. When I tell her she's dear, she brings me a beer. - Martin Dejnicki

My grandma doesn't really need a cane. But she uses it for protection whenever she goes to the bank. - Martin Dejnicki

Inspirational Grandmother Quotes

These inspirational quotes and more on the sentimental side. Hope you like them.

Grandmothers don't hold grudges, they prefer holding newborn babies. - Martin Dejnicki

Grandmothers are there for us when everyone else has turned their back. - Martin Dejnicki

Remember to cherish each moment with your grandmother like it's the very last. - Martin Dejnicki

Your grandma shall love you, till the end of her days. Show that you care and make sure you praise. - Martin Dejnicki

I really enjoyed writing these grandmother quotes. Just want to wish you many beautiful moments with your grandma's.



PUBLISHED: Oct 05, 2023
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Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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