Karma Quotes: Reflecting on the Echoes of Our Actions

Martin Dejnicki
Karma Quotes: Reflecting on the Echoes of Our Actions
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Karma is the universal bank of actions; whatever you deposit, good or bad, you will withdraw accordingly.

Acts of kindness echo well into the future; acts of malice reverberate with the same intensity.

Karma is the universe's way of letting you know that it saw what you did, even if nobody else did.

The cycles of karma churn unseen but unforgiving, as the mill of the gods grinds slow but sure.

Give the world your best and the best will come back to you, wrapped in the fabric of karma.

Thoughts plant seeds in karma's eternal garden; make sure to only sow what you wish to bloom.

Karma doesn't take reservations; it always has a table ready for your deeds.

No deed, kind or cruel, parks at the moment; karma has an endless road trip planned for it.

Karma: where justice is not just blind but bound to the balance of action and reaction.

You may hide from yourself and others, but you can never hide from your karma.

In the currency of karma, forgiveness is a prosperous investment.

Karma has a unique way of keeping a ledger; it doesn't skip or miss a line.

Ignore karma and it will make itself known; embrace it, and learn to dance with the tides of consequence.

Karma has no deadline but it always collects its debt with interest.

Karma is the dance of actions and reactions that choreograph the story of our lives.

When you choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of your karma is happiness and success.

Life is a boomerang of intentions and actions; throw kindness and you'll catch kindness.

Karma does not work on a schedule, it works on certainty.

Breathe goodness into the world, and karma will see that the wind blows some back to you.

The seeds of past karma cannot grow if they are burnt in the fire of divine wisdom.

Karma is the affirming balance that reassures us that goodness is not a wasted venture.

The river of karma cleanses with a flow made of actions, both pure and tainted.

Karma doesn't have favorites; it simply settles scores with the accuracy of a master accountant.

The wheels of karma grind all grains with the same determination, be it wheat or weed.

Karma is a faithful recorder; every action is a note that contributes to life's grand melody.

Do not underestimate the smallest good deed, for karma magnifies all.

Karma is blind not to who you are, but to what you intend and do.

Let your karma be like a snowball of positivity, rolling and growing as it makes its way through life.

The scales of karma do not lean on the side of chance, they tip on the side of consequence.

Fuel your fate with fairness; karma honors the honest heart.

Karma's ledger never forgets or forgives until it’s paid in full – with interest.

The shadow of your actions is as real as your deeds; karma ensures they both follow you.

Karma is the echo from the walls of reality; it always returns to the source.

In the garden of karma, even the smallest weed of a wrong done will thrive if left unchecked.

Karma is the oldest judge; it rules without a gavel, but with the firmest verdicts.

When you plant seeds of compassion, karma is your sun and rain, nurturing growth.

Speak with kindness and act with love; for karma is a bird that never forgets its way home.

Lend the world your virtues; karma has a way of repaying with interest.

Live as if karma is the only jury in the trial of your life.

Karma doesn't discriminate between the seeds of good or bad deeds, it simply ensures they grow.

Karma teaches us that every choice is like a painter’s brushstroke; together, they create the portrait of our lives.

When you treat life's traffic with patience and respect, karma ensures you a smoother ride.

Karma is the unspoken agreement between life and how you choose to live it.

The tapestry of your life is interwoven with the threads of karma, each color a consequence, each thread a choice.

In the hands of karma, justice is a boomerang; throw it wisely.

Karma doesn't just knock on your door; it waits for you to answer with the outcome of your actions.

Karma is the roommate of destiny; they share the rent of your life's choices.

Throw stones of malice and karma will build a wall that blocks your path.

Karma is both the judge and the jury, observing our every action and its corresponding reaction.

Build a bridge of goodwill with the bricks of good deeds, and karma will ensure safe passage.

Treat life as a camera, capturing your good deeds; for karma develops the negatives and positives alike.

Planting forgiveness and understanding yields a harvest that karma delights in blessing.

Karma doesn’t hurry, but it never travels aimlessly.

The footsteps we leave behind plant the seeds of karma that we will one day harvest.

Carve your path with honesty; karma paves the roads taken by truthful strides.

Embrace your trials with grace, for karma is watching, pen in hand, ready to script your triumph.

If life is a chess game, karma is the player on both sides, impartial to black or white.

Karma is the unbiased storyteller who ensures every protagonist faces their own plot twists.

Karma is the gardener of our lives; tend to your plot wisely and a beautiful harvest awaits.

The currency of karma is paid in the denomination of moral integrity.

Karma never loses an address; deliver kindness and it will find its way back to you.

A life lived without malice is a life that accrues positive karma.

Acts of love have a high exchange rate in karma's economy.

Karma is the protector of the cosmic order, ensuring that each action aligns with its rightful conclusion.

Elevate your actions above ego; karma honors the pure in spirit.

Karma is not a sentence, but the punctuation of our life's story—be mindful of how it reads.

Live your life with the realization that karma is more consistent than chance.

Avoid actions that create heavy karma; travel light through life.

Karma is the checkpoint in life's race; what you give to others dictates the pace.

Karma filters through our intentions; keep them clear to avoid detention.

In the economy of karma, generosity is a high-growth stock with dividends that pay forever.

Your actions are the writers of your life's story; karma is simply the editor.

When the emotional debts are high, karma is the collector you cannot deny.

To the most subtle deeds, karma is an ardent observer, noting the whispers of will and the murmurs of intention.

Karma is the judge and your heart is the witness; let your conscious be your counsel.

Every hand you help up, karma remembers and multiplies in unforeseen ways.

Karma never loses a number; it dials each one with unbiased precision.

Karma is not about revenge or retribution; it's about the equilibrium of ethical justice.

Sometimes karma is a slow burn, other times a wildfire; but always, it consumes only what was fed into it.

The mirror of karma reflects every deed; it misses not the smallest act of good or greed.

Illumine your life with actions of brightness and karma will return a radiant dawn.

Karma is the cosmic ledger that makes sure every emotional check you write, balances out.

Spare yourself the weight of negative karma; give wings to deeds that soar with benevolence.

Karma weaves the fabric of existence; let your threads be ones of virtue and persistence.

When hope seems dim, trust in the light of your good deeds; karma has a candle for even the darkest paths.

Crimes against humanity are debts in karma's court where the currency is the soul's restitution.

Karma is the iron hand in the velvet glove of destiny, pressing the scales to balance.

Like a silent witness, karma records the story of our lives in the ink of actions.

Extend love without expectation, give without reservation, and karma will count it with appreciation.

Standing before the mirror of karma, you cannot argue or justify; you can only accept the reflection.

Steer clear of vengeance; let karma handle the balance.

Karma is like a tapestry, each thread a different choice, woven together to create the final image of our lives.

Your life is a message to the future; let karma write that message in letters of hope and humanity.

The wheel of karma turns on the hub of our intentions; may yours spin with grace and kindness.

The gravity of karma is inescapable; it weighs every act and pulls us towards the consequence.

When you're at peace with your actions, you're at peace with your karma.

PUBLISHED: Feb 15, 2024
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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