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Martin Dejnicki
Kindness is something that we all need in our lives. I hope you enjoy reading and kindly share the various kindness quotes from this post.
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Quotes on Kindness and Compassion
Quotes about Random Acts of Kindness
Inspirational Kindness Quotes
Quotes about Kindness and Love
Kindness Quotes for Children
Funny Kindness Quotes
The difference between genuine kindness from the heart and fake kindness seeking profit is like the difference between the sun and the moon. - Martin Dejnicki

If you have to think about the possible benefits of doing something kind then it's not true kindness. - Martin Dejnicki

Kindness seeks neither reward nor recognition. - Martin Dejnicki

If we choose to be kind each day, each day will choose to be kind to us. - Martin Dejnicki

Kindness usually begins with a smile. - Martin Dejnicki

These quotes remind me about the true power of human kindness. It's one of those things that is in each of our individual controls. We all have the option to share as much kindness with others as we'd like.

I truly believe that we will receive more kindness and good deeds from others the moment we decide to avoid placing limits on our own kindness.

Quotes on Kindness and Compassion

Kindness and compassion go hand in hand. Kindness happens when we show compassion to others. Have fun with these kindness and compassion quotes.

Kindness and compassion are the result of good deeds from the heart. - Martin Dejnicki

True kindness requires a compassionate heart and a good degree of selflessness. - Martin Dejnicki

I honestly believe that kindness and compassion are forces that can change the world. - Martin Dejnicki

To be kind and compassionate we must adapt a certain attitude and way of life. - Martin Dejnicki

Let's stop and smell the flowers, open our eyes, and share these flowers with others. - Martin Dejnicki

Quotes about Random Acts of Kindness

Here's a few quotes that talk about random acts of kindness. I think spreading random acts of kindness is what makes us all human.

If I could only describe the expression on her face after my random act of kindness. If you're really interested, than you should try it yourself. - Martin Dejnicki

A random act of kindness does not need to include placing the weight of the world on your shoulders. How about we begin by holding the door for a stranger. - Martin Dejnicki

When we do something nice for someone, our random act of kindness may not seem like a big deal to us. But it's usually a very big deal for the recipient. - Martin Dejnicki

A simple random act of kindness may go viral. - Martin Dejnicki

Humanity is the motivation behind my random acts of kindness. - Martin Dejnicki

Wars and conflicts would have become extinct if we got paid for random acts of kindness. - Martin Dejnicki

Inspirational Kindness Quotes

Here's a couple inspirational quotes that are meant to inspire us to be kind.

Before we expect others to be kind to us, we should first be kind to others. - Martin Dejnicki


If doing nice things for others is so rewarding, why don't we do it more often? - Martin Dejnicki

Kindness has the power to change lives. - Martin Dejnicki

To be kind, is to be alive. - Martin Dejnicki

Not until I fell in love did I learn the true meaning of kindness. - Martin Dejnicki

Quotes about Kindness and Love

These kindness and love quotes are meant to remind us about the deep connection between kindness and love.

Kindness and love go together like lettuce and tomatoes. - Martin Dejnicki

All forms of love are related to kindness. - Martin Dejnicki

Her kind heart is one of the main reasons I fell in love with her. - Martin Dejnicki

Love and kindness shall always defeat a lonely heart. - Martin Dejnicki

When I think of the many combinations of kindness and love, I think of my parents. - Martin Dejnicki

Kindness Quotes for Children

The following quotes were written for children. I think it's vital that we teach our kids the importance of kindness from a very early age.

If you're always nice and kind, many good friends you will always find. - Martin Dejnicki

Be kind to each person you meet, and life will give you a nice treat. - Martin Dejnicki

An easy way to be kind, just think of nice words in your mind. - Martin Dejnicki

Kindness is something we should all share, with friend and family that we love and care. - Martin Dejnicki

Kindness grows from your heart. - Martin Dejnicki

Funny Kindness Quotes

The last sub-category looks at funny kindness quotes intended to make you laugh, enjoy!

If we were always kind, we'd have to retire arguments. - Martin Dejnicki

Sometimes others will reciprocate kindness immediately, sometimes they never do. - Martin Dejnicki

Some people feast on kindness like a hungry lion without sharing any of their own. My advice is - run! - Martin Dejnicki

Sometimes we use lack of time as an excuse for our lack of kindness. Does that mean that kindness does not deserve our time? - Martin Dejnicki

Hope you enjoyed reading the above kindness quotes. I had a blast writing.



PUBLISHED: Oct 09, 2023
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Martin Dejnicki
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