Poems for Fathers

Martin Dejnicki
Here you'll find a variety of rhyming poems for fathers. They are intended to help you show your dad a little bit of appreciation.
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Table of contents
A Poem About a Father
A Poem About Fathers and Daughters
I Love My Father Poem
A Birthday Poem for Fathers
A Poem for Fathers from Children
A Poem from a Son to his Father
A Poem about the Death of a Father
Funny Father Poem

You'll find two specific poems that are meant to be shared by daughters. There's also one written from a son's perspective. There's also one for dad's birthday, a verse that talks about how much you love him, a funny father poem, and several more.

Our fathers may seem like they're all tough and immune to all the emotional stuff, but they're humans just like the rest of us. They are happy when we show them appreciation just like our mothers are.

The ultimate goal here is to put a big smile on your father's face. Father's like the simple things in life as well, because they've experienced so much.

Let's start off with a very general poem about dad that may apply to virtually anyone's situation.

Great Dad

Dad, I must say,

you're a great guy.

Fun to be around,

I cannot deny.

You've got it together,

you're pretty cool.

With plenty of wisdom,

you're not a fool.

You stick to your values,

that you truly believe.

Always willing,

to roll up your sleeve.

Tough as nails,

from the outside you seem.

But you're just a boy,

with a passionate dream.

Your family you love,

and genuinely care.

Your time on this earth,

you're happy to share.

Thank you for loving me,

despite all my flaws.

You're a great day,

you deserve an applause.

By Martin Dejnicki

A Poem About a Father

The following is a unique poem about a father that loves his family and would do anything for them. If you can picture your father in this poem, then maybe you'd like to share it with him, by printing it out and dedicating it to him.

Beautiful Father

There was a beautiful father,

with a magical hand.

He could build a home,

from wood, water, and sand.

He worked so hard,

with sweat and passion.

For his loved ones,

he showed endless compassion.

This father would help,

others for free.

Worked through the pain,

of his elbows and knee.

His natural gifts,

made so many smile.

Being humble and selfless,

was simply his style.

If your car stopped,

on a dirty old road.

He'd be the first,

to help it get towed.

At the end of each day,

his heart was still warm.

A beautiful father,

that was his norm.

By Martin Dejnicki

That poem may be shared with any father. But ideally with those who are very good with their hands and are able to fix or build a lot of different things.

Dad My Gift

I'm so happy for being,

your daughter and friend.

A few words of love,

I'd just like to send.

You've been a super dad,

that I truly adore.

Positively encouraged,

life to explore.

You would always notice,

when I was bitter or down.

Knew how to end,

my silence and frown.

Genuinely cared,

with love and concern.

Lessons of life,

you taught me, I'd learn.

I always enjoy,

spending time with you.

We share philosophies,

and a similar view.

Some days we argued,

and weren't agreeing.

But you still looked out,

for my safety and well-being.

For a girl like me,

you're like a million gifts.

By the mere sight of you,

my spirit just lifts.

By Martin Dejnicki

If there's a specific stanza that does not apply to your relationship with your father, feel free to exclude it. Daughters are often very close with their fathers, so I hope this poem is fitting.

A Poem About Fathers and Daughters

The next poem talks about the relationship or bond that fathers and daughters often share.

Beautiful Bond

Fathers and daughters,

share a beautiful bond.

It's truly magnificent,

like those stars way beyond.

They understand,

each other so well.

When something is wrong,

they easily can tell.

Exchange advice,

and things on their mind.

When one is in need,

the other is kind.

This bond that we speak of,

may never be broken.

Not with fire,

or spells that are spoken.

This bond is friendly,

and may playfully annoy.

From the very beginning,

based on smiles and joy.

Fathers and daughters,

share a beautiful bond.

It's nice to observe,

an embrace that is fond.

By Martin Dejnicki

If you plan on sharing this poem with your father, I'm sure you have a great relationship with him. Just like any relationship, I'm sure it takes work and effort to maintain and grow over the years.

I Love My Father Poem

This "I love my father poem", will help you tell your father how much you love him in a unique way.

I Love You Dad

I love you dad,

with my entire heart.

I've felt this way,

from the very start.

You've been there for me,

through thick and thin.

My love for you,

comes from deep within.

You're a wonderful man,

that I honour and respect.

Our precious memories,

I often reflect.

For raising me,

I'm completely grateful,

Thank you for showing me,

to never be hateful.

I'll admit,

Our life is real sweet.

Having you in it,

is a blessing and treat.

I will always love you,

my father, my shield.

I hope that this poem,

my feelings revealed.

By Martin Dejnicki

I think this poem will remind us all to let our fathers know how much we love them. They need to hear it from us, just like anyone else in our lives.

Sure, our fathers may seem very masculine and tough, but that doesn't mean they don't appreciate thoughtful gestures. Especially, when these gestures are from our hearts. If you like the above poem, I recommend that you read it out loud to your dad. If he lives far away and you can't do it in person, you could always just call him, and surprise him with it.

A Birthday Poem for Fathers

Here's a nice rhyming birthday poem that you may share with your father.

Birthday Dad

Happy birthday dad,

you're older just slightly.

How do I break the news,

Gently and politely.

It's not about,

how old you may be.

As long as your mind,

is open and free.

Sure another year,

may have come and past.

You're probably confused,

and think it's too fast.

But don't you worry,

it shall all repeat.

So just relax,

and grab a seat.

We promise you,

we'll entertain.

This birthday of yours,

won't be just plain.

When the music comes on,

you better dance.

It's your birthday,

so you have a chance.

By Martin Dejnicki

You may want to include this birthday poem inside a funny birthday greeting card that you find for your dad. The poem is meant to be light hearted and a bit on the funny side.

Whether your dad is turning 30 or 80, it's always good idea to do something nice for him on his birthday. So you may want to surprise him with a party by inviting family and friends. You just need to make sure he doesn't find out about it.

You could also do something simpler and less expensive. Like take him out for lunch or take him somewhere for his birthday that he will truly enjoy. This may be a race track or art gallery. It depends on what he likes.

A Poem for Fathers from Children

The next poem may be shared with fathers by their children. It's a very simple rhyming poem that will touch any father's heart.

My Dad

My dad is great,

and lots of fun.

We play together,

when my homework is done.

He takes the time,

to teach me things.

About the earth,

and birds with wings.

My dad is great,

and a super guy.

When he's not around,

sometimes I cry.

I love my dad,

very much.

He gives great hugs,

with a warming touch.

My dad is great,

I'm a lucky child.

He makes my life,

fun and wild.

By Martin Dejnicki

As a kid, it's important to have a good relationship with your dad. Not only will that lead to a better childhood, but will also affect the child's personality and views later in life.

Children are very creative little creatures. I can see a children making nice crafty cards for their dads and including this poem inside (or one they wrote themselves).

A Poem from a Son to his Father

Here's poem from a son to his father. It talks about a son and how he's always looked up to his dad as a role model and guide in life.

Thanks Dad

Thank you dad for being,

my role model and guide.

When I talk about you,

I feel so much pride.

You've always been there,

when I need you.

My love for you,

is authentic and true.

Thank you dad,

for all your advice.

What you have done,

is much more than nice.

You're one of the few,

I could completely rely,

You've always encouraged me,

to reach for the sky.

Thank you dad,

for loving me dearly,

I'll always be your son,

who loves you sincerely.

By Martin Dejnicki

Sometimes it may be difficult for a son to express his feelings for his dad. This is much easier when the son is still a young child. But teenage and adult sons have a much harder time letting their fathers know that they love them. They may show it by being there for their old man, but saying the words is a whole different story.

I'm just talking from my experiences. Whenever my father needs help something, I will help without thinking twice. He's my dad and I love him. However, saying those words to him in person is a bit challenging. That's something I need to work on.

A Poem about the Death of a Father

Here's a poem about the death of a father. I would like to offer you my sincerest condolences if you are experiencing a recent loss of your father.

Amazing Father

You've been an amazing,

father of mine.

You helped fill my life,

with joy that would shine.

I feel so much pain,

now that you're gone.

To sadness and sorrow,

my soul has been drawn.

All those days I expected,

and you were right there.

Why have you left,

I have so much to share.

My scars are forever,

I won't find a cure.

My memories of you,

I will always secure.

I promise to be strong,

won't get depressed.

I will miss you dearly,

while you rest.

By Martin Dejnicki

I recall the day when my grandfather passed away. It was in June of 2000, and my father had a really hard time dealing with his loss. That's because he was very close to his father.

I can't imagine how a person must feel when their father passes away. I just hope I won't have to deal with it for a very long time. But we never know, because life is unexpected and often throws us curveballs. I guess the trick is to somehow find the strength and courage to come out of tragedies in our lives, more grateful and wiser.

Funny Father Poem

Let's finish off this post on a bright side with a funny father poem.

King of the Couch

Hey old man,

I don't mean to be rude.

But you should reduce,

your intake of food.

It's important,

to keep your heart healthy,

You need to work,

if you wish to get wealthy.

You're a fun dad,

so let me say thanks,

You seem to enjoy,

pulling those pranks.

All of that wisdom,

came from so many years.

You don't listen to others,

due to wax in your ears.

It seems like you are,

the King of the Couch,

I'm not saying you're lazy,

but you've mastered the slouch.

Hey old man,

I don't mean to be rude,

But put on some clothes,

stop mowing the lawn in the nude.

By Martin Dejnicki

I hope that funny father poem will make your dad laugh and put a huge smile on his face. I'm definitely going to share it with my old man.

Thanks for browsing my poems for fathers section, and feel free to share any of these poems with your wonderful dad.

PUBLISHED: Sep 30, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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