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Martin Dejnicki
Hope you enjoy reading and sharing my little collection of retirement quotes. Some of these quotes are meant to be sentimental, while others are thought provoking and some should make you laugh.
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Funny Quotes about Retirement
Inspirational Retirement Quotes
Retirement Quotes for Women
Quotes for Men Who Are Retiring
Retirement Quotes for Teachers
Quotes about Retirement for Nurses
Military Retirement Quotes
Quotes About a Happy Retirement
Fun Retirement Quotes

Let's begin by looking at a few general retirement quotes:

Just because you retired, doesn't mean you stopped loving what you do. - Martin Dejnicki

Retirement brings the ball finally onto your court, where you get to make all the rules. - Martin Dejnicki

How busy you will be during retirement depends on how many projects you began and haven't gotten around to completing prior to retiring. - Martin Dejnicki

Retirement gives each of us another opportunity to smell the flowers. Once again, some of us will, and some of us won't. - Martin Dejnicki

If you didn't fancy your job, retirement is definitely a liberating finish line. - Martin Dejnicki

There are plenty more specific retirement quotes right below. These quotes and sayings may be included inside retirement cards or even on top of a retirement cake.

You could also incorporate them with your retirement speech and/or wishes.

If one of your colleagues is retiring, then you may share these quotes as a way of saying farewell, and thank you for everything that you have done.

Funny Quotes about Retirement

Enjoy the following funny quotes about retirement. Hope you find them humorous and hilarious, and don't forget to share them with family and friends.

Are you telling me that I've worked for 45 years, for a lousy 10% discount? That barely covers the rising inflation from the time I get up until I reach the drug store. - Martin Dejnicki

Retirement usually means the value of your home has increased proportionately with the size of your ears over the past five decades. My house tripled, yet I can't hear a darn thing. - Martin Dejnicki

Retirement is sweet. I wish I retired 40 years ago. - Martin Dejnicki

It takes 10 long years of retirement, before they let you into the Slow Motion Club. - Martin Dejnicki

Now that I'm retired, do I have to volunteer and be nice? - Martin Dejnicki

The trick is to make retirement blend into the rest of your life. - Martin Dejnicki

I received a nice plaque and a bucket full of recognition. But in my heart, I just wanted more dough. - Martin Dejnicki

Those who retire early talk about packages. While those who retire late talk about making a difference. Anyways, where's my package? - Martin Dejnicki

Retirement is like skiing. Not only are you going downhill, but there's never enough support falling from the sky. - Martin Dejnicki

You may also wish to share these at the retirement party.

Inspirational Retirement Quotes

Here's a few inspirational quotes that are meant to inspire that special person in your life who is about to retire.

Retirement gives us all a chance to do good things in our communities. - Martin Dejnicki

Your #1 responsibility during retirement is to pass down to younger generations your encyclopedic knowledge and life's experiences. - Martin Dejnicki

As long as you have your precious memories, retirement shall not be a lonely journey. - Martin Dejnicki

Now that I'm retired, I will do three things: slow down, enjoy nature, and play like a child. - Martin Dejnicki

Be proud of your work and successes spanning your entire career. - Martin Dejnicki

It's not about what you did and for how much, but rather the friends that you made along the way. - Martin Dejnicki

It was all worth it, if your job or career helped you pay the bills. Multiply that by 1 million if you also had fun. - Martin Dejnicki

Retirement Quotes for Women

Here's a few quotes that were written specifically for all those women who are retiring or have already retired. I plan on sharing them with my mom in a few years, when she reaches her retirement age.

If retirement means I will spend more time with my husband, then I may need to find another job. - Martin Dejnicki

A woman may retire from her profession, but she will never retire her compassion and motherly instincts. - Martin Dejnicki

Now that I'm retired, I may pursue my true passions - shoe shopping and gossip. - Martin Dejnicki

For many women, retirement is not just the end of an illustrious career, but rather a promotion to being a full-time grandmother. - Martin Dejnicki

When a woman retires, both office drama and office fun decrease exponentially. - Martin Dejnicki

Retirement is a great excuse to change my wardrobe. - Martin Dejnicki

Her retirement shall bloom like the most beautiful flower. - Martin Dejnicki

When a woman retires, her colleagues will miss not just her expertise and wisdom, but also her smile. - Martin Dejnicki

Quotes for Men Who Are Retiring

I think my favorite among the following is the one that talks about beer.

Most men wish of retiring at the young age of 25. Forty years later they no longer care about retiring, but wish they were 25. - Martin Dejnicki

A few men love their work so much that they retire the moment they stop breathing. The rest of us read their biographies, and just want to play golf. - Martin Dejnicki

Retirement is like a cold beer. It's a refreshing necessity for all men. - Martin Dejnicki

Leading a lazy career is the work experience required for retirement. - Martin Dejnicki

When my body told me no for the ten thousandth time, I knew it was time to retire. - Martin Dejnicki

When men retire, they suddenly become radical politicians with more wisdom than Aristotle himself. - Martin Dejnicki

Retirement Quotes for Teachers

Teachers are wonderful human beings, and the following quotes are dedicated to all the teachers out there who will be leaving their profession. Feel free to share them with your teachers.

For every great teacher that retires, there's always a school full of tears. - Martin Dejnicki

Teachers are programmed to educate and inspire children. When they retire, they educate and inspire children their own age. - Martin Dejnicki

My class became dead silent and I achieved this without yelling. I simply announced my retirement. - Martin Dejnicki

You know that a teacher has retired when her summer vacation lasts 12 months. - Martin Dejnicki

The difference between good and great teachers is a simple calculation. Just count how many kids beg them not to do it. - Martin Dejnicki

Quotes about Retirement for Nurses

These quotes were written for every nurse out there that dedicated her or his life to helping the sick. For everything they have done, we are truly grateful.

For everything that they do, nurses deserve to retire 10 years earlier. - Martin Dejnicki

She helped the sick for so many years, cared and fed them, and wiped their tears. - Martin Dejnicki

Retired nurses must learn to take and not just give. - Martin Dejnicki

Nurses are truly special human beings. When one retires, the pain is felt in many hearts. - Martin Dejnicki

Military Retirement Quotes

The men and women of the military have sacrificed a lot for us all. Well, these military quotes are for them.

When you spend your career risking your life protecting your country, your pension will pay the bills, while each random thank you justifies your sacrifices. - Martin Dejnicki

You can never completely retire from the military because there are always communities and neighbourhoods to guard and patrol. - Martin Dejnicki

All those years in the military has taught me the importance of family. - Martin Dejnicki

If you're ever interested in seeing an exceptionally organized sock drawer, visit a retired military vet. - Martin Dejnicki

They assumed that I was blind, since I was the only one that did not panic. But they didn't know I spent my life in the military. - Martin Dejnicki

It's hard to adapt to a mundane life after retiring from the adrenaline factory known as the military. - Martin Dejnicki

My military story has ended, yet they insist on calling me a hero. But I wasn't trying to be a hero. I was just trying to survive. - Martin Dejnicki

I don't miss the gunfire or missions, as much as I miss the camaraderie among friends. - Martin Dejnicki

Quotes About a Happy Retirement

Here's a bunch of random happy retirement quotes. I hope they bring a smile to both you and the retired.

Enjoy the sun, enjoy the martinis, and simply relax. - Martin Dejnicki

The secret to a happy retirement is a healthy imagination. - Martin Dejnicki

The prerequisite to a happy retirement is a happy pre-retirement. - Martin Dejnicki

If you want a happy retirement, then don't spend all your money at the casino. There are places where they show more skin. - Martin Dejnicki

I retired happy, and in approximately 20 or 30 years I will die happy. Ok, maybe not the second part. - Martin Dejnicki

The day I retired everything suddenly slowed down. Except happiness! - Martin Dejnicki

Fun Retirement Quotes

The last category in this section includes a few fun retirement quotes. My favorite one is definitely the very last one. Enjoy!

A retirement is so much more special when you create a habit of bragging about it. - Martin Dejnicki

Now that I'm retired, I can finally stay up on Sunday nights. - Martin Dejnicki - Martin Dejnicki

All jokes aside, don't take your retirement lightly, since it's too late for dieting. - Martin Dejnicki

It's not about where you retire, but who you retire with. - Martin Dejnicki

Thanks for taking the time to read my assortment of retirement quotes. I hope they made you smile, laugh, and even nod your head.

Have fun sharing the ones you like the most with family and friends (and of course the retired).

PUBLISHED: Oct 05, 2023
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Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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