Encouraging Poems

Maya Thompson
Life's a rollercoaster, and we all need a little boost sometimes. That's why I've crafted these poems, consider them high-fives in written form. 🤘
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Table of contents
The Lighthouse in Your Soul
Whispers of Tomorrow
Eternal Spring
Paint Your Sky
The Horizon Calls Your Name
The Melody of You
Unfolding Petals
The Stars Within You
Rivers of Resilience
The Infinite Book

The Lighthouse in Your Soul

In darkness, find the beacon glowing,  

Even when the fog is thick.  

Guided by what you're inwardly knowing,  

Keep faith, for the dawn is quick.

Never alone, though sometimes it seems,  

The lighthouse in your soul is steadfast.  

Illuminating dark corners of your dreams,  

Glowing brighter as time has passed.

Doubt may cloud your clear blue sky,  

Like fog hiding the coastline’s grace.  

Remember, you were built to fly,  

The lighthouse shows you your place.

When waves rise high, you rise higher,  

In tempests, be the calm center.  

The lighthouse is the spirit's fire,  

A sanctuary where fears can't enter.

So keep it lit, this internal flame,  

An eternal torch, your heart’s true calling.  

For you're the keeper, the one to claim,  

The lighthouse that keeps you from falling.

Whispers of Tomorrow

Listen to the whispers of tomorrow,  

The echoes of your future self.  

Drown out the soundtrack of sorrow,  

Replace with anthems of mental health.

Each day is a page yet written,  

In the grand tale of your time.  

By challenges, you're never smitten,  

But inspired to ascend and climb.

In quiet moments, take the cue,  

From the dreams that have yet to unfold.  

They’re future chapters, known by few,  

Golden whispers waiting to be told.

Carve your niche and find your space,  

Empower others along the way.  

For when you run this lifelong race,  

Tomorrow’s whispers become today.

Each sunrise brings a new beginning,  

Every sunset marks not an end.  

In the story of life you’re winning,  

By listening to the future, my friend.

 Eternal Spring

The winter in your heart will thaw,  

Cold moments eventually yield.  

In the eternal spring, find your awe,  

When love becomes your shield.

Even when skies are heavy and gray,  

The sun's still shining up above.  

Embrace the promise of a brighter day,  

Warm yourself with endless love.

Darkness can never truly quell,  

The radiant light that's from within.  

Your soul's the spring where fairies dwell,  

And each morning is a chance to begin.

Blooms come after the longest nights,  

Petals unfurling to herald the dawn.  

Life returns after internal fights,  

Eternal spring will never be gone.

Like cherry blossoms in the breeze,  

Let go of what you can't control.  

Welcome spring’s eternal peace,  

The flowering meadow of your soul.

Paint Your Sky

When clouds loom dark and filled with rain,  

Remember, you can paint your sky.  

In every loss there’s something to gain,  

A rainbow waits, don't ask why.

Each droplet can become a hue,  

A shade to color your cosmic tapestry.  

With each brushstroke, you renew  

The vivid portrait of what you can be.

Don’t let gray clouds define you,  

When you have a palette so grand.  

With every hue and every hue's clue,  

Paint your sky with a masterful hand.

Life’s canvas waits for no one,  

But presents itself anew each day.  

Begin again with the morning sun,  

Choose the colors that light your way.

Paint your sky with love and grace,  

Let strokes of courage be your guide.  

In every challenge that you face,  

Your painted sky takes no side.

The Horizon Calls Your Name

Your eyes meet where sky greets sea,  

In that line, all possibilities reside.  

The horizon calls your name, you see,  

A future so vast, you can't hide.

It's normal to fear the unknown,  

Yet courage makes heroes of us all.  

When you step into the vast zone,  

You'll find you're never really small.

The horizon is not a boundary,  

But a promise stretching far and wide.  

A vista of untold opportunity,  

Where your dreams and hope reside.

You’re closer than you might believe,  

To a future that's incredibly bright.  

With every goal that you achieve,  

The horizon gifts another sight.

So set sail toward your destiny,  

Across the waters of self and time.  

When the horizon calls, be free,  

It’s a journey that’s truly sublime.

The Melody of You

In every life, a melody plays,  

Soft whispers in a vast concert hall.  

You're the conductor of your days,  

Wielding the baton; you control all.

When you’re disheartened, make no mistake,  

The tempo slows, but does not cease.  

Lift your baton, for heaven's sake,  

Let your symphony find its peace.

Moments of discord find us all,  

Yet, you’re the composer of your tune.  

In every crescendo, stand up tall,  

Underneath your own private moon.

Don’t let life’s cacophonies distract,  

Remember, you write your own score.  

With courage and grace, let your act  

Be a symphony to forever adore.

Life is a stage, you’re not the audience,  

Play your part with zeal, no hesitance.  

In the symphony of you, find your prudence,  

Conducting yourself with sheer brilliance.

Unfolding Petals

Like a rose about to bloom,  

Life unfolds in hidden ways.  

Even in the darkest room,  

Hope can find a way to blaze.

Unfolding petals, softly so,  

Open up to greet the sun.  

No matter how much you grow,  

Your unfolding is never done.

From bud to bloom, you show,  

Your colors bold and beauty true.  

In life's garden, you glow,  

With hues known only to you.

In trials and tests, don’t fold,  

Let every challenge be your soil.  

Foster growth, be brave, be bold,  

Unfolding petals in life’s toil.

Let your fragrance fill the air,  

Even when the world feels tight.  

In the garden of life, with care,  

Your unfolding is a beautiful sight.

The Stars Within You

The night sky within your eyes,  

Holds constellations yet unseen.  

When you feel like your spirit dies,  

Remember, you’re an uncharted being.

The stars within you shine bright,  

Even when shrouded by daylight.  

In the depths of the hardest night,  

Your inner cosmos is pure light.

Look inward, there’s a galaxy there,  

Spiraling stars of dreams and will.  

In the vastness, don’t despair,  

Your essence, even still, is a thrill.

Each star a point of endless potential,  

Glowing in your eternal night.  

The constellations in you are essential,  

In your sky, you’re the most radiant sight.

Let your stars guide the way,  

Even when the world turns dark.  

In your night sky, forever stay,  

Your celestial map, life’s watermark.

Rivers of Resilience

Like a river’s constant flow,  

Move ahead, however slow.  

Even when boulders obstruct,  

Change your course, don’t self-destruct.

See the stones as but a phase,  

Not as limits, but pathways.  

Rivers carve through toughest stone,  

Creating beauty all their own.

When you feel you’re at an end,  

Remember rivers always bend.  

Each curve presents a new sight,  

New chances to find your light.

If a dam should block your way,  

Don't consider it your dismay.  

Even rivers find a new route,  

Flowing freely, there's no doubt.

Embrace the journey, come what may,  

Rivers of resilience guide the way.  

Through the valleys, towards the sea,  

Become the river you’re meant to be.

 The Infinite Book

Life is an infinite book,  

Each page a moment, look.  

Even chapters that bring tears,  

Contribute to your tale of years.

Don’t worry if some pages tear,  

Or if some words are hard to bear.  

Each sentence adds to your story,  

Even struggles bring eventual glory.

In your book, you hold the pen,  

No need to wonder how or when.  

Write with the ink of ambition,  

Drafting chapters with no inhibition.

Not all chapters can be planned,  

Some are written by another’s hand.  

Yet you’re the author of your fate,  

Turning pages, it's never too late.

Your book is a boundless sea,  

Pages rippling endlessly.  

In each word and every look,  

You’re the hero of your infinite book.

PUBLISHED: Sep 01, 2023
Written By
Maya Thompson
Brooklyn's own keen observer🔎 ✒️Turns city vibes and heartfelt moments into compelling prose.
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