Poems About Hope

Sam Rodriguez
Hope is the quintessential emotion that defines our humanity!
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Table of contents
The Dawn After Dark
Ripples on Water
Seeds in the Eart
Keys on a Piano
Ink on a Page
A Flickering Flame
Clouds in the Sky
Footprints on the Sand
Leaves on a Tree
Shadows on the Wall
Breath in the Air

The Dawn After Dark

Night fades away softly,  

Morning light takes stage.  

Darkness bows out slowly,  

Hope writes a new page.

Breaking dawn, new chapter,  

Sky blushes soft hue.  

Today waits for no one,  

Hope paints in bright blue.

Dreams wake, take flight,  

Endless sky, pure white.  

Eyes open, hearts rise,  

Hope the ultimate prize.

Sun smiles from east,  

Dawn's promise never ceased.  

Light wraps us close,  

Hope loves us most.

Day unfolds its story,  

Filled with humble glory.  

In each hour's light,  

Hope dances in sight.

Ripples on Water

Pebble falls, circles form,  

Ripples spread, become norm.  

Water's face forever changed,  

Hope in movement arranged.

Each wave tells a tale,  

Against the wind, we sail.  

In each choice, a chance,  

Hope leads a merry dance.

Tales of loss, lessons learned,  

Through each bend, hope returned.  

River’s curve, ocean’s span,  

Hope the course, life's plan.

Eddies swirl, currents mix,  

In life’s stream, hope exists.  

Flowing onward, no regret,  

Hope the promise, life’s set.

Ocean waits with open arms,  

Swallows ripples, no alarms.  

In endless sea, hope floats,  

Carries all our drifting boats.

Seeds in the Eart

Seeds sown in dirt,  

Buried deep from hurt.  

Covered by Earth's quilt,  

Hope is what’s built.

Sprouts pierce the soil,  

Reward for earlier toil.  

Sun beams, rain pours,  

Hope always opens doors.

Stems stretch, leaves unfold,  

In every tale told.  

Flowers bloom, colors flare,  

Hope exists everywhere.

Wind carries seeds far,  

Like wishes on a star.  

New grounds they find,  

Hope's never far behind.

Earth spins, seasons change,  

Life's cycles rearrange.  

In nature's faithful cope,  

Endlessly sprouts new hope.

Keys on a Piano

Black keys, white keys,  

Harmony in small degrees.  

In music’s universal scope,  

Resides the essence of hope.

Fingers dance, chords blend,  

Melodies round every bend.  

In each pause, every note,  

Hope quietly takes a vote.

Minor keys may lament,  

Yet resolve is always sent.  

With each modulation seen,  

Hope changes the routine.

Tunes end, not the music,  

Even silence is acoustic.  

In each rest, a rope,  

A lifeline thrown by hope.

Last note fades away,  

In hearts, it will stay.  

Endings are a slope,  

A rising hill called hope.

Ink on a Page

Words spill, thoughts mesh,  

Ink flows, ideas refresh.  

Every letter, a clue,  

Hope speaks in each hue.

Stories told, worlds spun,  

Endings are but begun.  

In each line’s gentle slope,  

Runs an undercurrent of hope.

Characters fight, love, lose,  

In each one, we choose.  

A reflection in a scope,  

A mirage made of hope.

Chapters close, but wait,  

Turn the page, change fate.  

In each plot’s twisty scope,  

Writers script a dash of hope.

Book ends, shelves it sits,  

But the spark never quits.  

In each reader’s telescope,  

Shines a distant star: hope.

A Flickering Flame

Dark room, single spark,  

A flickering flame embarks.  

In light's briefest scope,  

Dances a shadow of hope.

Wax melts, time ticks,  

Life’s pendulum constantly clicks.  

In each moment elope,  

Quiet seconds whisper hope.

Flame sways, draws shapes,  

On walls, it drapes.  

Each figure a kaleidoscope,  

Forming patterns filled with hope.

Candle dwindles, not the glow,  

Light persists as we know.  

Even as we grope,  

Our hands find threads of hope.

Dark returns, but wait,  

Light has changed our state.  

In our vision’s scope,  

Eternal is the flame of hope.

Clouds in the Sky

Clouds drift, shapes form,
Sky’s canvas, a daily norm.
In each fluffy scape,
Hope wears a cape.

Storms come, rain pours,
Nature always restores.
In the drops’ gentle mope,
Is washed a clean hope.

Rainbow arcs, colors bright,
After darkness, comes the light.
In each hue’s gentle slope,
Is painted a vibrant hope.

Sun sets, stars appear,
In the dark, hope is near.
In the night’s silent cope,
Dreams are stitched with hope.

Dawn breaks, a new day,
Life continues, come what may.
In each sunrise’s scope,
Is a fresh start, full of hope.

Footprints on the Sand

Waves kiss the shore,
Leave footprints, then withdraw.
In the ocean's constant ebb,
Hope finds its web.

Tides rise, then fall,
Nature’s rhythm, a constant call.
In the sea’s gentle slope,
Is sculpted a sandcastle of hope.

Seashells scatter, treasures hidden,
Life’s mysteries, often unbidden.
In each secret ocean elopes,
Is a pearl of wisdom, called hope.

Sun sets, horizon glows,
Sea reflects the hues it knows.
In the twilight’s gentle cope,
Shimmers a tranquil sea of hope.

Darkness blankets, stars twinkle,
On the beach, footprints dwindle.
In the sands of time, mope,
Are imprinted memories, filled with hope.

Leaves on a Tree

Leaves bud, spring’s cheer,
Nature’s cycle, every year.
In each season’s envelope,
Is sealed a letter of hope.

Sunshine bathes, rain nurtures,
Life thrives in such ventures.
In every leaf’s microscope,
Is a cell pulsating with hope.

Autumn arrives, leaves fall,
A silent surrender, a natural thrall.
In each descent, a scope,
A parachute descending with hope.

Winter strips, branches bare,
A slumber, not despair.
In the cold’s icy slope,
Slumbers a seedling of hope.

Spring returns, buds bloom,
Life renews, dispels gloom.
In each cycle, we cope,
With the perennial plant of hope.

Shadows on the Wall

Light casts, shadows form,
On the wall, a silent storm.
In each shape’s morphing slope,
Is a puppet show of hope.

Day fades, darkness creeps,
In the corners, mystery seeps.
In the night’s quiet scope,
Dreams weave a tapestry of hope.

Lamp lit, room aglow,
Shadows dance, a private show.
In each movement, elope,
Figures that waltz with hope.

Candle flickers, shadows sway,
In the dark, they find their way.
In the flame’s golden rope,
Is tied a knot of hope.

Lights out, sleep calls,
In dreams, hope installs.
In the mind’s telescope,
Stars align to spell hope.

Breath in the Air

Inhale deep, life’s gift,
Exhale slow, spirits lift.
In each breath’s gentle slope,
Is a rhythm, fueled by hope.

Morning air, crisp and clear,
Nature whispers, come near.
In the wind’s gentle lope,
Is a song, hummed by hope.

Noonday sun, warmth spreads,
Life thrives, hope treads.
In the heat’s vibrant cope,
Is a dance, led by hope.

Evening breeze, cool and sweet,
Day’s end, night’s greet.
In the twilight’s soft mope,
Is a lullaby, crooned by hope.

PUBLISHED: Sep 01, 2023
Written By
Sam Rodriguez
San Antonio, Texas
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