Poems about Falling in Love

Soraya Alvarado
Falling in love can often take us by surprise, emerging in the most unexpected moments and places. These poems explore the sudden and unforeseen blossoming of affection.
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Table of contents
When Dawn Crept In
Spectrum of the Heart
Coffee Shop Revelation
Unexpected Notes
Through The Lens
Verse of Surprise
Whimsy Wanders In
Canvas of Serendipity
In Unexpected Verse
Beneath the Boughs

When Dawn Crept In

Under the quilt of the pre-dawn hue
I stumbled upon a feeling so new
In the silence before the bird's debut
A heart that beats for more than a few


Daybreak whispered a secret so sweet
In the rhythm of passing, swift feet
A glance that made the hours obsolete
A bond formed in a moment's heartbeat


The sun rose high, but my mind was set
On a silhouette I couldn't forget
In every laugh, my intentions met
A love found without a preset vignette


When stars above winked down in delight
We danced in the arms of the soft night
With you, every wrong turned into right
Love came upon me, a thieving sprite


Spectrum of the Heart

A mere gesture in the spectrum of time
Broke the rhythm; oh, the subtle climb!
Eyes alight, as in a pantomime
Unveiled an emotion, bold yet prime


Midair, our words floated free and clear
Every syllable I longed to hear
The chemistry undeniable, dear
From friendship to something more austere



Lines on pages where only love looks
My heart penned verses in unseen nooks
Unintended were those longing crooks
Stealing glances, no need for hooks


A touch not sought but fervently found
Through a crowd, you're the only sound
A new love on familiar ground
Unexpected, yet tightly wound


Coffee Shop Revelation

The steam from our cups gently collide
In a dance of fate, beautifully implied
Your smile warms more than coffee inside
In a quaint shop where our worlds preside


Your presence, a novel in my mundane
A chapter begun on a mid-morning train
Tables apart, yet inside I'm slain
By a love that washed over like rain


Hammered hearts sync with casual billing
Feelings brewing, none too thrilling
Is this the start of something filling?


Aroma sweet as the plot unfolds
New scenes in sips shall be extolled
Where once were strangers, now courage molds
Well-versed feelings yet to be told


Unexpected Notes

A melody danced through the open air
Plucked by chance, landing on a pair
The sound of you floated light as a flare
Caught in music, I was unaware


Strings resonated with my quiet heart
I knew with this note, we would start
Each vibration tore my plans apart
Our symphony played its opening part


Rhythms matched in the subtle soundtrack
Unwritten lyrics on a simple track
Emotions echoed in a love unpacked


Now every score is a reminder too
Unexpected as the morning dew
The enchantment when I first saw you
In serendipity's sweet adieu


Through The Lens

Through the lens, an accidental shot
Your laughter captured, in pixels caught
In the frame where our gaze distraught
A flicker of destiny, unsought


Behind the camera, a new world spun
Featuring you, the unexpected one
In focus, everything else was undone
In your light, as blinding as the sun


In stillness, feeling the contrast
A photograph to outlast the vast
Epochs of a future forecast


Framed within my heart, quite secure
Developed in emotions pure
Unexpected love, the perfect lure
In you, I have found my cure


Verse of Surprise

While crafting verses in solemn glee
A line of love crept in from thee
In metaphors, you were the sea
A tidal wave that captured me


The rhythm altered by your presence
A sonnet transformed in your essence
A poet lost in your luminescence
Grasping lines of newfound pleasance


An epic penned without a stall
You were the muse who had the gall
To make my heart in sonnets call


My quill now sketches your every curve
Our metered heartbeat does preserve
A love poem in every nerve
An ending I did not deserve


Whimsy Wanders In

The day began in usual guise
But whimsy wandered in with your eyes
An ordinary world capsized
With every laugh and each reprise


The mundane scripts took quite a turn
In your plot, my pages yearn
To the chapters I can't discern
Where sudden flames of passion burn



Your narrative without fail
Left my senses sweetly derailed
In this new love, we've set sail


No prescience of this twist in tale
No foreshadowing could unveil
The heart you won without a sale
An impromptu love that shall prevail


Canvas of Serendipity

An artist's stroke that wasn't planned
Your portrait sketched by fate's own hand
With colors cast upon the sand
Our love a canvas oh so grand


Your smile caught in oil and hue
Vibrant shades that feel so true
Tones of warmth in a certain view
Reflecting light, like morning dew


Textures of a heart's incision
Emotions painted with precision
A masterpiece of love's decision


This gallery of the unforeseen
Where colors admit what they mean
Hues of affection, pure and clean
The most beautiful art I've ever seen


In Unexpected Verse

Emotions penned in ink and thought
Unveiled a love I never sought
Each letter spoke of battles fought
A war of hearts thus love had wrought


Your words enmeshed between my lines
Hidden meanings, secret signs
The rhythm of our souls combines
A hidden romance that entwines


Yet here we find our greatest sprawl
In scripted love, we stand tall
No boundaries left for us to wall


Unexpected verses seal our bond
Across the pages, to beyond
In scripted love, we both respond
An eternal sonnet of which we're fond


Beneath the Boughs

We walked the path beneath the trees
With whispers carried in the breeze
Amid the leaves' soft rustling tease
A serendipitous love to seize


The branches arched above our track
And in that canopy of black
Something bloomed, a feeling lacked
An unexpected love unpacked


What began as wander turned into wait
For hearts to meet, and love to sate
An arbored aisle, an open gate


Our story wove through pine and elm
In nature's realm, you overwhelm
A captain now at my life's helm
In love's surprise, you overwhelm


PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2024
Written By
Soraya Alvarado
Hey, I'm Soraya—a wordsmith on a mission to uncover the tales that bind our world. Born into Hispanic heritage, I bridge cultures and contemporary narratives, celebrating the universal language of stories. Join me as we embark on a literary adventure together!
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