Heartfelt Tributes: A Collection of Poems Celebrating the Love and Wisdom of Mothers

Tariq Bennett
A heartfelt collection of poems dedicated to the unwavering love, sacrifice, and wisdom of mothers. These verses aim to capture the essence of motherhood and the profound impact of a mother's love.
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Table of contents
My Harbor, My Mom
Unspoken Words
Garden of Care
Mom's Lullaby
Sunrise Smile
Fountain of Youth
Ode to Motherhood
Quilt of Memories
Sacrifice and Strength
The Wisdom of Her Words

My Harbor, My Mom

Through storms and serene sea days alike,
My harbor, dear Mom, you've been all my life,
Guiding with love's ever-enduring light,
Ensuring I'm safe, through struggle and strife.

In your arms, a lighthouse, warm and so true,
Each beacon, a lesson, your wisdom would shine,
You taught me to hope, to endure, to pursue,
In your caring embrace, the world seemed benign.

Now grown, I reflect on your nurturing ways,
A touchstone of courage, of love, and of calm.
For all you've provided, in infinite rays,
With eternal gratitude, I thank you, Mom.

Unspoken Words

Your silent sacrifices never whispered aloud,
In the meek morning hours, to the slumbering crowd.
You nurtured in silence, your love never bowed,
Under the weight of the world, you stood unbowed.

Unseen, you were painting my future so bright,
Strokes fuelled by devotion, bereft of limelight.
I now see the canvas, once hidden from sight,
And your love is the color that makes it just right.

For the words left unsaid, and the deeds left unseen,
I bear a heart full of love, where gratitude's been.
I speak now for echoes that live in between,
Thank you, dearest Mom, for all that has been.

Garden of Care

In your garden of care, each seed was sown with love,
Blossoms of patience and kindness, blessings from above.
Through seasons unfurling, your tender heart would prove,
That every fragrant petal was nurtured by your dove.

Through scorching summers and winters white,
Your perennial warmth sheltered me from any plight.
A matriarch of nature, tending to the light,
Ensuring that even the smallest bud took flight.

So I bloom in wisdom, grace, and every lesson scribed,
In the diary of your gestures, where love is described.
In the garden of life, with you as my guide,
I grow with the strength of your love, deep inside.

Mom's Lullaby

In the quiet of the night, your lullaby would drift,
A tender melody, heaven's own gift.
Soothing away fears, my spirit you'd lift,
Under quilted dreams, through the midnight shift.

Voice soft as moonlight, hummed through the air,
A cradle of verses, rocking away despair.
With each gentle note, you showed how you care,
In the crook of your arms, safety was there.

Now as the night descends, quiet and deep,
I whisper your songs, as my own children sleep.
Through time, your lullabies are mine to keep,
A legacy of love, forever to reap.

Sunrise Smile

Each morning, with the sunrise, your smile breaks the dawn,
Greeting the day with a promise, a love to be drawn.
A warmth that kindles the heart, a bond so strong,
In your radiant presence, nothing could go wrong.

Your cheer lifts the shadows, scatters the night,
A beacon of joy, in the soft morning light.
As the world opens its eyes, your spirit takes flight,
Spreading wings of encouragement, making spirits bright.

Through years that pass, time takes its dance,
Yet your smile, eternal, is more than a glance.
It's a symbol, a memoir, a serendipitous chance,
To carry your love, in each day's advance.

Fountain of Youth

Age may trace lines on your beautiful face,
But they tell of the youth that time can't replace.
For in your laughter, the joy pulsates with grace,
You’re the fountain of youth, in life’s relentless race.

Years have gone by, life’s altered its pace,
Yet your spirit dances, with the same loving embrace.
Not a day older at heart, just another phase,
Of the timeless tale, in your love’s gentle case.

Mom, you're the secret, through the passing days,
A life lived in moments, in so many ways.
You're the whisper of childhood, in the present gaze,
A testament of love, that forever stays.

Ode to Motherhood

In the book of life filled with manifold pages,
Motherhood stands as the hero of the ages.
In chapters of nurturing without any wages,
Love’s the currency your generous heart engages.

Endless dedication without retreating,
In you, we find dreams unceasingly greeting.
Your sacrifices, time’s testament beating,
Each heartbeat of yours is a love discreetly meeting.

Ode to you, Mom, on the stage unadorned,
Behind curtains of care, where hope is born.
In the orchestra of life, where love is sworn,
You’re the music that plays from dusk till morn.

Quilt of Memories

Threaded with time, the quilt of memories grows,
Stitched with experiences only a mother knows.
In the fabric of life, where your tenderness flows,
There's comfort in the quilt where your devotion shows.

With every patch, your life sews a tale,
Of moments so precious, beyond any scale.
In this tapestry of love, no detail is stale,
Each segment a story, that love can unveil.

Mom, as I hold the quilt you've made,
I feel your warmth never to fade.
In its embrace, fears are allayed,
With threads of love, never to degrade.

Sacrifice and Strength

Gentle yet fierce, with resolve in your eyes,
You faced life's hurdles with silent cries.
In the depth of your love, the ultimate prize,
A beacon of sacrifice, no disguise.

With hands that healed and a heart that held,
Through turbulent tides, proudly you excelled.
Strength in your stance, stories compelled,
In the book of your love, endless chapters dwelled.

Mom, in your fiber, unwavering might,
A fortress of affection in the darkest night.
Thank you for being my guiding light,
For showing me wrong, and leading to right.

The Wisdom of Her Words

They say wisdom is a gift of the passage of years,
But Mom, in your words, it’s the sum of our tears.
Of laughter shared, of conquered fears,
Your counsel the compass through life's frontiers.

Wrapped in the cadence of your gentle advice,
Are lessons of love, none too concise.
Each phrase a gem, each note precise,
In the symphony of life, your wisdom the spice.

With gratitude deep, for the wisdom you afford,
I navigate life's seas with you onboard.
Your words, like sails, catch every reward,
And in your boundless knowledge, my spirit is moored.

PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 2024
Written By
Tariq Bennett
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