Joyful Verses: A Collection of Happy Poems

Tariq Bennett
Dive into a collection of poems designed to uplift and bring a smile to your face, as we explore the simple joys and happy moments of life through verse.
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Table of contents
A Sunbeam’s Embrace
Joy in the Little Things
Balloons in the Sky
Dance of Moments
Harvest of Happiness
Palette of Days
Ripples of Cheer
Dewdrop Mornings
River of Reverie
Whispers of Wind

A Sunbeam’s Embrace

Morning greets with a sunbeam's gentle touch,

Warming hearts, as night’s curtain tucks away,

Coffee's aroma mingles with light's clutch,

Whispering, "embrace the wonders of today."


Smiles bloom on faces in this radiant light,


As laughter echoes over the hills of green,

Every soul awash in day’s clear sight,

With happiness that feels both fresh and serene.


Embrace the day as if it’s your true friend,


Hold it close, from dawn 'til the evening ends,

Let every sunbeam your spirit mend,

As each moment its joyful thread weaves and extends.



Joy in the Little Things



Underneath the sky’s vast and endless blue,

Lies the joy found in morning’s sparkling dew,

Each droplet a gem, so simple, so right,

Radiating back the newborn daylight.


Children's laughter as they run and they play,


Finds my heart in a state of cheerful fray,

Every giggle, a note in life’s sweet song,

In their simple joys, we all truly belong.


A happy tune hummed without thinking twice,


A slice of sweet life, oh isn't it nice?

To savor the simple, to relish the small,

In every moment, find joy to enthrall.



Balloons in the Sky



Balloons set free to the vast open air,

In colors that dance with whimsical flare,

Up they journey, beyond earthly cares,

Leaving wide-eyed wonder and excited stares.


Their ascension brings a spirit so light,


Carried aloft by the breeze of the night,

A celebration of dreams taking flight,

In the hues of happiness and pure delight.


Watch as they vanish to places unknown,


Further and further from the hand they've flown,

Each a wish that from our hearts we release,

Symbolic of hope, love, and inner peace.



Dance of Moments



Every tick of the clock is precious and sweet,

A dance of moments with nimble feet,

Today singing a tune so completely new,

Inviting us all to start fresh, start true.


Let's twirl through hours with laughter and song,


Embracing the right, forgiving the wrong,

Hand in hand with time, on life’s grand stage,

In every second, let joy engage.


No pause for sorrow, no reason to frown,


With happy hearts, we won’t tumble down,

Let the seconds stretch into a blissful bouquet,

In life’s dance, let joy lead the way.



Harvest of Happiness



The orchard of life yields fruits so fair,

Each one ripe with joy beyond compare,

Reach for the apple, sweet with cheer,

Let its taste tell you, "good times are here."


Pick a peach from the branch of play,


Let the juice dribble, washing cares away,

Taste the berries, plump with mirth,

Grown in the garden of rebirth.


The harvest is plenty, it's all there to share,


With baskets of gladness, none need despair,

Plentiful laughter, smiles that endear,

In the orchard of life, happiness is near.



Palette of Days



Each dawn paints a masterpiece in the sky,

In strokes of colors nature does apply,

A canvas of blues, pinks, and gold,

A brand new day for our eyes to behold.


The hours splash by with vibrant shades,


In the palette of days, no color fades,

Each moment a brushstroke of life’s grand art,

Painted with the love that springs from the heart.


When dusk arrives in a glorious hue,


It’s the closing scene in a view so true,

Rest with the beauty that sunset conveys,

Tomorrow awaits to add to the arrays.



Ripples of Cheer



A pebble of kindness, cast into the sea,

Casts ripples of cheer as wide as can be,

A small, simple act, a smile, a wave,

Unleash waves of warmth that hearts crave.


Each gesture we make stirs the water of life,


Reducing the ripples of sadness and strife,

So toss in more pebbles, let joy overflow,

Watch as the tides with generosity grow.


May we all be stonecasters in love’s vast pond,


Connecting through ripples that reach far beyond,

Fostering happiness with each stone we skip,

Creating a sea of goodwill, vast and deep.



Dewdrop Mornings



Dewdrop mornings with whispers so light,

Shed the veils of dusk, bring end to night,

Each tiny globe, a mirror of day,

Reflecting sunrise in a sparkling array.


The grasses wear them like diamonds so fine,


Glinting and gleaming as if by design,

A transient treasure that greets the eyes,

Gracing our world till the dewdrop dries.


Embrace this gift on life’s vast green stage,


A moment of magic from nature’s sage,

Let these mornings of crystal inspire,

To live each day with an undying fire.



River of Reverie



A river of thought flows gently by,

Carrying dreams beneath an endless sky,

Its waters so clear, with hope it streams,

It carries our wishes, our goals, our dreams.


There are no rapids in this serene flow,


Just the ripple of possibilities that grow,

Reflecting our wildest, happiest notions,

Drifting gracefully like a potion.


Cast your thoughts upon this tranquil river,


Watch them set sail, delivered with a shiver,

In its gentle embrace, may you find release,

Within its current, may you find your peace.



Whispers of Wind



The wind carries whispers of joyful tales,

Over the mountains, through the dales,

Each gust filled with laughter and song,

Calling to us, where all hearts belong.


It sweeps through the trees, a happy sigh,


A secret message from the blue sky,

Inviting all to join in its dance,

In its soft touch, there lies a chance.


To feel the wind is to know true bliss,


A loving caress, a gentle kiss,

So open the window, let happiness in,

With the wind's whispers, let your day begin.




PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 2024
Written By
Tariq Bennett
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