Boyfriend Poems

Zoe Monroe
Exploring the depths of romantic bonds, these poems delve into the multifaceted emotions and experiences shared with a boyfriend. Each piece captures the essence of love's journey, from the flutter of new affection to the enduring warmth of a lasting relationship.
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Table of contents
Chapters of Us
Eclipsing Heart
Harbor of the Heart
A Melody Intertwined
Whispers in Time
Cosmic Draw
Reflections in the Rain
Chiseled from Affection
Quilt of Quiet Love
Sonnet of Spheres

Chapters of Us

The first glance, a scripted encounter,
Eyes met, the plot began to stir,
A gentle touch, a heart found sure,
In your gaze, a story tender.


Months in sequence, dancing late,
Laughter spilled, a shared duet,
Your whispers wove a silhouette,
Of love designed by hands of fate.


Rain-swept streets our stage of light,
Passion's kiss beneath the storm,
Holding close to keep us warm,
Our love story, our endless night.


Conflict came as chapters must,
In every tale of romance true,
But we resolved, we battled through,
In our bond, a constant trust.


Future pages yet unwritten,
Hand in hand, we face the dawn,
In this love, forever drawn,
A novel built, by us, smitten.


Eclipsing Heart

Moonlit whispers in the dark,
The softness of your nighttime spark,
My love, an eclipse, a shaded art,
Sheltering the beat of my fragile heart.


The curve of your smile, a new crescent moon,
Bringing tides of joy, swooning too soon,
Gravitating ‘round you, lost in your tune,
Wishing for the glow of our next commune.


Stars envy the brilliance of your laugh,
In your light, my shadows break in half,
Charting through the night, our celestial path,
Your love, the compass, my guiding craft.


Darkness flees from the touch of your hand,
In your glow, my night fears disband,
You, the sun to my nocturnal land,
Dawn and dusk, forever planned.


Eclipsed by you, my night finds day,
In the warmth of your orbit, I'll forever stay,
Love, like light, in perpetual play,
Guiding us together along the way.


Harbor of the Heart

Stormy seas have I navigated through,
Until I docked at the harbor of you,
No longer adrift in the ocean's rue,
My anchor dropped in love so true.


Your arms, the breakwater of my soul,
Safe from waves that used to toll,
A lighthouse guiding me to my goal,
In this harbor, you made me whole.


Trade winds pushed me to your shore,
Destined to wander the world no more,
In your gaze, I found an open door,
A serene bay, our love to explore.


Buoys bobbing with promises to keep,
Seagulls singing our hearts to leap,
We venture deep, the waters steep,
Together sailing the endless deep.


Harbor of the heart, beacon of my night,
With you, every journey is light,
Your love, the wind that sets me right,
With you, my heart finds its sight.


A Melody Intertwined

In each chord, your name I find,
A melody intertwined with mine,
Love's symphony, richly designed,
In harmonic embrace, we're defined.


Notes of laughter, a gentle strum,
Rhythmic beats, to which we succumb,
Your voice, a soothing drum,
In the music of your love, I become.


Through dissonance and chords of worry,
Our ballad sings an endless flurry,
Crescendos rise, no need to hurry,
In love's refrain, we tell our story.


Your whisper soft, a tender lullaby,
Serenading stars in the auburn sky,
Fingers entwine, as night drifts by,
Together we compose our soulful cry.


The final stanza, always anew,
A timeless melody of me and you,
Each day, our love finds a different hue,
In the song of us, forever true.


Whispers in Time

The brush of a breeze, your voice remote,
Carrying love in each whisper afloat,
Messages only the heart can denote,
Like leaves in the wind, together we tote.


Time spins its yarn, a soft-spoken tale,
Yet through every chapter, love does not pale,
Your whispers linger where words would fail,
A silent serenade, never stale.


Our years assemble, a portrait serene,
In the gallery of life, prominently seen,
Your whispers, the pigment of emerald green,
Coloring moments where love has been.


History hears the murmurs of our spirits,
In the quietude, it’s your voice I inherit,
Whispers traversing the spaces unlit,
Binding us timeless, in the infinite.


As whispers in time to the future will sail,
Our love etched in the cosmos, a perpetual trail,
No epoch or age where our whispers derail,
I’ll find you always, beyond the veil.


Cosmic Draw

In stardust trails and cosmic swells,
My boyfriend's love, it rings like bells,
A gravitational draw that compellingly tells,
Of cosmic dances and interstellar wells.


In the vastness, his smile a beacon so bright,
Guiding my heart through the boundless night,
Every twinkle a vow made under starlight,
Our constellation written, a celestial right.


Comets streak as our passion does race,
Eclipsed by his touch, I find my place,
In the orbit of his arms, I embrace the chase,
Of love's endless journey through time and space.


The universe whispers of his gentle might,
A love so grand, it outshines the light,
Within his gravity, my world takes flight,
A cosmic voyage with him feels right.


To the cosmos above, I make this vow,
With him, every moment matters now,
Through galaxies wide, our love endows,
The eternal promise of a stellar bow.


Reflections in the Rain

In each droplet, your reflection's embrace,
A mirage in the mist, your gentle face,
Rain taps our story, a soft grace,
In storms, our love finds its pace.


Under umbrella's shelter, our hands entwined,
The rhythm of rain, with our pulse aligned,
Kisses sweet as the petrichor, we find,
In the downpour, love is signed.


Puddles mirror the skies, and I see,
In every ripple, his love’s decree,
Past the clouds, his eyes plea,
Rainfall declares him eternally to me.


Raindrops hum on window's pane,
Their steady drum, a love refrain,
In each falling bead, it's plain,
Our romance thrives like the rain.


Storms will pass, skies will clear,
But in the rain, his love draws near,
Drenched in this adoration, we adhere,
Reflections in the rain, of love sincere.


Chiseled from Affection

In the quarry of affection, your form took shape,
Chiseled by love’s own artist with no escape,
Each tender caress, a stroke that would drape,
Your essence in stone, my admiring gape.


Expressions etched with delicate care,
In the marble of our time, so rare,
A sculpture of ardor beyond compare,
With each glance, my devotion I declare.


Your smile curved, a masterpiece made real,
The warmth in those eyes, I can’t help but feel,
In stone and in flesh, your allure I seal,
A love not even time can steal.


Through chisel and mallet, through trials we face,
Our forms may alter, yet nothing can erase,
The art of our love, its enduring grace,
In galleries of the heart, it finds its place.


This statue of us, cast from the start,
Reflects the beauty within our hearts,
Chiseled from affection, never to part,
A monument to love, our eternal art.


Quilt of Quiet Love

In the quilt of quiet love, your stitch wends,
A pattern of care that time amends,
In each thread, a whisper that sends,
A message of warmth that never ends.


Fabric memories woven with a soft hum,
In every fiber, your quiet love comes,
Sewing solace with every thumb,
Under this blanket, our spirits become.


Textures tell of silent tales untold,
Of tender moments and hands to hold,
In the hues of love, our life is scrolled,
A tapestry of times, in each fold bold.


Underneath this comfort, safe and sound,
In your arms, where peace is found,
Our hearts stitched together, tightly bound,
In the silence, our love is profound.


Though the world outside may fray and shove,
Here we lie beneath our quilt of love,
Resting in the sewing made thereof,
Our quiet love, enough to rise above.


Sonnet of Spheres

Round and round, our love's orbit spins,
In circles of trust, forgiveness for sins,
Like spheres in motion, our dance begins,
Eternal cycles, love always wins.


Planets align when you walk through the door,
My astronomical heart, can't help but soar,
Gravitational pull from the core,
Our love's a universe to explore.


Celestial bodies in the night's domain,
We dance to the music of the cosmic rain,
Harmonious love is our refrain,
In the sphere of affection, we can't contain.


Spinning through life, our world's embrace,
In revolutions of joy, we find our place,
Your celestial kiss, I long to chase,
In the astronomy of love, you're my grace.


Here's to the love that forever appears,
In the perfect geometry of our spheres,
Through the vastness of years,
Our spherical song, the cosmos hears.


PUBLISHED: Feb 21, 2024
Written By
Zoe Monroe
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