Poems on Grieving Loved Ones

Alex Green
The following collection delves into the profound and often complex emotions experienced with the loss of a loved one. Each poem navigates through the stages of grief, offering a lyrical embrace to those who mourn.
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Table of contents
Mourning Echoes
Unspoken Farewells
River of Solace
Stardust Lament
Quiet Spaces
Silent Sentinels
Beneath the Loam
Chapters End
Voyage To Yester
Time's Thieves

Mourning Echoes

Empty chair, silent home's mournful sigh,
Photographs hold still the smiles we miss,
Every tick of the clock, a plaintive cry,
Nightfall whispers your name in its abyss.


Gentle touch, a memory's soft caress,
Reaching out to the past's tenacious hold,
In dreams, we meet and our sorrows confess,
But dawn's harsh truth leaves the story untold.


Autumn leaves fall, your absence keenly felt,
Nature's cycles mimic life and its cost,
Your laugh, the warm sun that made ice hearts melt,
Without you, the world seems covered in frost.


Passages of time, they say, will heal wounds,
Yet the heart counts not hours, but love's beats,
In dappled light, your essence still looms,
A tapestry of love, incomplete.


In hushed tones, the wind sighs with our sorrow,
Seasons change, your presence forever stays,
Carried on in those who'll see the morrow,
Love endures, even as the light fades away.


Unspoken Farewells

Words unspent like coins in a sunken chest,
Unvoiced farewells locked within the heart’s depth,
Eyes search the sky for a sign of your crest,
In the night’s silence, our unmet breaths rest.


Lifting prayers up to the void's vast expanse,
Wishing them wings to reach where you might be,
In the tapestry of life, a missed dance,
Hope a fragile vessel on this dark sea.


Depth of the hours in the loss we measure,
The echo of your voice in rooms now bare,
Time takes all but leaves behind your treasure,
Memories, in which we'll forever share.


Love's thread, spun fragile, gold in morning's light,
Now shadows we weave in the loom of night,
Your absence, a shroud that holds us so tight,
Yet underneath, memories hold us right.


Though we tread the path of life's great divide,
A gentle hope that one day, side by side,
We'll recount lost tomorrows that we bide,
In a realm where love's never been denied.


River of Solace

In whispered ripples, the river speaks your name,
A watercolor of reflections weeps,
Upon each wave, a memory aflame,
In currents deep, where your laughter still peeps.


Willows weep their curtains into the stream,
A natural vigil for the song lost,
Each leaf a note in nature’s requiem,
Counting the cost of love and what it cost.


The stones beneath hold steady amidst flow,
Smoothed by time, by tears, by relentless change,
In their strength, a comfort for those in woe,
Promising that not all departs with age.


The river's course, a journey heartwards bends,
Carrying the essence of lives past seen,
In its endless run, where grief never ends,
Water's touch, cools the ache that dwells within.


Let the river bear away our heartache,
To where earth meets sky, in horizon’s fold,
Flowing toward the dawn where souls awake,
In the river’s song, your story retold.


Stardust Lament

Amidst the cosmos, a star winks out—gone,
Its light now history, a tale spent and spun,
We yearn for the glow that bygone eves shone,
Mourning a brilliance that graced the night's run.


Time, relentless, erodes our shared days,
Yet cannot tarnish memories aglow,
Each twinkle, a beacon through the haze,
A celestial waltz, a soft, stilled tempo.


Galaxies wheel, in their arcs, they hold you,
Space, the infinite cradle of your rest,
In the vacuum, the silence hums true,
A reverent pause where your light was once blessed.


Wish upon the stars, they say, wish for might,
But my one wish slipped away into the night,
Leaving stardust trails, an ethereal sight,
A whisper of love, in the firmament's flight.


In the blanket of night, we find our peace,
Where lost stars dwell, and their kin still shimmer,
In that expanse, love’s vibrations cease never,
You shine eternal, a distant glimmer.


Quiet Spaces

The quiet consumes, where once your voice was home,
Now silent chambers echo with your mirth,
A ghostly resonance beneath the dome,
Your absence shaping the contours of my hearth.


Wander these halls, a sentinel of grief,
Preserving the past, a curator's pride,
Each artifact, a memory, belief,
In these quiet spaces, our love abides.


Through tear-streaked panes I view the world outside,
Where laughter floats and life continues heedless,
Taunts the stillness where I, in anguish, hide,
Life's cruel jest, to joy so near, yet breathless.


The bed unshared, a glaring vacancy,
Cold sheets whisper tales of yesterdays,
In dreams alone, find your face’s constancy,
As reality blurs to smoky haze.


In quietude, your absence loudly speaks,
A testament to love that silence seeks,
Though you're gone, our bond never leaks,
In these quiet spaces, solace ekes.


Silent Sentinels

Forests hush their breath as I walk through,
Their branches hold secrets we both once knew,
Leaves underfoot; of the times we flew,
On love's swift wind that suddenly withdrew.


A cathedral of green, sacred chapel,
Your laughter echoes 'gainst trunk and dapple,
Birdsongs ring where our words used to grapple,
Nature's chorus for our love to unshackle.


Gnarled roots, our entwined fingers' silhouette,
In twilight’s glow, our tender vignette,
Their timeless growth a stark pirouette,
Around the void where the sun has set.


Ancient trees, the solemn witnesses,
Of whispered promises among their leaves,
Engraved in bark, our initials, a kiss,
In their shade, my heart quietly grieves.


Skies stretch above, ever vast, ever right,
Guardian of our days, our dreams, our nights,
Under these silent sentinels’ sight,
You live on, in sapling’s reaching height.


Beneath the Loam

Beneath the loam, your form now rests from roam,
Where once you danced within the sunbeam's comb,
Deep in the earth, you've sown your final home,
But in our hearts, your garden ever grows.


The soil, your blanket, nature's soft embrace,
Seeds from your essence, flourish with a trace,
Of the love you gave, a resplendent grace,
A legacy of blooms in life's vast space.


Memories bud, poignant petals unfurled,
Color the void that swallowed your light's swirl,
In fragrant whispers, they tell of your world,
A symphony in quietude's pearl.


Your whispered counsel to each passing breeze,
In rustling leaves, I hear your sage advice,
Autumn’s descent, with its incremental ease,
Prepares the stage for your perennial splice.


Beyond the fleeting cloth of flesh and bone,
Your essence mingles with the land you’ve sown,
In every root and seedling that has grown,
Beneath the loam, your spirit's etched in stone.


Chapters End

Final chapter closed, the story ends,
Ink dried upon the page, no more to pen,
Our shared book of days, the spine now bends,
With weighty love, the past we now commend.


Lost in the margins, your fading trace,
Once bold and sure, now an empty space,
Words linger still with a bittersweet grace,
Marking the spot where we last embraced.


Leafing backward to retrace our tale,
Where joy and laughter within the lines scale,
Haunted by the absence now unveiled,
In the silent echoes, our memories’ hail.


Each bookmark a testament to our years,
Dog-eared corners where we paused in tears,
The chapters we wrote, conquerors of fears,
But now the narrative no longer steers.


Tomes gather dust, but their essence stays keen,
The story lives on in the unseen,
Between the lines, your spirit convenes,
Behind the closed cover, love intervenes.


Voyage To Yester

Ship sets sail to the shores of Yester,
A farewell voyage for the departed guest,
In memories' seas, you were the jester,
Now, silent waters where our sorrow's expressed.


The crest of the waves bear the tears we shed,
Under the moon's glow, the path you've led,
Along the surface, our longing is spread,
Seeking the place where our laughter was bred.


Starboard and port, a compass of pain,
Deck washed with grief again and again,
Each knot we traverse, a link in the chain,
That binds you to us, a love not in vain.


Horizon's line, where blue meets the gold,
A tranquil reminder of days of old,
In the ocean's heart, your story's retold,
Your laughter echoes, our hands still hold.


In Yester's harbors, amidst the mist's veil,
Your essence lingers, a much-traveled trail,
Though the ship returns, your spirit sets sail,
In the voyage to Yester, love's wind will prevail.


Time's Thieves

Time's thieves came at night and stole you away,
Swift on silent feet, not a second's sway,
From our hearths and hearts, you've gone astray,
Leaving us in a world that’s turned to gray.


Through dimmed hallways, your absence loudly roars,
Where once your steps danced over wooden floors,
Now shadows lurk in the space love adores,
An emptiness that each of us explores.


No bargaining with time or its cruel band,
No plea that those invisible hands remand,
The treasure they plundered, so sudden, so planned,
Leaving but memory’s imprint on the sand.


Our lives unbend from the shape of your being,
In each quiet moment, it's you we're seeing,
Yet in the echoes, a strange freeing,
A resilience, 'gainst the tide’s careening.


Though time's thieves may claim our dearest prize,
Your spirit within us never dies,
A love unthieved, it simply defies,
The cruelest heist, under life's skies.


PUBLISHED: Mar 04, 2024
Written By
Alex Green
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