Death of a Friend Poems

Tariq Bennett
Exploring the profound loss of a friend through poetry, these verses delve into the emotional journey of grief, remembrance, and the enduring bonds of friendship beyond death. Each poem serves as a tribute to the irreplaceable presence and the void left behind.
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Table of contents
Whispered Goodbyes
When Laughter Left
Vanished Echo
Cloaked In Stars
Parting's Shadow
Echoes of an Empty Chair
Unfinished Rhymes
Season of Shadows
Unseen Threads
Submerged Whispers

Whispered Goodbyes

Dusk descends with a hush of wings
Upon the day where we once thrived
Tears are shed as the nightingale sings
For the heartbeat that no more survived


Remembering laughter that once filled the air
Echoes softly, a ghostly embrace
Now just shadows of moments that we used to share
Dancing alone, lost in the empty space


A whisper through the leaves, a longing sigh
Beneath the weeping willow where secrets lie
You're the silent verse in a lullaby
The unsung hero in my sky


Beneath the moon's soft, silvery gaze
Where we once dreamed of endless days
I stand alone, my soul ablaze
with memories that time can't erase


In the hallowed quiet of night's embrace
I feel the touch of your silent grace
A friend departed, leaves a trace
In the poet’s heart, your eternal place


When Laughter Left

The world grew silent, cold, and stark
When laughter left us in the dark
A friend like you, a brilliant mark
Snuffed out before life’s true embark


I search for solace in the stars
Querying the cosmos for reasons why
But answers flee from tender scars
And I am left with only the sky


Each dawn arrives, a heavy lead
With your absence heavy as gravestone
Yet sunbeams touch the paths we tread
In light, you're not truly gone


No more can I hear your timely jest
Yet in my mind, they’re oft replayed
Time’s cruel theft has taken the best
But in my heart, you’re not betrayed


To lose a soul that sang like yours
A chasm deep, where sorrow pours
Yet through the veil of night, assures
Our bond endures on distant shores


Vanished Echo

Upon the shore of dear departure
Waves sweep away the tracks you made
The echo of your laughter whispers
Like memories that begin to fade


Once where two shared secrets tenderly
Now silent is the sacred ground
A bond broke by fate's cruel decree
Yet still, your essence swirls around


In dreams, I reach through veils of mist
To clasp the hands that shared my world
In waking life, your form is missed
Where once our shared stories unfurled


We built a fort of dreams and mirth
In gardens where our souls found flight
Without you here upon this Earth
The world seems robbed of precious light


And as the seasons ebb and churn
Your absence leaves a silent plea
In every leaf, and to roots firm
You live in whispered reverie


Cloaked In Stars

The night wears a cloak made of your eyes
Infinite deep, with no goodbyes
Each star - a memory that defies
The end, your spirit in the skies


Laughter that shone, forever bright
Now echoes in the halls of night
A guiding force, an endless light
Gone from the physical, but not from sight


Arms that held me when I was bereft
I search in vain, now that you've left
Adrift upon tide's unwitting theft
Your absence, a relentless cleft


Farewell to jokes that now taste bitter
To dialogues I wish were littered
Across the stage of life, a quitter
Ne'er to be delivered or uttered


The heavens have stolen my confidant
In stars, a presence still nonchalant
Though taken from the mortal haunt
In the cosmic stage, you wave and flaunt


Parting's Shadow

Within the night's soft veil of sorrow
Lies the specter of tomorrow
Without you, time feels so hollow
Abandoned by joy we used to borrow


The grinning face, the soulful gaze
Lost in an impenetrable maze
Grief, a cloak with somber glaze
I wander through the lingering haze


How do I sing with silence near?
Friendship's melody I once held dear
Now just a tune that fuels my fear
In the dark, your absence is clear


Yet as the dark encroaches all
And I stumble, certain to fall
Your memory, a sturdy wall
A silent guardian standing tall


Though you've crossed where we cannot tread
Through strands of time, your spirit led
It breaks the heart, this journey dread
Yet loved, you'll be, until all is said


Echoes of an Empty Chair

Your laughter lingers like the sun's last rays
As twilight claims the comfort of our days
An empty chair, our silent tableau
In the theater of the life we know


Words now lost within the aether's stretch
Moments grasping for your warmth to fetch
For in the dance of life, a step's been missed
Imprinted on our souls, lives gently kissed


The coffee cools, untouched, a bitter brew
Without the conversations born of you
In every cup, remembrance steeps and stirs
Of shared confessions and our laughter spurs


Time may close the wound, but not the mark
Your departure has left us in the dark
Yet every dusk brings hope of dawning light
In memories that resist the night


Gone, my friend, yet within hearts a score
Promise of a place on some distant shore
Where empty chairs are filled once more
And your echo resonates forevermore


Unfinished Rhymes

There's an ocean of unspoken poems
Crashing against the cliffs in my mind
Each wave a tribute to what was known
A rhythm disrupted, no longer entwined


Your story halted mid-phrase by fate
A narrative with no chance to end
In the silence, your absence creates
There lies the voice of my departed friend


Time's cruel hand snatched our final scene
Before the last line could take its bow
Left in the script are spaces between
Words unsung, a torment endured now


Yet I'll pen verses in honor of you
For unfinished rhymes keep your spirit near
Through ink and parchment, our time I'll renew
In the canon of my heart, you'll always appear


Though the ensemble has one fewer role
Your spirit's sonnet shall be my solace
In the poem of life, you played a vital soul
Now in the stars your stanzas find their place


Season of Shadows

The leaves fall, knowing you won’t return
The colder winds now twist and turn
As the fire of our friendship yearns
In the hearth, for your laugh, it mourns


Seasons change, the world's a page
Turned without you, a missing sage
Winter’s frost penned in rage
It chills the spine, sets cold the stage


In fields where once our laughter flew
The barren trees stand still, askew
The flowers miss the shades of you
Painting grey the skies once blue


Yet as the flurries coat the ground
A quiet, poignant peace is found
In the belief that you’re around
In whispers without shape or sound


Spring will come, fresh and anew
With hope that pushes its way through
The frost, the ice—you, too, I'll view
In bloom, in life, I'll remember you


Unseen Threads

We never saw the threads that tied
Taut across the fates we plied
Invisible they were, yet deep inside
They bound our lives, side by side


Your voice, just echoes off the walls
Shadows play in empty halls
Every echo eventually falls
Into silence that shivers and appalls


These threads, they fray but do not break
Woven through the heartache they partake
The pattern remains for love's own sake
Unseen connections that death can't shake


When the chords of your melody find their end
In life's great symphony, the notes we send
A solo silenced—my dear vanished friend
But our song keeps playing, just around the bend


The unseen threads may stretch and strain
Yet woven in my soul, they will remain
In every joy, in every pain
You are the weft in my life's grain


Submerged Whispers

In the deepest vein of night, we ache
For the voice that silence chose to take
Gone beyond the shore of wake
Your presence missed in each calm lake


The surface quiet, a deceptive peace
Beneath, a current of memories cease
To flow and crash; instead, they ease
Submerged whispers that never release


The endless depths of sorrow’s sea
Engulf the thoughts that swim to thee
A friend, a muse, a lost marquee
Drowned by destiny's decree


But in the tranquil deep I dive
Discovering where your shadows thrive
Feeling still somehow you’re alive
In the watery world where spirits arrive


Even as the stars reflect across the calm
I sense your solace in the night's sweet balm
Forever held in the ocean's palm
The whispers of you, a haunting psalm


PUBLISHED: Mar 05, 2024
Written By
Tariq Bennett
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