Poems for a Beautiful Lady

Aretha Johnson
The following collection of poems captures the multifaceted essence of a beautiful woman, exploring her allure through various poetic lenses and forms. Each piece delves into the unique attributes that make her beauty both timeless and ethereal.
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Table of contents
The Sculptor’s Muse
A Symphony in Saffron
The Brushstroke
Sonnet to the Beloved
Verses for Aegean Eyes
The Seamstress of Dreams
The Dance of Flame and Grace
Lilacs for Her Hair
Poem 9: The Whisper of Silk
Rays Through the Willow

The Sculptor’s Muse

Marble curves beneath his hands so sure,
Breathing life into the cold and pure,
Her silent form emerging from the stone,
A timeless beauty to call his own.


In the sculptor's gaze, she is divine,
Each chisel mark a verse in rhyme,
He carves the echoes of her soul,
In alabaster dreams that make him whole.


The world sees only the surface fair,
But he feels the essence in the air,
Each day he polishes her smile,
Revealing grace that extends for miles.


Twilight dust on her shoulders lies,
The spark of galaxies in her eyes,
With every touch, he sets free,
The purest form of her Serenity.


In time, the artist and muse combine,
Where love and creation intertwine,
Their bond, beyond the artist’s sway,
In beauty’s monument forever they’ll stay.


A Symphony in Saffron

Sunlight dances in her saffron hair,
Melodies of morning light warbled in the air,
Eyes that whisper the secrets of the dawn,
In her presence, the night’s torment is withdrawn.


Her laughter, a cascade of autumn leaves,
A symphony playing in the eaves,
With each note, my heartstrings she weaves,
In the loom of day where no one grieves.


Gentle is her touch like a summer breeze,
In her embrace, my worries cease,
Her kiss, a promise of peace,
Blossoming love that shall never decrease.


Through her gaze, the world seems bright,
Shadows cast away by her inner light,
In her, all that’s good reunites,
Setting every wrong to right.


Sunset folding in her tresses of gold,
Stories of her kindness to be retold,
Through ages and beyond, she breaks the mold,
A symphony in saffron, forever bold.


The Brushstroke

A touch of color upon the canvas bare,
An artist's tribute to a lady fair,
In soft movements her essence caught,
With tender hues, her visage wrought.


Each stroke a whisper of admiration,
Crafting shadows and light's gradation,
The art unfolding in silent conversation,
Between painter’s vision and his muse’s foundation.


Her eyes, a depth no ocean can claim,
A soul’s gaze, ever steady, never tame,
Capturing hearts within a painted frame,
Ascends her aura into immortal fame.


The palette of her grace endless in choice,
A spectrum conveyed with but a voice,
In every color, she does rejoice,
And to the sight, she brings poise.


Beautiful woman of the stroke and line,
On gallery walls, your features align,
Each glance, a gift, a sign,
Of timeless allure that shall not decline.


Sonnet to the Beloved

Her beauty did eclipse the break of day,
Upon her brow, the stars in envy sway,
For ne’er was found such lovely grace,
As that which lives upon her face.


In every word, a flower's bloom unfurls,
Speak, fair lady, set aglow the world’s
Pallid rooms with your laughter's pearls,
Boundless joy you freely hurl.


Your spirit dances like firelight's play,
Warm and bright, keeping cold at bay,
Through the night's tender, dark array,
Guiding lost ones on their way.


Within your gaze, compassion lies,
Soft as clouds in summer skies,
Where love’s sweet, gentle rapids rise,
To heights untouched by sorrow’s cries.


Sonnet sung to the beloved's ear,
Where every line drawn is clear,
Such beauty that all hold dear,
May it flourish, year by year.


Verses for Aegean Eyes

Whispers of myths sail in her Aegean eyes,
Where azure waves and ancient tales surmise,
My gaze is lost within her ocean's span,
For love and lore in her maiden glance began.


Her lips, a shade of pomegranate wine,
Speaking verses of an origin divine,
With every word, my heart entwines,
Around the tales where gods incline.


In her voice, the lyre’s soft resonation,
Notes trembling in their sweet libation,
Telling of heroes’ adoration,
Her breath a muse of inspiration.


To her beauty, the stars aspire,
Illuminating the night’s attire,
Beneath the moon’s gentle fire,
She is the art, all artists desire.


With dawn, her light shall not wane,
For in her eyes, daybreak is slain,
With love’s stroke, we repaint the plain,
Verses for Aegean eyes remain.


The Seamstress of Dreams

She weaves her dreams with threads of gold,
Fabric tales that softly fold,
In her hands, destinies hold,
A seamstress of visions, ageless and bold.


Needle and fabric in a graceful dance,
Stitching life with every glance,
In her tapestry of fate's expanse,
Threads of possibility woven by chance.


Ethereal gowns to night’s delight,
Adorned with stars, in moonlit night,
Garments that hold the morning light,
Drifting through dreams, taking flight.


Hemmed whispers skirt on zephyrs free,
Capturing the essence of her ethereal glee,
Cloaked in mystery as the deep blue sea,
Embracing the world, her spirit's decree.


As dawn unfurls her rosy seam,
Her tapestries are but a waking dream,
Every stitch a tender theme,
Of love and beauty, a timeless beam.


The Dance of Flame and Grace

Her form, a silhouette against the glow,
A dance of flame and grace she shows,
Elegant pirouettes, a soft repose,
The firelight in her figure chose.


Rhythms in her movement's trace,
No artist's brush could e’er encase,
The beauty of her tempo's pace,
In every step, her heart's embrace.


Tendrils of ember flicker in her wake,
Painting shadows that twist and break,
The fiery dance she undertakes,
Is of passion's form none could fake.


Her eyes reflect the burning core,
Glimmering with the mystique of lore,
A fierce spirit that one can’t ignore,
Ablaze with life forever more.


As the flames wane to dying embers,
Her visage, one vividly remembers,
Though fire fades when it surrenders,
Her dance of beauty, the night renders.


Lilacs for Her Hair

Woven lilacs crown her raven hair,
Their scent lingers in the cool night air,
Each petal a testament to beauty rare,
In the quiet moments, we silently share.


In gardens where twilight's fingers tarry,
Her steps amongst the blossoms vary,
With a grace that cannot be secondary,
Like a goddess of the faerie.


Under moon’s watchful glowing eye,
Her laughter, the whisper of a night-time lullaby,
Rich and deep as the velvet sky,
In her presence, no soul could sigh.


Her skin the hue of twilight's last gleam,
A vision lovely, as if in a dream,
Her essence flows like a silent stream,
Through the vale of night's serene.


Lilacs rest, their duty done,
Morning comes, their colors won,
But her own luminescence, like the sun,
Remains unchanging, ever spun.


Poem 9: The Whisper of Silk

In her walk, a whispering silk,
Gentle as a morning’s milk,
With each step, her composure's ilk,
Smooth and calming like a balm of bilk.


Her gown dancing on the marble floor,
Each fold a secret to explore,
Gliding like waves upon the shore,
She is the lullaby of lore.


The whisper of silk, a soft caress,
Against the skin, it gently presses,
A subtle touch of her finesse,
Exudes the peace her movements bless.


Enchantment weaves within her seam,
A spectral glide, like a flowing stream,
Through the hush of a night-dream,
She navigates with esteem.


The whisper of silk, with dawn it fades,
Like the tender darkness that night-time serenades,
Yet, her tranquil beauty never evades,
Eternal in the heart's arcade.


Rays Through the Willow

Golden rays through the willow weave,
Where beneath the boughs, she stands beneath,
Sunlight kisses the leaves in relief,
Casting patterns epitome of the chief.


Ever gentle, her tender care,
The bloom of love in the air rare,
The songbirds, they halt and stare,
For amidst their song, she’s peerlessly fair.


Bathed in warmth, a tender trope,
Her figure, the essence of hope,
In the soft light, her beauty's cope,
Arresting splendor, with which nothing can cope.


Shadows dance upon her skin,
Whispering tales of where she’s been,
A day's joy gathered in her grin,
In the willow's light, her soul is akin.


When dusk arrives, and the sunlight frays,
And the willow's lace gently sways,
In memory, her aspect stays,
Illumined by the sun's departing rays.


PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2024
Written By
Aretha Johnson
Passionate storyteller and lyricist, I'm Aretha — capturing life's moments, one verse at a time. ✌️
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