Heartfelt Poems for Dad: Celebrating the Strength and Wisdom of Fathers

Clara Hudson

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Explore the enduring bond and guiding influence of fatherhood through this heartfelt collection of poems dedicated to dads. Each verse celebrates the strength, wisdom, and unwavering love that fathers provide.
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Table of contents
A Father's Guiding Hand
The Oak of Our Family
Champion of My World

A Father's Guiding Hand

A father's hand that's rigid and strong,
Holds you firm, so you do no wrong.
In every fall and every strand,
A father's love is a guiding hand.

His wisdom flows like a river wide,
With a heart that's always open, never to hide.
In every challenge, he'll help you stand,
A pillar of strength, a father's guiding hand.

Through years, his grip may gently ease,
But his lessons stay with us like a soft breeze.
As time marches on, like shifting sand,
Unchanging remains the father's guiding hand.



The Oak of Our Family



In the garden of life, the stoutest tree,
Stands a father, proud as one can be.
Roots dug deep in love and duty's soil,
For his family, he'll toil and toil.

His branches offer shade from life's harsh sun,
A sheltering embrace for his daughter or son.
Leaves that whisper wisdom, rich and grand,
A symbol of strength, our father's sturdy hand.

Seasons change, the oak remains true,
Through storms and calm, its power to renew.
In reverence, we stand before this man,
Our father, the immovable oak, the eternal clan.



Champion of My World



To me, you're more than just my dad,
You're the champion of my world, so vast.
Cheering in triumph, soothing when I'm sad,
A love so profound, forever to last.

You lift me up on shoulders high,
To see the world from above the sky.
Your assurance steadfast as a mast,
With you, my fears are all but past.

The race of life, with you, I've led,
Each hurdle faced, every path we've tread.
Your guidance, on my ship's foremast,
A beacon bright, by which I'm clasped.


PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 2024
Written By
Clara Hudson
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