Thanksgiving Poems: Embracing Southern Traditions and Gratitude

Clara Hudson

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Embrace the spirit of the season with these heartfelt Thanksgiving poems that celebrate family, tradition, and the Southern way of life.
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Thanksgiving in the South
Giving Thanks
Blessings Bountiful

Thanksgiving in the South

The Southern air cools but the love stays warm,
A family gathers, tradition does form.
Around the table, hands tightly clasp,
Giving thanks for the present, the future, and past.

The aroma of spices, the turkey well dressed,
Sweet potatoes, pecan pies, the South’s Sunday best.
Children laughing, stories spun with delight,
Thanksgiving in the South, a heartwarming sight.

By candlelight’s flicker, we close our eyes tight,
Speaking our gratitude into the night.
For the love we share and the food on our platter,
In these moments, nothing else could matter.



Giving Thanks



Thanksgiving comes with a soft, gentle breeze,
Whispering through the rustling autumn leaves.
Families unite under one single roof,
Their gratitude loud, their presence the proof.

Murmurs of thanks to the heavens above,
For the harvest, the bounty, the ones that they love.
With every bite, with each laugh that's shared,
They honor the hands that have lovingly prepared.

Glasses clink as they toast to their health,
For blessings more precious than the greatest of wealth.
Thanksgiving is more than just one day's feast,
It’s a lifelong reminder of love not decreased.



Blessings Bountiful



Cornbread and casseroles, fill up my plate,
Old family recipes, tastes we celebrate.
The turkey’s done golden, the cranberries gleam,
Thanksgiving’s rich tapestry, a food-lover’s dream.

We bow our heads, we give our praise,
To those who stood by us, in all our days.
For the hands that toil and the hearts that love,
We send out our blessings, to the skies above.

In the abundance of harvest, in the joy that we sing,
Each moment together, a precious offering.
We come together with the ones we hold dear,
Giving thanks for the memories that we all revere.

PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 2024
Written By
Clara Hudson
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