Song Lyrics about Freedom

Elijah Mitchell
Freedom is the canvas for dreams; it's where every spirit finds its wings and every thought finds its voice.
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Table of contents
Freedom's Breath
Liberty's Dance
Unfettered Skies
Rivers Unbound
Boundless Fields
Whisper of Wings
Free Spirit's Roam
Open Horizons
Break The Chains
Unchained Rhythm
Wings Unfurled

Freedom's Breath

Verse 1:

The air hums with freedom’s song,

A melody for the right and wrong.

An essence felt, a life prolonged,

A spirit fierce, forever strong.


Freedom’s breath, a whispered cheer,

A call to hearts, to see clear.

Breaking the chains that appear,

It’s the voice of hope we revere.

Verse 2:

With each breath, walls decay,

A path of liberty, brightly lay.

In the heart, fear shall sway,

As freedom’s breath, leads the way.

Liberty's Dance

Verse 1:

With each step, freedom sings,

A dance of hope, on eagle's wings.

Breaking the chains that clings,

Into the open heart, liberty springs.


Liberty's dance, a brave advance,

In every move, a hopeful chance.

Breaking the trance, of cold expanse,

It’s a rhythm of life, in a bold stance.

Verse 2:

Feel the pulse of freedom beat,

In every soul, in every street.

With liberty's dance, fear we defeat,

A dance of life, endlessly sweet.

Unfettered Skies

Verse 1:

Above the grey, the sky unchained,

Where freedom's heart has long reigned.

An open vast, unexplained,

It’s where hope’s wings are gained.


Unfettered skies, a boundless roam,

Above the earth, our dreams foam.

Breaking the dome, of monochrome,

It’s where freedom finds a home.

Verse 2:

Sky's broad expanse, our hearts mirror,

In its freedom, life is clearer.

Each cloud a whisper, drawing nearer,

The breath of liberty, forever dearer.

Rivers Unbound

Verse 1:

Through the lands, the rivers race,

A flow of freedom, wide embrace.

Breaking the chains, a steady pace,

It’s a journey towards open space.


Rivers unbound, a timeless flow,

Carrying hopes, in gentle throw.

Breaking the bounds, of shadows,

It’s a path where freedom grows.

Verse 2:

The murmur of liberty, in waters clear,

A song of hope, for those to hear.

Rivers unbound, hold no fear,

Flowing towards freedom, sincere.

Boundless Fields

Verse 1:

Across boundless fields, freedom beckons,

A landscape of hope, softly reckons.

Beyond the fences, the heart reckons,

A world unchained, brightly beckons.


Boundless fields, open gates,

Where freedom lovingly waits.

Breaking fate's old mandates,

It’s a realm where hope dictates.

Verse 2:

Feel the earth, untouched, vast,

Where the seeds of freedom cast.

Away from past, shadows cast,

In boundless fields, dreams amassed.

Whisper of Wings

Verse 1:

In skies clear, the wings spread,

Unfurling tales of freedom, softly said.

A flight unbound, where dreams are led,

Upon wings of hope, our fears shed.


Whisper of wings, in daylight rings,

A song of freedom, heartily sings.

Breaking the strings, that tightly clings,

It’s a dance of liberty, in airy swings.

Verse 2:

As wings soar, the horizon calls,

A landscape of freedom, before night falls.

Above earthly walls, the heart enthralls,

In the whisper of wings, hope installs.

Free Spirit's Roam

Verse 1:

Beyond the known, spirits roam free,

An unmarked journey, as vast as sea.

Breaking the decree, of captivity,

It’s a route of heart, a boundless spree.


Free spirit's roam, a wild storm,

Away from norm, freedom form.

Breaking the swarm, of fear's dorm,

It’s a universe vast, beyond form.

Verse 2:

With every stride, the path unveils,

A road untried, where freedom sails.

Beyond confines, the heart hails,

In free spirit’s roam, love prevails.

Open Horizons

Verse 1:

At dawn’s first light, horizons wide,

Unveil the route, where hopes reside.

Breaking the night, where fears did bide,

It’s an open call, to hearts worldwide.


Open horizons, a freedom’s ride,

Across divides, our dreams confide.

Breaking the tides, of fear’s slide,

It’s a journey of hope, side by side.

Verse 2:

With eyes set forth, on morning’s glow,

A path of freedom, invitingly grow.

Beyond earth’s woe, the winds blow,

Toward open horizons, hearts row.

Break The Chains

Verse 1:

Amidst the grey, a hue of rebellion,

Defying the weight, of false dominion.

Chains that strayed, across the region,

Break them apart, reclaim your legion.


Break the chains, claim the sky,

Unfurl your wings, soar and fly.

Defy the reign, no more shy,

Freedom’s song, a ceaseless cry.

Verse 2:

Cast aside, the shackles old,

Embrace the tale, bravely told.

In freedom’s shade, hearts enfold,

A new dawn’s day, bold and gold.

Unchained Rhythm

Verse 1:

In silence rests, a rhythm unchained,

A tune of freedom, long sustained.

Against the veiled, sky it rained,

Voices of the brave, forever gained.


Unchained rhythm, in hearts ingrained,

Against the gale, strongly remained.

Sway to the beat, fear disdained,

In every note, freedom retained.

Verse 2:

With every beat, defiance roared,

A melody of valor, in chords soared.

Against despair, hope anchored and moored,

Unchained rhythm, freedom’s reward.

Wings Unfurled

Verse 1:

Amongst the stars, find your stance,

A realm beyond, fear’s cold lance.

With wings unfurled, take a chance,

In skies vast, freely dance.


Wings unfurled, across the night,

Toward a dawn, pure and bright.

Beyond the swirl, take flight,

In freedom’s ring, hold tight.

Verse 2:

Break the cage, defy the claim,

In every heart, burns freedom’s flame.

Against the age, proclaim the name,

With wings unfurled, retake the game.

PUBLISHED: Sep 22, 2023
Written By
Elijah Mitchell
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