Poems about Sisters

Layla Farsi

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Explore the timeless bond of sisterhood through this heartfelt collection of poems that celebrate the love, laughter, and unbreakable connection between sisters.
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Table of contents
Sisterly Whispers
A Promise Between Sisters
Eternal Companions
Guardians of Secrets
Sisters' Seasonal Symphony
In Her Eyes
Twined Souls
The Language of Sisters
Legacy of Two

Sisterly Whispers

The whispers of sisterly love, so light,
Wind's gentle touch on a soft summer night.
A bond that the years never could sever,
Sisters in spirit, forever and ever.

Through childhood giggles and teenage sighs,
Shared secrets under the starry skies.
In laughter and tears, a love that insists,
No matter what, we are sisters in mists.

When life weathers hard, and hardships befall,
A sister's embrace will conquer them all.
In the whispers of the heart, where love never withers,
You'll find the soft voice of caring sisters.



A Promise Between Sisters

A promise between sisters, silently sworn,
From the cradle to the world so worn.
A vow to journey side by side,
Through every rough and rolling tide.

Their laughter, a symphony in the air,
In moments of sorrow, they're always there.
With a look, a touch, understanding begins,
Whether through losses or through wins.

In the dance of time, they gracefully spin,
Bound by blood, and further within.
A sister’s promise, tenderly unfurled,
Is the most sacred pact in the world.



Eternal Companions

Sisters, eternal companions of the heart,
From each other, they shall never part.
Bound by blood, yet friends by choice,
In each other's company, they rejoice.

An ally in battle, confidante in peace,
A bond that time will only increase.
Through every joy, through every sorrow,
Sisters today, and all of the morrows.

From youth's bright morning to twilight's soft glow,
Their shared tapestry of love will grow.
Sisterhood’s roots delve deep and wide,
An unbreakable link, they stand side by side.



Guardians of Secrets

Sisters, the guardians of secrets untold,
Keepers of stories, new and old.
In the silent language that only they know,
The seeds of unending trust they sow.

A fortress of comfort in times of despair,
Their connection is beyond compare.
With a glance, they convey what words cannot tell,
In the depths of their bond, true love does dwell.

No secret too heavy for them to bear,
In the vault of sisterhood, all is fair.
A sister's heart, with loyalty inflected,
Is where the most precious confidences are protected.



Sisters' Seasonal Symphony

Spring's blossom whispers of childhood play,
When two sisters would dance the day away.
In the laughter of blooms, their memories wove,
A tapestry of kinship and sisterly love.

Summer’s heat brings tales of youth,
Adventures grand, and the quest for truth.
Sisters’ shadows long on golden ground,
In shared solace, their spirits found.

Autumn leaves drift, whispers of the past,
Their sisterly bond, ever vast.
Each red and gold hue, a memory made,
A love unspoken, that never shall fade.

Winter’s chill, the quiet night,
Sisters' hearts aglow with inner light.
Through seasons' change, their care does not differ,
Sisters through time, love's warmest whisperer.



In Her Eyes

In my sister's eyes, I see the dawn,
Of hope and dreams to which I'm drawn.
An ocean vast of love and care,
A gaze that follows everywhere.

Her strength, a beacon when I’m lost,
She’d brave any sea, no matter the cost.
In her laughter, a salve for my pain,
A reminder that love will always remain.

Through storms and calm, our bond set in stone,
In her eyes, I’ve never felt alone.
For my sister's gaze, kind and wise,
Reflects the truth, and never lies.



Twined Souls

Two little girls, with hands twined tight,
Grew into women, with love’s foresight.
Sisters though life’s ever-twisting tale,
Where one journey ends, the other sets sail.

Across the miles or close at hand,
Their souls connected, by something grand.
Each other’s joys, each other’s fears,
Shared so deeply throughout the years.

Their bond, a fortress, never to rend,
Sisters, companions, to the end.
In the tapestry of fate's grand design,
Their threads interweave, forever align.




Like mirrors reflecting the depths of the sea,
My sister’s eyes show her soul to me.
In her reflection, I find my own,
A sister's love, the truest I've known.

Her triumphs and sorrows, I share them all,
Ready to catch her, should she fall.
Two reflections cast by the same light,
Illuminating love that's infinite and bright.

Our shared laughter, it echoes far,
In her, I see who we truly are.
Sisters, reflections of one another,
An eternal bond, there is no other.



The Language of Sisters

It's a language only sisters speak,
A tender dialect of the strong and meek.
Through giggles, winks, and silent stares,
Their testament of love that nothing compares.

Words unspoken, yet understood,
A mutual language of sisterhood.
Carrying each other when the road gets tough,
Their silent conversations are more than enough.

In this vernacular, hearts don't lie,
For sisters speak truth, never shy.
Forever fluent in love's softest whispers,
They cherish the sacred language of sisters.



Legacy of Two

A legacy woven from two strands alone,
Sisters entwined, their story is sewn.
In every memory, laugh, and tear,
A legacy none can sever or shear.

They craft a saga of kindness and grace,
Through every challenge, they boldly face.
Legacy of laughter, of dreams that enthrall,
Stamped in the hearts of those who recall.

When time turns the page to the chapters anew,
The legacy remains, honest and true.
A story of sisters who journey through,
This life as one, though they are two.




PUBLISHED: Jan 27, 2024
Written By
Layla Farsi
Urban artist and city whisperer, I'm Layla — crafting narratives where street vibes and vivid imagery intertwine.
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