40 Short Thank You Poems

Martin Dejnicki
I hope you enjoy sharing these thank you poems whenever you want to show someone gratitude.
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Table of contents
Gift of Kindness
Constant Star
Moments of Gratitude
Ripples of Kindness
Guiding Light
Surprise and Delight
Unwavering Support
Cherished Moments
Helping Hands
Endless Gratitude
Healer's Touch
Joyful Echoes
Teacher's Grace
True Moments
Supportive Beam
Lifted Spirits
Silent Tribute
Unspoken Thanks
Unbroken Bonds
Musical Thanks
Wisdom's Tree
Garden's Keeper
Captain's Gratitude
Starry Thanks
Valley's Keeper
Warm Embrace
Bridges and Rivers
Rainbow's End
Storyteller's Gift
Dance of Thanks
Painter's Tribute
Journey's Gratitude
Starry Gratitude
Ocean's Depths
Blossoming Gratitude

Express gratitude with a heartfelt tone,

For kindness shown, that's deeply known.

Heartfelt Thanks

A simple gesture,

you chose to show,

Made my heart,

warmly glow.

Your kindness shines,

bright and true,

Forever grateful,

I am to you.

Each act of love,

makes the world anew,

Thank you, thank you,

for being you.

By Martin Dejnicki

Thank someone special, for their generous way,

With these words of gratitude, you can convey.

Gift of Kindness

In every smile,

and every deed,

You've sown kindness,

like a seed.

The world needs more,

hearts like yours, it's true,

Endless thanks,

are owed to you.

For all the times,

you've come through,

A heartfelt thank you,

is sent to you.

By Martin Dejnicki

For a friend who's there, come rain or shine,

Offer these words, to show they're divine.

Constant Star

Through thick and thin,

you've been by my side,

With open arms,

so wide and wide.

In stormy weather,

and sunshine too,

Always there,

just being you.

For every gesture,

and kind thing you do,

My deepest thanks,

are owed to you.

By Martin Dejnicki

A note of thanks, for moments shared,

For memories made, and how you cared.

Moments of Gratitude

Every moment,

you've been there,

Showing love,

and genuine care.

From hearty laughs,

to tears we've been through,

Thankful for every moment,

I've had with you.

So here's my note,

simple and true,

A heartfelt thank you,

to wonderful you.

By Martin Dejnicki

For acts of kindness, big and small,

Send this poem, to thank them all.

Ripples of Kindness

Each act of love,

creates a wave,

Ripples of kindness,

that save and save.

Your generous heart,

has touched my own,

Gratitude to you,

is deeply shown.

From the bottom of my heart,

to you it's due,

A world full of thanks,

just for you.

By Martin Dejnicki

Gratitude for guidance, through thick and thin,

Thank the one who's been there, through lose and win.

Guiding Light

When darkness fell,

you were my light,

Guiding me through,

each challenging fight.

With wisdom and care,

you led the way,

Brightening even,

the cloudiest day.

For all the times,

you came into sight,

Endless thanks,

for being my light.

By Martin Dejnicki

For surprises given, and joyous cheer,

Thank the ones who, hold you dear.

Surprise and Delight

When I least expected,

you gave with delight,

Brightening up,

even the darkest night.

Each surprise,

and joy you'd share,

Made me realize,

how much you care.

For all those times,

you made things right,

Thank you truly,

for pure delight.

By Martin Dejnicki

For love and support, that never ends,

Thank the ones, on whom you depend.

Unwavering Support

When the road was tough,

and filled with bends,

You stood by me,

like truest of friends.

With unwavering love,

and support so true,

You've been the rock,

I always turn to.

For all you've done,

and continue to do,

A mountain of thanks,

I send to you.

By Martin Dejnicki

A gesture of thanks, for memories fond,

For times gone by, and the bond beyond.

Cherished Moments

Each memory we share,

like a precious stone,

Is a testament to friendship,

and love shown.

For the laughter, the tears,

and moments so fond,

Thank you for the bond,

that goes beyond.

Here's to more memories,

and times we'll go through,

With deepest gratitude,

I thank you.

By Martin Dejnicki

For hands that help, and hearts that care,

Send this poem, to show you're aware.

Helping Hands

When I was down,

and feeling low,

Your helping hand,

was there to show.

With a heart that cares,

and understands too,

You lifted me up,

just by being you.

For all the love,

and care you've planned,

Thank you for your,

helping hand.

By Martin Dejnicki

Thank the ones who stood by your side,

With this poem, let your gratitude reside.

Grateful Heart

Every challenge,

every strife,

You've been there,

throughout my life.

For moments shared,

and dreams we chase,

Your presence adds,

a special grace.

For every time,

you've played a part,

I thank you from,

my grateful heart.

By Martin Dejnicki

For silent gestures and words so kind,

Offer these lines to the ones you find.

Silent Thanks

In silent moments,

and words unsaid,

Your kindness speaks,

volumes instead.

For every smile,

and touch so fine,

Thank you for making,

the world shine.

In all the ways,

big and refined,

Heartfelt thanks,

to you I bind.

By Martin Dejnicki

For love that's endless, and always near,

Thank them with words, they'll hold dear.

Endless Gratitude

The love you give,

without a pause,

Makes me reflect,

and give applause.

For times we've shared,

and those ahead too,

Endless gratitude,

I have for you.

You've made life brighter,

in every hue,

Thank you for all,

that you do.

By Martin Dejnicki

For hands that heal and hearts so grand,

Thank the ones who always understand.

Healer's Touch

Your hands that heal,

and heart so grand,

Have left imprints,

on life's sand.

With every gesture,

and comforting glance,

You've given hope,

a fighting chance.

For the love and care,

so pure and such,

Thank you for your,

healer's touch.

By Martin Dejnicki

For the joy and laughter, they bring your way,

Thank them with this poem today.

Joyful Echoes

Your laughter rings,

like a song so sweet,

Making every moment,

feel complete.

For the joy you bring,

and happiness at bay,

Thank you for lighting,

up my day.

May our moments together,

continue to grow,

With gratitude, this,

I want you to know.

By Martin Dejnicki

For lessons taught, and wisdom shared,

Thank the ones who've always cared.

Teacher's Grace

In every lesson,

and wisdom you share,

I've felt the depth,

of your genuine care.

For molding minds,

with such an embrace,

Endless thanks for your,

teacher's grace.

For shaping futures,

at a steadfast pace,

Gratitude flows,

in every space.

By Martin Dejnicki

For moments of surprise, and days so new,

Thank the ones who've been true to you.

True Moments

In surprises shared,

and days so new,

Your authenticity,

always shines through.

For standing by,

come what may do,

Endless thanks,

to the true you.

For the love and care,

in all you pursue,

Grateful am I,

to have known you.

By Martin Dejnicki

For dreams supported, and paths you've cleared,

Thank them for times they've cheered.

Supportive Beam

Behind every dream,

you've been the beam,

Illuminating paths,

with a supportive gleam.

For every hurdle,

you've helped me clear,

Thank you for being,

my constant cheer.

Your love and support,

like a flowing stream,

Thank you for making,

my dreams seem.

By Martin Dejnicki

For acts of courage, and brave endeavors,

Thank the heroes who've been there, forever.

Brave Hearts

In times of peril,

and daunting weather,

Your brave heart has,

held us together.

For your courage,

and endeavors so clever,

Thank you, hero,

now and forever.

For standing tall,

never to sever,

Heartfelt thanks,

for your brave endeavor.

By Martin Dejnicki

For every challenge, and trials too,

Thank the ones who've seen you through.

Steadfast Thanks

When challenges arose,

and skies weren't blue,

You've been the anchor,

always true.

For every trial,

and hardships we knew,

Endless thanks,

for seeing me through.

In storms and sunshine,

old and new,

Gratitude is owed,

eternally to you.

By Martin Dejnicki

To those who lift, when spirits fall,

Use this poem to thank them all.

Lifted Spirits

In moments dark,

and spirits low,

Your kindness made,

my heart glow.

Every word,

and gesture small,

Uplifted me,

through it all.

For your love,

and gentle call,

I thank you,

for standing tall.

By Martin Dejnicki

For silent helpers, in the night's shade,

This poem's for them, a tribute made.

Silent Tribute

In the quiet of night,

when none could see,

You were there,

supporting me.

For silent gestures,

and strength displayed,

Your love never,

once did fade.

In every challenge,

and dark parade,

My gratitude will,

never trade.

By Martin Dejnicki

For those who've given, without a say,

Use these lines, to brighten their day.

Unspoken Thanks

Without words,

you've always given,

Making my world,

truly driven.

For every act,

in night and day,

Your kindness lights,

a brighter way.

Silent gratitude,

may often sway,

But through this poem,

I wish to say.

By Martin Dejnicki

For bonds unbroken, and tales retold,

Thank the ones, whose hands you hold.

Unbroken Bonds

Through years gone by,

and tales of old,

Our bond remains,

truly gold.

For hands held tight,

and stories bold,

Thank you for memories,

we uphold.

In the fabric of time,

beautifully rolled,

Your friendship is a tale,

forever told.

By Martin Dejnicki

For the music shared, and songs unsung,

Thank them with every lung.

Musical Thanks

In the rhythm of life,

and notes so young,

Your presence has been,

a song unsung.

For melodies shared,

and strings well-strung,

Your companionship is,

forever clung.

To the heartbeats and chords,

to which we've clung,

Thank you for the music,

we've sprung.

By Martin Dejnicki

For wisdom gained, and knowledge free,

Thank the ones, who let you be.

Wisdom's Tree

From every lesson,

to wisdom's spree,

You've been the root,

of my knowledge tree.

For insights vast,

and clarity,

Your guidance is,

my decree.

To the mentor in you,

and vision I see,

My gratitude flows,


By Martin Dejnicki

For gardens tended, and flowers' bloom,

Thank the ones who've dispelled gloom.

Garden's Keeper

In the garden of life,

through joy and doom,

Your care made flowers,

bloom and loom.

For patience shown,

and nurturing room,

You've been the light,

in every gloom.

Through seasons passed,

and fragrant perfume,

Thanks for tending,

life's costume.

By Martin Dejnicki

For seas navigated, and shores anew,

Thank the captains, steering you through.

Captain's Gratitude

Through tempests fierce,

and waters blue,

You've been the captain,

guiding through.

For every voyage,

and seafaring crew,

Your steadfast hand,

has been my glue.

In the vast ocean,

and morning dew,

Endless thanks,

I owe to you.

By Martin Dejnicki

For stars counted, and dreams sown,

Thank the ones, who've made them known.

Starry Thanks

In the vast night,

and dreams shown,

You've been the star,

brightly flown.

For wishes cast,

and mysteries blown,

Your love has been,

a constant tone.

Through galaxies explored,

and constellations grown,

Thank you for the universe,

you've thrown.

By Martin Dejnicki

For mountains climbed, and valleys deep,

Thank the ones, who didn't let you weep.

Valley's Keeper

Through peaks high,

and descents steep,

Your support didn't,

let me weep.

For every climb,

and promise to keep,

Your strength made,

my journey leap.

In every shadow,

and sunlight's peep,

Gratitude for you,

runs deep.

By Martin Dejnicki

For fires kindled, and warmth's embrace,

Thank the ones, who've been your base.

Warm Embrace

In the cold winds,

and winter's space,

Your warmth has been,

a heartfelt trace.

For fires kindled,

and comforting lace,

Thank you for every,

tight embrace.

Through icy times,

and glowing fireplace,

You've been the warmth,

in my race.

By Martin Dejnicki

For bridges built, and rivers crossed,

Thank the ones, for love embossed.

Bridges and Rivers

Through challenges met,

and paths glossed,

You've been the bridge,

when I was lost.

For every river,

and love embossed,

Your presence made,

a minimal cost.

In every journey,

and tempest tossed,

My thanks to you,

is ever frost.

By Martin Dejnicki

For rainbows seen, and storms weathered,

Thank the ones, who've kept you tethered.

Rainbow's End

After every storm,

and cloud feathered,

Your love kept me,

safe and tethered.

For rainbows glimpsed,

and promises gathered,

Your spirit has,

forever mattered.

Through sun and rain,

and changing weather,

Thank you for being,

my rainbow's end.

By Martin Dejnicki

For books shared, and tales spun,

Thank the ones, making life fun.

Storyteller's Gift

In pages turned,

and stories begun,

You've been the tale,

under the sun.

For every book,

and fun outrun,

Your presence has,

been second to none.

Through chapters closed,

and tales spun,

Endless thanks for,

all that's done.

By Martin Dejnicki

For dances shared, and steps anew,

Thank the ones, who've danced with you.

Dance of Thanks

In every rhythm,

and melody's cue,

You've been the dance,

forever true.

For steps taken,

and moments to rue,

Your grace made,

a beautiful view.

Through music's call,

and evening's hue,

Thank you for the dances,

we grew.

By Martin Dejnicki

For canvases painted, and colors blend,

Thank the ones, who've been your friend.

Painter's Tribute

On life's canvas,

with every bend,

You've been the color,

to commend.

For strokes bold,

and messages send,

Your friendship is,

a godsend.

Through shades and tints,

and tones to mend,

Heartfelt thanks,

to you, my friend.

By Martin Dejnicki

For journeys embarked, and paths aligned,

Thank the ones, who've been so kind.

Journey's Gratitude

Through roads less traveled,

and mountains climbed,

Your support has,

always chimed.

For adventures shared,

and treasures mined,

Thank you for being,

so inclined.

In every quest,

and signboard signed,

Gratitude for you,

is intertwined.

By Martin Dejnicki

For stars wished upon, and dreams in flight,

Thank the ones, who've been your light.

Starry Gratitude

Under the night's canopy,

and moonlight,

You've been the star,

so bright.

For dreams chased,

and wishes alight,

Your love has made,

everything right.

Through cosmic wonders,

and meteorite,

Endless thanks for,

every night.

By Martin Dejnicki

For oceans dived, and treasures found,

Thank the ones, who've been around.

Ocean's Depths

In the deep blue,

and seashell's sound,

You've been the treasure,


For mysteries unveiled,

and secrets unbound,

Your friendship is,

the best I've found.

Through currents strong,

and coral mound,

Grateful waves to you,


By Martin Dejnicki

For gardens blossomed, and seeds sown,

Thank the ones, who've love shown.

Blossoming Gratitude

Through petals soft,

and fragrance blown,

Your love has been,

continuously shown.

For seeds nurtured,

and growth known,

Thank you for the beauty,

you've grown.

In every bud,

and flower's throne,

My heart's gratitude,

to you is thrown.

By Martin Dejnicki

PUBLISHED: Aug 27, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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