God's Presence in Verse: A Collection of Poems Celebrating the Divine

Martin Dejnicki
God's presence and guidance are often sought in life's journey. These poems explore the divine influence and the comfort it brings to the human spirit.
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Table of contents
Infinite Embrace
Guiding Light
Unseen Hands
Beneath The Starry Veil
Whispers of the Divine
Harbor in the Storm
Carpenter of Souls
Sacred Threads
Wholly Holy
Divine Whisper

Sometimes, we seek solace in the vast unknown, searching for a strength that seems so much greater than our own. This poem is about feeling the boundless love and embrace of God in our moments of loneliness and need.


Infinite Embrace

In whispers of the night, beneath stars that grace the dark,

I find Your arms around me, in soft, celestial arc.

The warmth in Your vast presence, a comfort ever mild,

It cradles my tired spirit, as if it were a child.

In bustling day's commotion, where worries take their toll,

You are the gentle whisper that calms my restless soul.

A guide within the chaos, in You, I find my way,

Your infinite embrace, Lord, turns nights to blessed day.

When solitude embraces and friends seem far and few,

I close my eyes and breathe deep, seeking solace in You.

The quiet in the storm, God, a steadily burning flame,

In the hush of Your embrace, I find peace in Your name.



When the path seems murky and the destination uncertain, faith offers a lantern in the darkness. This poem speaks to the guiding light that God provides, illuminating our way through the trials of life.


Guiding Light



Along the twisted pathways, where shadows dance with fear,

There's a beacon ever shining, a voice that draws me near.

It is You, O Lord, my fortress, Your radiance my guide,

With faith as my compass, in Your light, I confide.

Through valleys dark and daunting, Your lantern in my hand,

It parts the veils of darkness, revealing promised land.

No tempest nor trepidation can quench the light You give,

In Your glowing presence, Lord, I learn and love and live.

Your guidance, a gentle current, in the rivers of my mind,

Carrying me forward, leaving past fears behind.

The journey fraught with questions, Your answers soft and bright,

In the illumination of God, I walk by faith, not sight.



Oftentimes, the support we receive is invisible, yet its impact is palpable in every aspect of our lives. This poem reflects on God's unseen hands guiding and molding us through love and trials.


Unseen Hands



With unseen hands, You guide me, in the silence of the day,

Through trials that shape and mold me, in every single way.

The love that flows from You, God, unseen yet felt so keen,

Lifts me from the depths of despair, with strength unmatched, serene.

Your hands, they weave my purpose, in threads of silver light,

Each stitch made with intention, through day and into night.

Though Your work is often silent, the fabric You have weaved,

Becomes the canvas of my life, in which Your grace is breathed.

For all the times I've stumbled, felt lost without a plan,

Your unseen hands have caught me, revealing a greater span.

Invisible yet powerful, God's touch that gently lands,

Assuring me of love's embrace, within those unseen hands.



In moments of contemplation, when we look upward to the expansive cosmos, we are reminded of the grandeur and mystery of the divine. This poem celebrates the connection we feel with God when we gaze upon the night sky.


Beneath The Starry Veil



As dusk unfolds its blanket, and stars pierce through the veil,

I stand in awe and wonder at the tale they quietly tell.

The heavens vast and brimming, with secrets grand and old,

In that celestial ocean, God's mystery is told.

The moon, a faithful witness, to all that stirs below,

Reflects Your wisdom, Lord, and the love You ceaselessly bestow.

Its gentle, constant glow, a testament of Your care,

Amidst the vast, dark expanse, Your light is always there.

Beneath the starry canopy, my thoughts to You arise,

In prayer and humble gratitude, beneath the boundless skies.

The universe in all its glory, wild and unconfined,

Reflects Your majesty, O God, within it, I find You, intertwined.



Life is full of quiet moments where, if we listen closely, we can hear the soft whispers of God comforting and encouraging us. This poem is a testament to those gentle communications that bolster our spirit.


Whispers of the Divine



In the stillness of the morning, where the day is yet unborn,

I hear the whispers of the Divine, in the rustling of the morn.

Each chirp and gentle breeze seems to speak of Your love,

And Your mercies that greet me, from the heavens above.

Throughout the day's endeavors, when my strength begins to wane,

In subtle ways, You speak, Lord, and kindle the wisp of flame.

Your words, a soothing balm, on the soul's troubled sea,

Whispers of the Divine, a silent plea to Thee.

As twilight cascades softly, and the world does quiet keep,

In my heart, Your whispers echo, they neither slumber nor sleep.

Gently, they remind me of an ever-present Friend,

Whose soft, divine whispers, are love without an end.



In the fiercest tempest or the gentlest of rains, we all seek shelter that offers us peace and rest. This poem is about finding that harbor in God, a resolute sanctuary amid life's storms.


Harbor in the Storm



When violent winds do rage and stormy seas do churn,

In search of harbored refuge, to You, God, I turn.

Your embrace, a fortress, against the gale's loud roars,

A sanctuary of calm, where my weary heart moors.

Upon the jagged rocks, the waves may crash and hit,

But in Your steadfast love, O Lord, my vessel firmly sits.

Though the tempest rages and fear wants to claim,

Your harbor, God, is peaceful, unchanged by wind or rain.

In the quiet after the storm, when the skies begin to clear,

I sense Your soothing presence, whispering, "I'm here."

The harbor of Your love, a constant safe abode,

In the heart of the tempest, You're the calm upon the road.



In the grand design of life's journey, we can find great comfort in knowing there is a masterful Carpenter at work. This poem is about the divine craftsmanship of God as He shapes and nurtures our souls for a higher purpose.


Carpenter of Souls



With careful hands, the Carpenter works on the souls of men,

Chiseling away the roughness, until the heart shines again.

God's tools are love and mercy, His workshop, earth and sky,

And each soul is a masterpiece to Him, the Most High.

As wood bends to the craftsman, souls yield to His touch,

He molds with gentle patience, His love amounts to much.

The shavings fall and scatter, like sins cast aside,

By the Carpenter of Souls, where grace and truth abide.

The final piece, a wonder, reflecting perfect light,

The Carpenter steps back to see the pleasing sight.

God smiles upon His labor, each soul a precious part,

In the gallery of heaven, art from the divine heart.



Our lives are woven from an intricate array of moments and memories, stitched together with divine intention. This poem marvels at how God's hand shapes the tapestry of our existence, creating a picture far grander than we could ever imagine.


Sacred Threads



God weaves our lives like tapestries, each thread with purpose spun,

With colors rich and textures deep, His work is never done.

The loom of life keeps turning, each day a new strand laid,

Within the Master's tapestry, our stories are portrayed.

Some threads may seem discordant, some patterns undefined,

Yet every line has meaning in the Artist's grand design.

Through light and shadow, He creates contrast within the weave,

His sacred threads connecting the things we can't conceive.

And when the final thread is placed, the fabric whole and true,

We'll step back and see how beautifully our lives reflect Him anew.

For every strand He's woven in the tapestry of time,

Reveals the perfect harmony of His plan, subtle and sublime.



Sometimes we forget to look within to find the divine spark that is inherent in us all. This poem contemplates our journey to recognizing and embracing the holy essence that resides within our being.


Wholly Holy



In mundane acts and quiet thoughts, a sacred pulse is found,

A holy presence woven through our days, profound.

God's presence not aloof, but here within our chest,

With every heartbeat echoes a love that's wholly blessed.

We seek God in the temple, in the choral hymn's rise,

Yet holiness awaits us, in our heart, before our eyes.

It's in the breath, the word, the deed, the gentle, kind embrace,

God's holiness embodied, in every time and place.

When finally we witness the divine within our soul,

We start to see each person, as part of the grand whole.

Wholly holy, we understand, each life a sacred part,

In the tapestry of God's love, each a crucial art.



Amid the hustle and clatter of our daily lives, it's the still, small voice of God that often guides us most clearly. This poem reflects on the gentle yet potent communication from God that alters our path and steadies our heart.


Divine Whisper



Not in the thunder, nor the quake, does God often speak,

But in silent moments, subtle, soft, and meek.

A nudge within the conscience, a feeling deep inside,

A whisper that can steer us, where truth and soul abide.

It speaks in gentle inklings, in love's quiet refrain,

In actions that go unnoticed, in the dew after rain.

The divine whisper guides us, through nuances of life,

Through joy and through the sorrow, through peace and also strife.

So may we pause to listen, in quiet thought to dwell,

For God speaks in the stillness, with words that softly swell.

In those serene encounters, may our hearts always hear,

The divine whisper of God, ever close, ever near.




PUBLISHED: Feb 08, 2024
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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