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Martin Dejnicki
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Hot chocolate versus tea is an endlessly repeating dilemma in life.

As you look back at your life, the only thing you could change is the future.

Everyday in life is an opportunity to blossom.

In life, a spring awakening is always just one thought away.

In life, do not forget to cherish the last fruits of every experience.

Success in life is not measured by how early you start your day. It’s measured by how you choose to spend it.

The secret of life is about learning how to see the beauty in obstacles.

Every rocky experience in life has a peaceful valley in its sight.

Look around and you will quickly notice the happiest people in your life never grow up.

Freewill is the universal engine of life.

A true life is never polished nor it cares to create false perceptions.

Don’t race through life. Walk it with true friends instead.

Don’t shy away from a simple and peaceful life by finding unique excitement in the everyday.

I will forever be in debt to those precious summer days during my early childhood as I played with snails in my grandmother’s garden. For those days crafted by curiosity.

A good life depends on good choices. Good choices depend on a good sense of values.

The light of your life is one with a shared history.

If you love knowledge you will love life.

Life is like chocolate. It’s often sweet, but sometimes could get a bit messy.

In life, we all choose how much we wish to extract from it.

If your desire is to slow down time, then simply never skip breakfast.

Watching a baby sleep is the most peaceful moment in life.

The beautiful things in life watch over us as we sleep.

We could learn a lot about life by observing how children live it.

You are never too young to share meaningful dreams.

The ability to remain calm during times of chaos is among the most valuable characteristics one may possess in life.

Life without challenges and obstacles will often bore you to death.

The more you love life, the more it will love you back.

We spend the majority of our lives both building and strengthening existing bridges.

Right now, is a good time to begin crafting the life you desire.

Insecurities in life are as universal as the sun.

Do not allow rejections in life to discourage you. Instead, use them as fuel to strengthen your persistence and drive.

I continued to change jobs until finally one morning I realized the current one did not feel like one.

Simplify your life by removing both physical and emotional clutter.

For the first time in my life, I jumped out of bed with childlike excitement, to begin work I truly love.

Write and sing your own song of life.

Allow the music of life to flow through your veins.

Life needs a healthy supply of cuddles.

If you search hard enough, you shall find your spark.

When times get tough, just take one step at a time.

Life binds us together.

Challenge the adversities in your life.

Life is about family time.

Life is adventure.

Don't forget how our complex reality has been created on top of the hard work of others.

Friendships are the roots of every good life.

It wasn't that long ago when hardship was the norm.

Take some downtime and live life.

Don't be in a rush to speed through life.

Live life with curiosity

Spice up your life.

Rejoice in the journey of life.

Figure out what gets your blood going and just do it.

Effective communication is a huge factor in our lives.

In life, we all wish to feel protected.

The art of life depends on togetherness.

A lonely life is an empty life.

I live in the routines of the everyday. But I dream of the stars and beyond.

Welcome happiness into your life.

Live life like those childhood adventures.

The simplest moments in life are often the most cherished.

In life you must make the road ahead your own.

Life is about singing like you've never sung before.

Life's universal symbol of sorrow are the eyes of despair.

Hope fuels life.

Celebrate life!

Some things in life are sweeter than others.

I simply cannot imagine life without chocolate cake.

The journey of life often seems overwhelming.

Fill your life with a beach of memories.

Life is beautiful when you look through it in awe.

Naturally, life gravitates towards peace.

We all have our preferences when it comes to cheap thrills in life.

Some of us plan our lives on the back of a used napkin.

There are some things in life you simply cannot prepare for.

It seems life's most precious moments are always short-lived.

Find your play!

Sometimes in life you just need to pick your own flowers.

A life shared is a life lived.

The path is always easier when you know others have trekked it before you.

When life is an uphill battle, just dig in.

In life, you could always adjust your point of view.

The act of reading is one of life's most gratifying experiences.

Nature walks bring out the life in us.

For most of us, our footprints will be swept away back into the mystery of time.

Support is the most authentic art of life.

No matter how wise we become, we are never immune to hiding from the truth.

Many of us spend a significant part of our lives within a silent sea of strangers.

Do not defend yourself against some of life's discomforts. Embrace them instead.

Value your own approval above all else.

Our gratitude for what we have if often molded by those tearful goodbyes.

Rejoice from the simple things in life.

Clear your perspective and life will shine through.

Consume the foods of life.

Strive for a work life balance.

We all bake under the same sun. However, some of us choose to enjoy it more.

In the end, only you can truly judge your life.

An extraordinary life is always a thought away.

Continue to ask yourself what you desire from life.

Creating value is the secret to a beautiful life.

A lazy life takes approximately the same amount of breaths as an active engaged one.
PUBLISHED: Oct 11, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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