Color Poems

Maya Thompson

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Dive into a vivid exploration of colors through the lens of poetry. Each piece delves into the emotional and visual splendor that hues impart to our world.
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Table of contents
Whispers of Azure
Vivid Vermilion
Canary Medley
Scarlet Murmurs
Emerald Dreams
Whisper of Lavender
Marigold Murmurs
Cerulean Sigh
Silver Sonnet
Ruby Red Requiem

Whispers of Azure

Gentle waves of deepest blue
Breathing calm into the view
Azure whispers soft and true
Harbor secrets in their hue


Skies adorned in endless spread
Where dreams and daylight softly wed
Barefoot on a cobalt bed
Minds in tranquil waters tread


Cornflowers swaying with the breeze
Nature's artwork meant to please
Endless depth like seven seas
Azure's soul does never cease


Evening cloaks with navy veils
Daylight fades and night prevails
Each star a story it unveils
In serene blues, nightingales


Realm of peace, in twilight's glower
In sapphire tones, the moments flower
Rich in silence, blue's the power
Bringing calm each passing hour


Vivid Vermilion

Bold is the kiss of vermilion dawn
Flames take the sky as their canvas to spawn
The fervor of red with a sunlight yawn
Welcoming days where darkness is gone


Roses encompass with petals so warm
Crimson emotions in fullness form
Passion's pure color from dusk until morn
Colors of fire, a presence that's sworn


Brushstrokes on autumn leaves brisk in the chill
Orchards ablaze, against the calm hill
Vermilion spectacle for the eyes to fill
Nature's own ardor, its own delight and thrill


Festivals draped in red’s bright attire
Lanterns alight with the sunset's fire
A hue that conveys unseen desire
Binding the hearts that true love inspire


Awash in the glow where day and night merge
Vermilion whispers, an electrified surge
Infinite depth in a scarlet diverge
An artist's last stroke, where emotions emerge


Canary Medley

The canary sings in yellow tunes
Rising with the fabric of sunny noons
Lemon drops splatter in happy monsoons
Radiance dances in bright maroons


Fields of gold under the pale moonlight
Blossoms glow softly, a purest delight
Daffodils sway, hearts taking flight
Yellow, the hope in the darkest of night


Golden honey, thick and sweet
The color of joy in a child's greet
Sunflower crowns on summer's replete
A season's garland, bright and neat


Painter's brush on canvas dance
Colors flow in a whimsical trance
Creating worlds left to chance
In yellow, life’s vivid expanse


Saffron robes pass in silence profound
Yellow the spirit where peace is found
The warmth of light on sacred ground
In this hue, our hearts are wound


Scarlet Murmurs

Scarlet whispers through the leaves
Stories told by autumn’s eves
Stitched inside the sunset’s weaves
Decay that beauty somehow achieves


Velvet petals fall to ground
Love's deep mystery to be found
A delicate touch, a silken sound
Where romance and ardency abound


Flames dance upon the hearth's embrace
Their scarlet arms in fervent chase
The warmth of passion's softest trace
A fireplace waltz, an intimate space


Ruby skies when day is done
Bidding farewell to the amber sun
Farmers rest, their labor won
In scarlet hymns their toils are spun


Evening's curtain starts to call
Color's symphony entrances all
The scarlet night begins to fall
As darkness cloaks the fiery pall


Emerald Dreams

Whispering leaves of emerald sheen
Painted on the canvas of nature unseen
Evergreen forests of calming mien
A tranquil palace, ever so serene


Jade labyrinths where fairies tread
Emerald visions in the garden bed
Ferns unfurl where droplets wed
Dainty dew their bridal spread


Gems gleam under torches' glare
Bewitching eyes in a maiden’s stare
Green like the oceans' secret lair
Legends cradled in deep sea's care


Parrots adorned with matchless pride
Array of feathers, nature's own bride
Drifting through air on a playful ride
Emerald cloaked with a touch of guide


In dreams where dragons dare to fly
Their scales flash under moonlit sky
Myth and reality entwine and vie
Emerald hues where our dreams lie


Whisper of Lavender

In quiet fields where lavender flows
Amidst the wind's hushed, gentle blows
Its whisper delicate, as evening glows
A symphony in purple, repose bestows


The scent that drifts through open air
Lulls the senses without a care
Through the meadow, a tranquil affair
Luscious hues, none can compare


Petals soft as the dawn’s first light
Awoken colors from the night
In gentle folds of amethyst bright
Bathing the landscape with soft might


A painter's dream in strokes of peace
Within these shades, all worries cease
On canvas where the harsh lines decrease
Lavender’s whisper will never release


Underneath the moon’s own crown
A world awash in purple gown
Lavender's whisper, a calming down
In this color, serenity’s found


Marigold Murmurs

Marigolds bloom with the sun's embrace
Radiant faces, the gardens grace
Fiery petals in abundant space
Summer's warmth in a floral vase


Goldenrod waving 'longside the rill
A harmony of light upon the hill
Orange splendor that time cannot still
A season's majesty, in shades that thrill


Meadows stitched with marigold thread
In their presence, no thoughts of dread
On the pathway where joy is spread
A garland of gold, nature's banquet spread


Children gather the sunlit flowers
Creating memories for twilight hours
Gentle marigold, with all its powers
Bestows upon youth its sunny showers


In autumn's kiss, they stand forlorn
Yet in their fade, no need to mourn
For marigold’s whispers will be reborn
With each new dawn, they’re freshly sworn


Cerulean Sigh

Cerulean seas cast their spell
Waves whisper tales they long to tell
In every crest, in every swell
Ocean's breath, the horizon's knell


Skies drenched in an artist's dream
Bathed in a tranquil, serene stream
Where cloud flotillas gently teem
Floating in a sunbeam gleam


Feathers of the jay adorn
The forest's heart, naturally worn
Fly they do from dusk to morn
In cerulean hues, joy is born


Sights above and waters deep
Cerulean promises to keep
Into this color, all troubles seep
Soothing souls in restful sleep


A canvas spread 'neath infinite space
Holds the sky in soft embrace
Cerulean touch, a timeless grace
In this color, life finds its place


Silver Sonnet

Whispers in a silvered glow
Moonbeams dance and shadows flow
Underneath the world's hushed bough
Silver secrets untold now


Stars twinkle in the cosmic sea
Silvered droplets of a celestial spree
Lightyears away yet close to me
A silent river of galactic glee


Tinsel, silver, festive cheer
Bells that chime for end-year's near
In silvery tones that all can hear
A jolly carol we hold dear


Armor shining, knight of old
Battles fought and stories told
In steely silver, courage bold
A metallic sheen in the morning cold


Majestic etchings of lunar pen
Across the night, in dragon's den
Silver threads weave now and then
In dreams they’ll surface, 'mongst men


Ruby Red Requiem

Ruby heart of Earth's deep core
Burning bright forevermore
Jewels of passion, love in store
A red profound to its very pore


The cardinal flits from tree to tree
A festive burst of energy
Garnet berries for all to see
Nature's ruby-tinted spree


Sunset fires, ember's glow
Casting shadows to and fro
Ruby sky puts on its show
As daylight yields to crimson flow


Wine filled glasses, toast of red
Ruby droplets, joy is spread
Laughter round the table fed
Where friends and family's bonds are wed


Through the strings of violins
A melody in ruby begins
A requiem that never sins
In ruby red, the heart wins


PUBLISHED: Feb 23, 2024
Written By
Maya Thompson
Brooklyn's own keen observer🔎 ✒️Turns city vibes and heartfelt moments into compelling prose.
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