Sayings about Time

Sam Rodriguez
Time is a silent whisper, telling tales of the past, shaping stories of the future, all in the fleeting breath of now.
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Time is the brush, life is the canvas.

The future is a collection of successive nows.

Time doesn’t pause, but sometimes it winks.

The finest moments are woven through the loom of time.

In the garden of life, time is the ever-tending gardener.

Tomorrow is the echo of today’s choices.

Time is a river, always flowing but never the same.

Seconds are the coins, time is the treasure.

The past and future are the wings on which the present flies.

Each tick of the clock is a draft from the account of existence.

In the melody of life, time is the rhythm.

Time is the architect of change.

Each moment is a stitch in the fabric of the universe.

Time’s passage is the most consistent form of magic.

With every tick, time knits the tapestry of existence.

Time is the soil in which memories grow.

A moment can be a millennium if it’s well-lived.

Time is the lens through which the panorama of life unfolds.

The only time you own is the moment.

In the economy of existence, time is the currency.

Each second is a door to eternity if you perceive it.

Time, the unseen artist, carving life’s sculpture.

Even a timeless journey begins in a single moment.

Time is an endless river, and we are but a ripple in it.

The dance of the cosmos is choreographed by time.

In the orchestra of existence, time holds the baton.

Time is the echo of an axe within the universe.

Each moment is a bead on the string of existence.

Time is a tutor that teaches the importance of the now.

With time, every fleeting moment becomes a cherished memory.

Time stitches moments into memories, never missing a beat.

The shadow of the past often eclipses the light of the present.

In the book of life, time pens every word, yet the story is yours.

Time, the unbiased witness to life's unfolding drama.

Tomorrow’s sun is but a promise, today’s is a reality.

Time’s passage whispers the subtle tune of change.

The river of time flows, with each moment a ripple of possibility.

Today's time is the seed for the tree of tomorrow.

In the chessboard of life, time moves the pieces.

Our days are the loom upon which time weaves.

Time is a narrative, with each second a sentence. 

Every moment cradles the potential of a lifetime.

Time is the frame, moments are the painting.

The tapestry of existence is embroidered with the thread of time.

Time holds the keys to the vast library of moments.

Each tick of the clock is a brushstroke on the canvas of the cosmos.

In the garden of moments, time is both the seed and the harvester.

Time’s passage is the unseen handwriting on the wall of reality.

With each passing moment, time sketches the outline of destiny.

Time is the silent narrator of life’s unfolding story.

In the theater of life, time is the relentless director.

Time’s gaze is the mirror reflecting the face of eternity.

Every second is a footprint on the sands of existence.

Time is the continuous thread that strings together the pearls of moments.

In the narrative of the cosmos, time pens each line with precision.

Time, the silent composer of life’s melody.

Each fleeting moment is a gem in time’s infinite treasury.

Time is the wind, moments are the waves on the ocean of existence.

In the classroom of life, time is the most patient teacher.

Time is the loom on which the fabric of the universe is woven.

With every dawn, time presents a blank page awaiting our stories.

Time is the garden in which the seeds of decision bloom into the flowers of destiny.

Time’s whispers are lessons in the silent hall of existence.

Each moment is a dance step in the choreography of the cosmos.

Time, the humble gardener of life’s endless blossoms.

In the marketplace of existence, time is the most precious commodity.

Time is the brush, every moment a stroke, painting the vast mural of existence.

With a tick and a tock, time authors the story of the stars.

In the race of life, time is the track, moments are the strides.

Time, the gentle sculptor shaping the marble of our days.

Each tick of the clock is a note in the symphony of the universe.

In time’s theater, every moment is a unique performance.

Time is the sage, imparting wisdom in silent, steady ticks.

Every sunrise and sunset is time’s signature on the scroll of existence.

Time, the patient craftsman, molding the clay of the cosmos.

With every fleeting second, time sketches the silhouette of eternity.

Time is the loom, reality the fabric, woven with the threads of moments.

The carousel of time spins, with each moment a unique ride.

In the grand tapestry of existence, time embroiders every detail.

Time, the ceaseless river, carrying moments like leaves on its current.

Each moment is a spark in the bonfire of time.

Time is the silent poet, scripting the verse of the universe.

Time, the silent playwright of life's ongoing drama.

Every tick is a chisel stroke by time on the sculpture of existence.

In the kingdom of life, time sits on the throne of change.

Time, the quiet gardener, tending to the garden of memories.

With each passing moment, time carves a little more of the story.

Time, the invisible painter, coloring the canvas of life.

In the dance of existence, time steps to the rhythm of change.

Time is the lens through which the mosaic of life comes into focus.

Every sunset is time's whisper, marking the narrative of the day.

Time, the soft-spoken philosopher, imparting lessons with every passing moment.

In the play of existence, time is the unassuming director.

Time is the artist, life is the canvas, every moment a stroke of genius.

Every tick tock is a note in time's everlasting symphony.

Time, the gentle stream, carving pathways through the landscape of life.

In the book of reality, time turns each page with silent intent.

Time, the tender craftsman, shaping life with a patient touch.

Every dawn is time’s way of turning a new page.

Time is the author, each moment a word, life a captivating novel.

In the river of time, every moment is a fleeting ripple.

Time, the constant gardener, nurturing the seeds of change with every moment.

PUBLISHED: Sep 26, 2023
Written By
Sam Rodriguez
San Antonio, Texas
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