Poems about Reading

Soraya Alvarado

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Explore the intimate relationship between reader and text through these original poems that delve into the nuanced experience of reading, offering a lyrical tribute to the power of words and the worlds they reveal.
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Table of contents
Whispers of Ink
Candlelight Sonnet
Library's Labyrinth
Verse Voyagers
Ode to the Bookmark
Sonnet of Solitude
Gilded Edges
Chapters Waiting
Metaphor Garden
Evening Prose

Whispers of Ink

Beneath the hum of modern life, so bray,
In silent whispers do the pages speak,
A realm unfolds where dappled dreams convey,
In tender hush, the truths that readers seek.


Each word, a vessel for a voyage grand,
Upon a sea of ink, our minds set sail,
Through storied waves wrought by a specter's hand,
In binding leather or paper thin and frail.


With every leaf, a world awakes anew,
One's gaze transfixed by narratives that weave,
Such tapestries, where fiction feels so true,
And strands of thought and fantasy interleave.


In quietude, the rhythm of our breath,
Keep time with tales of love, and life, and death;
The steady beat of hearts engrossed in lore,
Finds kindred spirits on a distant shore.


So let us toast to books, to words, to reading,
To the sacred dance of minds in every meeting,
Where whispered ink does travel, and imparts,
Eternal dialogue 'tween our souls and hearts.


Candlelight Sonnet

By candle glow, I read throughout the night,
Each stanza casts a shadow on the wall.
The flicker lends the words a softer light,
And time surrenders to the silent call.


Upon the paper, sonnets sweetly flow,
The metered verse in candlelight does dance,
Embracing lines that William once did sow,
Entranced I am, within the poet's trance.


The dance of flame reflects my raptured face,
In worlds confined to wisps of wax and wick.
An ode to joys the darkness can't efface,
A reader's bond with bard can never flick.


Each night, new poems whisper to my soul,
With every word, the candle makes me whole.
A rhythmic blaze that flickers through each line,
Transforming Shakespeare's thoughts into mine.


So I shall read by waxen flame, and thus,
In gentle light find solace with no fuss.
And through the night, till dawn's first beam arrives,
With sonnets sweet, my midnight flame survives.


Library's Labyrinth

The library's labyrinth—endless aisles,
I tread its maze, a seeker in its vaults.
Between the covers, countless untold tales,
A universe where time itself halts.


The musty scent, the texture of the spines,
A spectrum wide of leathery old tomes.
The corridors of words where wisdom shines,
Each book a portal to a million homes.


Around me knowledge climbs to lofty heights,
In rows and stacks, it threatens yet entices.
I'm navigating literary flights,
A pilot through these scholarly devices.


In stillness found amongst the printed seas,
I sail with thoughts as my companions, free.
Poetry, history, and mystery's charms,
Ensnare my soul within their paper arms.


Thus, in this bibliophilic wonderland,
I find myself, a reader's mind expands.
For in these halls of endless storyplay,
Books are the maps, and I will find my way.


Verse Voyagers

In chapbooks small and anthologies wide,
Are vessels made of verse, prepared to sail.
Their canvassed pages catch the drifting tide,
Upon the breath of storied winds, they prevail.


The reader, now a voyager asea,
Navigates the swells of rhyme and meter.
An odyssey where syllables roam free,
Eliciting a chase—no quest is sweeter.


The rhythm rocks in gentle undulation,
While metaphors as waves are crashing near.
Each line is anchored in its recitation,
A ballad of the depths we long to hear.


When storms of life emerge from tranquil deep,
These vessels of the verse give solace sweet.
For in the tempest-tossed and heaving night,
The reader holds on to the poet's light.


So let us launch our ships with tattered sails,
Unfurl the words that set us on our trails.
And may we read as travelers without fear,
For poetry shall navigate us clear.


Ode to the Bookmark

O slender friend, who marks my page with grace,
A sentinel 'twixt lines of scribed endeavor.
In leaving off, you hold a reader's place,
And guarantee the story's lost—no, never.


How patient are thy silent watchful eyes,
Awaiting my return with steadfast hold.
Thy ribbon or thy cardboard never lies,
Safeguarding tales that have yet to unfold.


Above the folio you peek out, proud,
Reminding me of journeys paused midway.
A simple tool, no voice, yet you avow
The bonds between the written word and day.


Your quaint adornments—tassels, charms, and strings,
Belie the solemn duty that thou brings.
An anchor in the seas of endless prose,
A keeper of the place where reading slows.


My humble ode, to you, understated mark,
Ensuring not a single word's embark
Upon oblivion's dark and vast abyss—
Dear bookmark, it's through you that naught's amiss.


Sonnet of Solitude

A quiet nook, a book, a chair, a light—
No greater company I need to seek.
Within this haven, solitude takes flight,
And silence plays the music of the meek.


Enthralled, I delve into each page's spell,
The solitude's a canvas broad and clear.
On which the author's words begin to dwell,
And subtle thoughts to me become near.


The solitude, oh guardian of peace,
Allows each blessing of the text to bloom.
In this embrace, my wearied thoughts release,
The room—a temple, my soul—a sanctum's womb.


Above the din, it's quiet I adore,
In still repose, the world can't ask for more.
For only here can books their powers unfurl,
And take one's mind upon a tranquil twirl.


So when the crowd's cacophony invades,
Seek out the solace that but quiet aids.
Amongst the shelves, a hermitage you'll find,
Where books, not men, will entertain the mind.


Gilded Edges

The gilded edges catch the evening's glow,
A precious metal on the verge of night.
Each page, a treasure bound in wisdom's fold,
Reflecting splendor back into my sight.


How many fingers have these pages turned?
How many hearts with gold leafed thoughts did stir?
These leafy edges, time has now adorned,
An emblazoned history, whisper and purr.


As I peruse these heavy, vellum leaves,
The gilt, a symbol of the tales within.
The opulence of knowledge it receives,
And casts a sheen on words that lie therein.


The sun doth set, but here the light remains,
Within the filigree that frames these panes.
Each letter gold-tinged in the reader's hold,
A binding testament to stories told.


So read we must, beneath the sky's grand dome,
In gilded tomes, we always find a home.
Between the lines, a lustrous life unfurled,
In each gold edge, a gateway to the world.


Chapters Waiting

New chapters wait amidst the silent dusk,
Unread potential in the waning light.
Resisting sleep's soft, undemanding husk,
The pages call my name into the night.


The spine, a backbone of this fresh intent,
Crackling softly as it opens wide.
Each character and scene soon to present,
An undiscovered country I'll reside.


The hovering suspense before the read,
Is like that moment just before a kiss.
The breathless pause, the heart's quickening speed,
Anticipating literary bliss.


The plot, it thickens with each passing hour,
And I, beheld in fiction's blooming flower.
The narrative's sweet scent perfumes the air,
And in its grip I shed all worldly care.


Unveiling slowly what each chapter brings,
In the cocoon of narrative, I'm tight.
For in the promise of these paper wings,
I find my freedom in the fall of night.


Metaphor Garden

In poetry's rich garden, metaphors,
Bloom wildly with a vibrancy of hues.
Each simile and image deftly pours,
A spectrum of insight for minds to use.


The rose stands tall, a symbol ever pure,
The thorns suggest that beauty knows some pain.
So diction's garden, endlessly allures,
Where florid phrases plant in readers' brain.


Vines of verses clamber up the wall,
Seeking the sun in every reader's eye.
A tangled beauty that does never pall,
But rather inspires us to climb and vie.


As seasons turn, our garden does not wane,
Poetic blossoms stand against the rain.
Within this arbor, meaning's never shed,
But grows in richness in the heart and head.


So cultivate the ground with tender care,
A metaphor, a bloom beyond compare.
For in the reading, each will find its part,
To root in soil of the enlightened heart.


Evening Prose

When evening sky paints hues of fading light,
And quiet moments steal away the crowd.
I turn to pages soft with twilight's rite,
Where words are whispered, not spoken aloud.


Each sentence stretches, yawning into space,
Like thinning clouds that drift through dimming blue.
In gentle prose, there lives a tender grace,
That only sundown's breath can truly brew.


The story, now a companion true and sure,
Comforts the soul as shadows form and flit.
This nightly ritual, ever so pure,
In ink-stained alcove, I am content to sit.


The book, a lantern, 'midst the gathering gloom,
Its glow, a beacon in my quiet room.
The prose, a lullaby for day's demise,
Invites the stars to rise within my eyes.


So as the darkness dons its velvet drape,
I'll drown in words til dreams begin to shape.
The evening prose, an endless, soft embrace,
Guides me through nightfall at a tranquil pace.


PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2024
Written By
Soraya Alvarado
Hey, I'm Soraya—a wordsmith on a mission to uncover the tales that bind our world. Born into Hispanic heritage, I bridge cultures and contemporary narratives, celebrating the universal language of stories. Join me as we embark on a literary adventure together!
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