Poems about the Wind

Tariq Bennett
The wind, a timeless muse, inspires a myriad of poetic expressions. Here are ten original poems that capture its essence, each exploring the wind's multifaceted character and influence.
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Table of contents
Whispers of the Zephyr
The Gale's Echo
Wind's Endless Quest
Message on a Breeze
Southern Wind's Serenade
Ode to the Roaring Nor'easter
Whirlwind's Dance
Evening's Breath
Voice of the Vortex
Minstrel on the Mountain

Whispers of the Zephyr

The gentle breeze with secrets laden,
Whispers through the emerald curtain,
Caressing leaves with tender fronds,
Carving paths unseen, unburden.


It twirls amidst the quiet grove,
Bearing tales from far-off lands,
A tender touch, a soft reproved,
The world shifts at its silent commands.


Speckled light dances on its breath,
Across the meadows, it freely weaves,
A playful spirit that knows not death,
In eternal dance with autumn's leaves.


It hums a tune through hollow reeds,
Conductor of the natural choir,
A force unseen that plants the seeds,
Of tranquil thoughts that never tire.


So subtle its endless promenade,
The zephyr's path, forever winded,
A soft caress that time has made,
In tender hush, the breeze is minted.


The Gale's Echo

From horizons far, a gale is born,
Across the seascapes, fiercely driven,
It rends the sails, so weather-worn,
The echo of its might is given.


It dances atop tumultuous waves,
A tempest's cry that shakes the mast,
In its howl, the ocean craves,
A roiling future, echoing past.


Upon the cliffs, it beats its drum,
A sentinel's call, raw and pure,
Its relentless rhythm, to some,
Sings of hope, to others, a lure.


The gale, it shapes the land's face,
Carves the rocks with restless art,
Endless sculptor in relentless chase,
Canvas broad, from which seas part.


In its wake, a silence deep,
The echo fades, but still remembered,
In every crevice, whispers keep,
The gale's touch, a flame that's tendered.


Wind's Endless Quest

O traveller of the boundless skies,
An invisible quest you briskly feather,
Over hills and valleys you readily rise,
Bound to no one, tethered to whatever.


Chasing the sunsets and the dawns,
Restless hunter of unseen quarries,
Your pursuit, eternally drawn,
Invisible footprints, but stories vary.


Wind, o sculptor of arid dunes,
Shifting sands beneath the moon,
Whispering through forgotten runes,
Singing to the night its ancient tune.


Invisible fingers in the mane of steeds,
Racing the world, unbridled speed,
Sowing the earth with future's seeds,
No cry for help, nor beg nor plead.


What drives you on, Oh airy sprite?
Across the vast, uncharted blue,
An eternal quest that feels so right,
The wind's search—a mystery to pursue.


Message on a Breeze

A message curled within the breeze,
A whisper soft o'er treetop highs,
Rustling secrets among the trees,
The written word of skies.


Leaves converse in hushed tones,
Passing notes from windborne script,
A dialogue in rustling moans,
Where ancient tongues are gently flipped.


The wind, a courier swift and true,
Bearing news that none can see,
Crossing miles to start anew,
The stories cast on an open sea.


Each gust a chapter, unrestrained,
Onward it travels, twilight to dawn,
Through passages, truth maintained,
Carried forth until it's gone.


The breeze concludes its ancient lore,
Leaves the forest in silent awe,
A final rustle, then no more,
Its message clear, without a flaw.


Southern Wind's Serenade

Beneath the crescent of the southern moon,
The velvet wind begins its serenade,
It moves through night, a silent tune,
O'er fields asleep, through darkened glade.


It lifts the scent of jasmine high,
In sultry whispers, against the skin,
A velvet touch from the night sky,
Intangible as the dreams within.


It fans the embers of the day's heat,
A cool caress, a balm to the land,
Choreographing grasses that sway and greet,
Every soft command at its hand.


A symphony of senses it plays,
Entwined with night's embrace so deep,
It unpick the seams of sun-soaked days,
Lulling restless thoughts to sleep.


As dawn breaks, the serenade ends,
The wind retreats with the morning light,
Leaving a promise that it sends,
To return with songs in the cover of night.


Ode to the Roaring Nor'easter

The mighty Nor'easter roars from the depths,
An untamed beast with icy breath,
Bearing snow upon its tempestuous crests,
Charging forward, a white herald of death.


Relentless, it pounds the solemn shore,
Shaping the coastline with each fierce blow,
Its cry a symphony, a mighty roar,
Ruling winter's months with a heavy brow.


Trees bow down to its furious might,
Respect the power that it wields,
Roots gripping earth, holding tight,
Amid the blizzard's frosty fields.


The tempest's heart beats wild and free,
Untamed by walls, unbound by plight,
As if to prove its sovereignty,
A monarch cloaked in shades of white.


When finally, the Nor'easter's rage is spent,
Its white wrath softened to a sigh,
The world emerges, quiet and bent,
Beneath a calm and clearing sky.


Whirlwind's Dance

The whirlwind twirls in an arid clime,
A dervish spinning through the dusty lands,
It draws the sands in rhythmic time,
A wild ballet at its command.


It sweeps across the barren plains,
A swift pirouette of untamed grace,
Where heat mirages hold their reign,
The whirlwind dances in fervent pace.


In its core, a silence reigns,
Defying the chaos of its spinning skirt,
A calm within the wild refrains,
Taming the tumult of earth and dirt.


The desert birds in awe do soar,
Above the dance that conjures storms,
A testament to myths of yore,
In the whirlwind's heart that wildly warms.


As quickly risen, then it fades,
Leaving the sands to settle and rest,
The whirlwind's dance, in sunshine shades,
An ephemeral moment, in passion dressed.


Evening's Breath

When the sun dips low, and day cools its fervor,
Evening's breath glides soft and light,
Dispelling heat in a whispered endeavor,
Welcoming the veil of oncoming night.


It carries the fragrance of blooming night-flowers,
Through open windows, into quiet rooms,
Soothing the remnants of daylight's powers,
With the subtle hint of impending glooms.


Invisible brush on the canvas of twilight,
Painting calm with every stroke,
Evening's breath, delicate and polite,
Wraps the world in its invisible cloak.


It teases the laughter from children at play,
Their voices floating in the cooling air,
A tender end to the clamor of day,
In this serene moment, all seems fair.


The breath of night grows deep and wide,
Herald of stars, it whispers, "sleep,"
A settling calm that cannot be denied,
Evening's breath, a promise it keeps.


Voice of the Vortex

Roaring in the eye of the storm,
The vortex speaks a furious sound,
In chaos’ grasp, a world transforms,
Where the voice of the tempest is found.


It cries aloud to sky and sea,
A declaration of its raging heart,
In every shout, a fierce decree,
A world below, torn apart.


A power nestled in the spiral's hold,
A force untamed, a dance divine,
It tells a tale of fury bold,
Of nature’s wrath in every line.


In its breath, the ocean quakes,
And with each exhalation, fate intertwines,
The spinning gales that the vortex makes,
An artist’s stroke with the harshest lines.


Yet, as the maelstrom’s voice does fade,
Its whispers lost in the breaking dawn,
Light creeps back, as fears allay’d,
In silent awe of the vortex gone.


Minstrel on the Mountain

Atop the ancient mountain's crest,
The wind performs its lone recital,
With every gust, it seems possessed,
A minstrel’s song, both wild and vital.


Through craggy teeth, it whistles tunes,
Of legends etched in stone and time,
Above the realm where eagle swoons,
It sings of nature's grand design.


It carves its path through pine and fir,
A haunting melody that soars,
An orchestra without deter,
The mountain's breath that never bores.


In unseen trails it wanders free,
Past silent peaks that touch the cloud,
A symphony of majesty,
Performed before the stars, unbowed.


The minstrel bends the boughs in homage,
Its tune a hymn to Earth's own might,
In whispers to the midnight's edge,
It plays until the morning light.


PUBLISHED: Mar 05, 2024
Written By
Tariq Bennett
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