Poems about Sunsets

Zoe Monroe
As the sun dips below the horizon, it paints the sky with a spectrum of colors, marking the transition from day to night. These poems capture the essence and beauty of sunsets, each a unique tribute to this daily phenomenon.
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Table of contents
Amber Dusk
Shadows Stretch
Evening's Flame
Crimson Curtain Call
Vesper's Voice
Solace in the Sunset
Lingering Light
The Fiery Ballet
Twilight Whispers
Vanishing Day

Amber Dusk

The sun dips low with quiet grace,
A painter streaking skies with flame,
Reflecting hues on still lake's face,
In fading light, the day proclaims.


Cascades of gold on clouds, a stream,
Each wisp a whisper of the night,
An amber glow, a tranquil dream,
A twilight dance in fading light.


Birds sail home on mellow breeze,
Their silhouettes cut through the glow,
As stars peep out through evening's frieze,
In symphony, the heavens grow.


With each moment, the colors shift,
Retiring orange, pink, and red,
Night's dark veil begins to lift,
A peaceful hush o'er daylight shed.


The sun's last kiss goodnight, so kind,
A daily act, yet always new,
In silent awe, I find my mind,
At sunset's spell, its magic view.


Shadows Stretch

Shadows stretch to claim the hills,
As sunlight spills its final plea,
Beneath the vast and wistful sky,
Evening's cloak envelopes me.


The horizon's ribbon, a seam aglow,
Where day's fabric meets night's tide,
Waves of dusk begin to flow,
Upon which dreams and hopes collide.


Suspended there, in hues abreast,
The canvas breathes with colors meld,
A fleeting shrine where hearts can rest,
In sunset's transient world compelled.


Peace descends as light recedes,
A gentle hush o'er land and sea,
In colors where the spirit feeds,
Sunset's tender elegy.


As night's embrace draws ever near,
Stars a-glimmer, cool and discreet,
Sunset's essence lingers here,
In shadowed dance, its soul complete.


Evening's Flame

Evening's flame ignites the clouds,
A blazing pyre in descent,
Where daylight's clamor once was loud,
Now whispers of the night's intent.


Soft pastels blend into the fire,
Each stroke a psalm, a vespers call,
Transcending spire of day's quire,
Subdued, as dusk begins to fall.


The ocean mirrors burnished gold,
A molten path for dreamers' feet,
Adventures told and retold,
In simmering waves of heat.


Gentle zephyrs breathe reprieve,
From day's hot furnace, now subdued,
Invisible hands tug, weave,
The evening's shroud, in quietude.


And in the twilight's smoldering glow,
As cinders of the sun retire,
The heart finds cadence, soft and slow,
Within the sunset's dying fire.


Crimson Curtain Call

The stage is set, the sky ablaze,
In hues of rust and copper tones,
The sun, the star of end of days,
A standing ovation as it atones.


Clouds cluster, eager audience,
Anticipate the twilight show,
The beauty in the ambience,
A narrative in afterglow.


Beneath a crimson curtain fall,
The earth reflects the radiant sheen,
In splendor that attends to all,
Majestic purples, golds between.


Each leaf and flower kissed goodnight,
By waning light's retreating sweep,
The encore of departing light,
Before the night's encroaching deep.


Until the final bow is drawn,
With daylight's embers softly thinned,
The curtain drops, the light is gone,
Till tomorrow’s show begins.


Vesper's Voice

As daylight's din begins to fade,
And solstice winds sing soft and low,
The edge of night in pink cascade,
Announces sunset's gentle show.


Horizon's hearth, a warmth resigns,
To cooler blue, an evening's trace,
While whispering through the pines,
Day's memory holds its fleeting grace.


Clouds, like embers, briefly flare,
Against the dusk, a burning choir,
Their anthems raised into the air,
To greet the night with hearts on fire.


With every shade that slips away,
Vesper's voice grows deep and clear,
Speaking tales of yesterday,
Heralding the stars so dear.


The sun in final whispered rite,
Bows to night without defiance,
Leaving just a thread of light,
In trust of day's reliance.


Solace in the Sunset

Sunset draws a veil of fire,
Across the canvas of the day,
Lingering in its last desire,
To wrap the world in warm array.


The city breathes in amber sighs,
As buildings bask in evening's kiss,
The hustle of the day now lies,
In silhouetted form of bliss.


Exhales of light in crimson hues,
Each cloud a stroke of seraph's wing,
A farewell fanfare the sky imbues,
In forms of vibrant coloring.


The quietude of twilight time,
Bestows its calm, a soft embrace,
A rhythmic pause in life's bold climb,
An intimate, reflective space.


In this serene, suspended state,
Where thoughts and sky together blend,
We find a solace that can sate,
The soul, as day meets tranquil end.


Lingering Light

As light begins its slow retreat,
Beneath the threshold of the night,
The final warmth, bittersweet,
In lustrous threads of waning light.


Wisps of pink, in quiet play,
Dance with dusk on edges sharp,
A pirouette, then shy away,
As stars prepare their nightly harp.


Every painting, fleeting, rare,
With strokes of sunlight's tender hand,
A masterpiece hung in the air,
Above the slumbering, shadowed land.


Subdued glow in restful guise,
Where wandering souls may yearn and seek,
Lingering light in vast, clear skies,
Where all of life seems still and meek.


Bound to day with gossamer thread,
The sun departs with quiet might,
Its remnants in the heavens spread,
A lingering kiss of day to night.


The Fiery Ballet

Swirling in a fiery ballet,
The sky alight with lustrous show,
Color's last and grand display,
As crimson waves begin to grow.


The sun, a glowing orb, retires,
Yet leaves its passion in the sky,
Igniting clouds like smoldering fires,
A scorching dance that cannot die.


Reflections shimmer on the waves,
Each crest adorned with golden lace,
Majestic mountains stand as braves,
Bask in the sunset's warm embrace.


The horizon line, so boldly cast,
Marks where heated passions fuse,
Bridging present to the past,
In spectacular, rhapsodic hues.


As darkness holds its breath in wait,
The fevered colors start to pale,
Acknowledging the hour late,
The fiery ballet lifts its veil.


Twilight Whispers

Golden whisper of the sun,
At the closure of the day,
Bidding farewell to everyone,
As the light fades into gray.


Hushed tones past horizon’s brink,
Where the sky meets ocean's end,
The sun bestows its final wink,
And to the moon its torch extends.


Twilight's whispers gather ’round,
In dusk's embrace, they softly march,
As fleeting silhouettes abound,
Underneath the sky's grand arch.


The world stills under sunset's spell,
In reverent pause before night's sweep,
The whispered day says its farewell,
Inviting dreams from restful sleep.


And in this tender, tranquil place,
The heart reflects the sky's own art,
In the quiet calm, we interlace,
With twilight whispers of the heart.


Vanishing Day

A silent hymn at daylight's close,
A pause between the flux of hours,
The sun in stately, slow repose,
Beneath the weight of nightfall's powers.


Shading sky with somber light,
A fleeting glimpse of day's last gasp,
Ebbing into soft twilight,
The atmosphere in evening's grasp.


Fragments of azure fade to black,
Day's radiant empire now unfurled,
Vanishing into night's own track,
As dusk secures the quiet world.


Yet in this gentle, hallowed fall,
Rests the promise of the morn,
Day's embers cool beneath it all,
In the womb of night, anew is born.


With sunset's passage, calm and deep,
A canvas reset for dawn's first rays,
In this cycle, secrets keep,
The quiet beauty of vanishing days.


PUBLISHED: Mar 05, 2024
Written By
Zoe Monroe
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