10 Heartfelt Funeral Poems for Dad: A Tribute to Southern Fathers

Clara Hudson
A collection of heartfelt funeral poems that honor the memory of a beloved father, capturing the essence of his life and the love he left behind. These verses serve as a touching tribute to dads who have passed, reflecting on their enduring legacy and the solace found in memories.
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Table of contents
An Ode to Father, In the Southern Shade
Eternal Harvest Moon
A Gentleman's Farewell
Whispers in the Pines
Steady the Ship, Father

An Ode to Father, In the Southern Shade

Within the magnolias' scented grasp,
A heart does lay, in quiet repose,
Gentle whispers of a willow's clasp,
On southern soil, where the river flows.

The evening's hush befalls the glen,
Where father's laughter once did ring,
Now in Heaven, he rests till then,
With celestial choirs that sweetly sing.

Farewell to thee, with love, we part,
Thy memory etched in stars above,
Each beat of ours, a shared heart,
Bound by eternity's endless love.



Eternal Harvest Moon



Underneath the harvest moon's bright gaze,
Dad found peace in twilight's gentle sigh,
A life well-lived, full of sunlit days,
Now to the heavens, he soars high.

A farmer of souls, he tended with care,
Sowing kindness in each one he knew,
Harvesting love, beyond compare,
A legacy pure, honest, and true.

Rest now beneath the oak so grand,
Nature's watchman standing by your side,
For every grain of this southern land,
Carries your spirit, far and wide.



A Gentleman's Farewell



In vestiges of the twilight haze,
A southern gentleman takes his leave,
His courtesy lasting all his days,
In gentle repose, we softly grieve.

He walked with dignity, spoke with grace,
His wisdom like the timeless sea,
We long for one more warm embrace,
His love, the anchor 'neath life's tree.

No more will his kind laughter chime,
Through corridors of sweet magnolia bloom,
Yet in our hearts, till the end of time,
His genteel nature will forever loom.



Whispers in the Pines



The pines they whisper secrets old,
Of a father's strength, his tales untold,
Standing noble, roots deep and vast,
His memory is cast in every shadow they cast.

Each needle dropped, a moment shared,
Each cone born, his knowledge aired,
He is the forest, wise and deep,
In the mayhem of life, his calmness we keep.

We bid farewell 'neath emerald boughs,
Our hearts heavy, our heads bowed,
Yet through the sorrow, there is a find,
Dad's essence lingers in the pines.



Steady the Ship, Father



Steady the ship, father, as you go,
With sails unfurled to winds that blow,
You charted courses through storms to peace,
Your steady hand granted us safe release.

Error and trial, you righted with ease,
The compass of your love will never cease,
Your wisdom a beacon that lights the dark,
Guiding us home when life seems stark.

Anchor in the harbor of the Lord above,
Rest your soul in infinite love,
Remembered always, captain true,
Your legacy sails in the hearts of your crew.


PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 2024
Written By
Clara Hudson
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