Betrayal Poems

Clara Hudson
Betrayal, a complex and often heart-wrenching theme, is explored through the nuanced lens of poetry. These verses delve into the shadows of deceit and the journey toward healing and resilience.
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Table of contents
The Fissure of Vows
Echoes of Deceit
Garden of Thorns
Mirage of the Heart
Requiem for Reliance
Shadows of Once Was
Silence of Betrayal
Veil of False Hues
A Symphony Undone
Seasons of Sorrow

The Fissure of Vows

Once sworn in the hush of dawn's embrace,
Promises glistening like morning dew,
Now lay shattered, a fragmented truth,
In the silent scream of your hollow space.


A crack formed where trust used to reside,
A chasm birthed from a whispered lie,
Secrets spill from the lips that kissed,
Leaving scars where once bliss did preside.


The bond we wove with tender threads,
Ripped apart by sly, unseen hands,
Deceit wove its web through shared dreams,
Fractures widen where my heart treads.


Your shadow, a specter in my night,
A fugitive from the light of our past,
Each step away echoes of treason,
A dance of ghosts, a love that couldn't last.


Yet from betrayal’s numbing cold,
I gather fragments, bold and remade,
A mosaic of self, colored with resolve,
Where once was trust, a new foundation laid.


Echoes of Deceit

Whispers weave through the willows,
A perfidious zephyr carrying your words,
Revelations surface, a stream of sorrows,
The trust we tended, pecked by traitorous birds.


Laughter once shared, now an echo,
Rebounding off walls you built of secrets,
Oh, how blithely the knife was wielded,
In the art gallery of my deepest regrets.


Murmurs in the night, they haunt my sleep,
Conversations with specters of truth long gone,
Your visage, enshrouded in duplicitous nights,
My solace in dawn's impartial song.


The script you wrote in veiled ink,
Played out on the stage of our communion,
Actors tread boards splintered by lies,
Audience of one, to witness the illusion.


In silence, I reclaim the scattered pieces,
Orchestra of solitude, a symphony rises bold,
Truth's cadence marches on, undaunted,
Transforming the echos into stories retold.


Garden of Thorns

Our garden of Eden, nurtured with care,
Once blossomed with trust as its fairest flower,
Now, choked by the vines of deceit's dark power,
Entwined around branches, the air heavy with despair.


Petals lie trampled, once vibrant and true,
Wilting under shadows of treachery's shroud,
Thorns that were hidden, now piercing and proud,
Drawing the blood of a love we outgrew.


Pathways we walked, intertwined hand in hand,
Reclaimed by the wild, a wilderness of regret,
Every step forward met with remorse's cold sweat,
As trust's sweet nectar turns to grains of sand.


Fruits of passion, now twisted and sour,
Harvested by the hands of a betrayer's feast,
In the orchard of hearts, you unleashed the beast,
Devouring sweetness, hour by bitter hour.


Yet within this garden, a new seed I sow,
With roots of resilience in sorrow's rich loam,
Thriving in solace, in this place I call home,
From betrayal's decay, a stronger self will grow.


Mirage of the Heart

The desert of trust, once lush with belief,
Now barren, where your mirage did dance,
Waving illusions that lured me to chance,
A heart's gamble, prelude to grief.


Fata Morgana of affection’s guise,
Castles floating on hope's heated air,
Crumbling as I near, the facade laid bare,
Revealing the drought in your arid lies.


I chase the horizon where love seemed to dwell,
Through sands shifting under weight of despair,
Your visage fades, a wisp of what was never there,
A trick of the light, an enchanting spell.


Oasis of joy, a dream now marred,
Each grain of truth, scorched by deceit,
Parched heart yearning for a retreat,
From your barren love, forever scarred.


Yet, in this desert, resilience thrives,
A cactus flower blooms amidst desolation,
Radiant in solitude's consolation,
A soul reviving, as it revives.


Requiem for Reliance

In the courtyard of fidelity, the bell tolls,
A requiem for reliance, once so devout,
Echoes through chambers of hearts hollowed out,
Mourning the loss of control over souls.


Each chime, a tribute to forsaken trust,
Resounds of betrayal, a lamentable tune,
Songs we sang to the same fickle moon,
Now dispersed like ashes and dust.


The vows we exchanged, corrupted by time,
A currency tarnished, too feeble to spend,
Once wealthy in faith, now poverty’s friend,
My investment in you, an unprofitable crime.


Rubble of loyalty lies underfoot,
A temple once splendid, now ruins in gloom,
Pillars of certainty succumbed to their doom,
Bearing witness to the guise you put.


Yet from this requiem, a phoenix shall rise,
Wings splayed wide, born anew from fire,
Ascending past hurt, ever higher and higher,
Free from the weight of your masked lies.


Shadows of Once Was

In the gallery of my affections, you hang,
A portrait of devotion, tainted in hue,
Once a masterpiece bathed in trust’s light,
Now a study in the depths brought by you.


To gaze upon your canvas brings pain,
Brushstrokes of warmth now cold in betrayal,
Contours of care twisted, cruel and brutal,
A palette muddied, where affection was slain.


Easel of my heart, bearing the weight,
Of memories in gilded frames festering still,
Shadows where once the light did fill,
Of your love, now revealed as counterfeit.


But I shall curate a new exhibit of self,
Art born from the agony of your deceit,
Each piece a step toward becoming complete,
Rescuing my worth from the shadows of once was.


This gallery will not be a shrine to the past,
But a hall of rebirth, textures rich and profound,
Where new love, a genuine love, is found,
A collection of moments, truthful and vast.


Silence of Betrayal

In the stillness, your absence speaks,
A silent orator of treachery unspoken,
Our symphony of love, now broken,
Reverberating through endless weeks.


I listen for our laughter, but hear none,
Replaced by the quiet nagging doubt,
A chilling silence, spreading throughout,
Where once the warm whispers of affection won.


The void resounds with every heartbeat,
A metronome to the rhythm of deception,
Counting the cadence of connection’s defection,
The hush a hymn to memories retreat.


Draped in the tenebrous cloak of your leave,
I fathom depths of your soundless goodbye,
Prying the calm for reasons why,
A mute testament to what you conceive.


Yet from this quietus, a voice will emerge,
Calmly rising above the muted betrayal,
Crafting a narrative, resilient and regal,
In the silence, a new strength will surge.


Veil of False Hues

Under the veil of false hues you draped,
Camouflage of candor, hiding lies beneath,
A tapestry woven with deceiving wreath,
In your duplicitous garment, I was shaped.


Colors of trust, we dyed together,
Now leached away by your disloyal art,
Each vibrant thread pulled apart,
A cloth of betrayal, frayed by tether.


I donned your creation, a cloak of faith,
But the seams came loose, unraveled by doubt,
Unstitching the fabric of truth inside out,
Revealing a pattern of love's wraith.


Cast off your shroud, I emerge bare,
Exposed to the chill of reality’s stark day,
Yet in this undress, I find my way,
Weaving integrity with genuine care.


With threads of truth, I now garment my soul,
A tapestry honoring the scars of the past,
In colors of loyalty, steadfast and vast,
A cloak recast, making me whole.


A Symphony Undone

Our love, a symphony once so grand,
A crescendo of joy in harmonious flight,
Your betrayal, a note that couldn't withstand,
The intricate score we played in the night.


Baton of trust - you dropped in your wake,
Leaving rhythms of security to falter and fade,
An orchestra of dreams that you’d forsake,
In the pit, a heart’s serenade.


Timpani of pulse hammers through the din,
Reverberating against the cold concert hall,
A maestro of deceit, you conducted it all,
A standing ovation for a love worn thin.


Yet there is music in this disarray,
A quiet prelude to strength's rise,
In solitude's encore, resilience lies,
A symphony of self, re-composed today.


Seasons of Sorrow

Spring's promise wilted under your frost,
Tender buds of trust, frozen before bloom,
Winter's deceit lingers in the vernal room,
A stark chill where warmth is lost.


Green leaves of companionship turned to gold,
Autumn's betrayal, stripped bare by your gale,
Skeleton branches where once love did sail,
Our yearly rings declare the stories untold.


Summer's blaze cooled by shadow's touch,
Heat of passion smothered in the gathering gloom,
Sun of your soul eclipsed by the moon,
A season reversed by a hand's hush.


Our harvest of memories, blighted and stilled,
Fields of laughter lay empty and broken,
Truth's harvest moon now just a token,
Of the life and love unfulfilled.


In the cycle of sorrow, new growth finds a way,
Beneath the frost, below the quiet decay,
A seedling of hope pushes through the gray,
To bloom in a garden where truth holds sway.


PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2024
Written By
Clara Hudson
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