Grief Poems

Clara Hudson
Grief is a universal emotion that shapes our experiences with loss and remembrance. These poems delve into the nuanced journey of sorrow, offering a literary embrace to those who mourn.
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Table of contents
Mourning Echoes
Veils of Sorrow
Ode to the Empty
Whispered Goodbyes
Veil of Silence
Shroud of Yesterday
Winter's Sigh
The Vessel
Ebb of Absence
Portrait of Grief

Mourning Echoes

Whispers linger in the air, unseen
Their words, a gentle, mourning caress
In the silence, amidst what's left between
Hollow spaces that no light can address


The sun casts shadows, lengthening dread
Mourning's shade across our lonely floor
Measured in memories silently spread
Eclipses the laughter that lived before


With every echo of a heartbeat missed
I find solace in the grief that binds
It holds me close, in its sorrowful fist
A symphony of loss in wounded minds


The poems of grief, subtle in their weave
Stitch the fabric of a soul bereft
In words we find the courage to believe
That even in loss, love is what's left


Veils of Sorrow

Somber skies weep, mourning doves cry
Over fields where dreams lay down to die
Beneath the moon, a silent decree
An elegy for you, disappeared from me


Stars above, blurry through tear-streaked eyes
Searching the heavens, asking the whys
Plucking notes from a weeping guitar
My solace drifts in melodies afar


Seasons turn while my heart remains cold
I wrap myself in memories I hold
Leaves fall, whispering your name as they go
A testament of time’s unyielding flow


Your spirit, a silent wraith in the gloam
Roams everlasting, far from our shared home
Not lost, but displaced from temporal tiers
In every place, absent, your essence nears


Life's fabric torn with the passing of you
Grief, the thread weaving the days anew
But in sorrow’s loom, a tenacious light
The love which endures the longest night


Ode to the Empty

The vacant chair, a stark silhouette
Against the pallor of the morning's onset
Eloquent in its unspoken despair
Echoes of laughter that are no longer there


An unclothed surface, barren of your touch
A telephone that doesn't say much
These are the relics of my emptied days
Ghostly tokens of your absent ways


I wander through a gallery of the past
Where memories are etched and forever cast
Each a masterpiece of joy and pain
A chronicle of sunshine and rain


A candle unlit, a book left open
Symbols of words we left unspoken
In this museum of our shared history
I trace the outlines of the mystery


Grief's portrait, painted with tears anew
Each droplet a shade, a somber hue
Yet in this emptiness, there's a hold
A sense of peace, narratives untold


Whispered Goodbyes

The skies, a canvas of muted grey
Weep for you in their quiet way
In the hush, I hear your whispered goodbyes
As night enfolds me in its silent cries


The world moves on, unmarked by your leaving
Yet I remain, tethered by grieving
Clinging to shadows that mimic your shape
A vanishing echo, a mirthless jape


Where laughter once graced the ambience
Now only echoes of your absence
Each fond memory that I chase
Blurs and blends with your vanished face


Still, I listen for your echoed laughter
Hanging in the air, suspended thereafter
A haunting lullaby for the love I miss
In the formless night, sealed with a kiss


Grief is the heart's unwelcome guest
Lingering, unbidden, amidst my chest
Yet through painscape, eventually, I find
You dwell within, never truly left behind


Veil of Silence

Grief begets a silence, thick and dense
A shroud that cloaks the senses’ recompense
In every corner, an unuttered phrase
Mournful quiet binds my smoldering gaze


Fallen whispers, brittle like autumn leaves
Each a story that my heart bereaves
Cascading downward in a silent plea
A Madrigal of solitude, a phantom reverie


In this deafening stillness, times resonate
Echoes of you that I contemplate
Every vacant hour, a whispered moan
Grief's isolation, reaped and sown


Words, once effervescent, now lay bare
Stripped of their tenor in the chilling air
Poetry lost amidst grief’s sullen brooks
In every page, in every sullen look


Yet in the wake of silence's hold
A peace emerges, quietude bold
A stillness found within the storm
Embracing quiet, as hearts transform


Shroud of Yesterday

Days cascade like threads unraveled
Mingling with tears on paths once traveled
Wrapped within the shroud of yesterday
Clutching the essence of your astray


Clouds drape the sky in mournful attire
Muted laments of a celestial choir
Time, a thief, with stealthy tread
Steals your warmth from our shared bed


Grief, an artist, with tender strokes
Pain, its palette, for woeful folks
Sketching shades of our passé love
Upon life's canvas, hand-in-glove


I sit encased in the womb of night
Cradling memories that set alight
A myriad of flames, star-like, spread
Illuminating the silent tears we shed


Rising with the dawn's first glow
Embedded in every high and low
Yesterday's shroud, through time, may fray
But woven within, our love will stay


Winter's Sigh

Winter lays its sigh upon the land
Crystalline breath of an unseen hand
Each frosty whisper, a symbol of you
Gone with the wind, where once life grew


The trees hang heavy with sorrow's weight
Branches trembling at the hands of fate
Bare and exposed, in grief they stand
A somber vigil, a quiet reprimand


My heart mirrors this icy scene
Where warmth and color once had been
Numb to touch, and blind to time
Chilled by a loneliness, so sublime


Eyes that once beheld summer's gaze
Now watch the love as it decays
Even in cold, your memory burns
A fire within the frost returns


Springs will thaw this frozen sorrow
Betraying hope for each tomorrow
Ice to water, tears may cleanse
In nature's cycle, where healing begins


The Vessel

My heart, a vessel cracked by grief
Tries to hold love, but it's bittersweet relief
Through the fissures, silent cries seep
Pooling in places where shadows sleep


The echoes of your laughter, sharp and clear
Reverberate within, though you're not here
A dulcet song that never truly fades
A haunting refrain that sorrow parades


Each piece of my cracked heart a shrine
To the love you left, mortal and divine
What remains of us, broken yet sublime
Etched in the chambers of measured time


Patchwork of memories, I struggle to mend
Fragile seams that grief might rend
Holding fast to echoes you once gave
Your essence lingers, in the love I save


Someday, this vessel may yet be whole
Love's alchemy transforming my soul
Though filled with cracks, still it yearns
In love's own chambers, life returns


Ebb of Absence

The bed unmade, a silent testament
To the vacancy of your absent scent
Duvet dented where you once lay
A stark reminder, day by dismal day


Your imprint on the couch, faded and worn
Where once we cuddled until the morn
Now a hollow, a concave space
Memory's fabric I cannot replace


In the kitchen, the air is still, untouched
No laughter is stirred, no joy is clutched
Only the tincture of loss and yearn
Standing guard where your light once burned


Each room whispers of you, a subtle thief
Stealing comfort, leaving behind grief
Your silent echoes, respite bereft
In every nook, your shadow is left


Yet in absence, your essence persists
In every dawn’s tender amethyst
So even with the ebb of your presence
Your love resides, a timeless essence


Portrait of Grief

In the portrait of grief, time stands still
Colors of joy, from the canvas, spill
Where once was light, now shadows cling
A stark visage of mourning’s unyielding sting


A palette of pain, a brush dipped in tears
Artistry of sorrow across the years
Each stroke a memory, bittersweet
Crafting a tale where loss and love meet


The frame is worn, with age it weeps
For the promise of a love it no longer keeps
Hanging askew upon life’s barren wall
A tribute to the heartache that befalls


Yet within the lines, a beauty holds true
A testament to the one I once knew
In every curve, in each shaded part
Lies the eternally beating echo of your heart


This portrait of grief, a somber art
Dwells deep within my healing heart
A sacred image I will not erase
For within its frame, love finds its place


PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2024
Written By
Clara Hudson
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