Heartfelt Verses of Longing: Poetic Expressions of Missing Someone Special

Elijah Mitchell

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The content comprises a heartfelt collection of six "missing you" poems, each with four stanzas, reflecting on the theme of longing and remembrance. The poems explore the emotional landscape of missing a loved one through various metaphors and scenarios, including whispers on the wind, an eternal echo, the vastness of the ocean, the changing seasons, and the lasting rays of yesterday. Each poem conveys the deep ache of absence while also celebrating the enduring connection and memories shared with the one who is missed.
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Table of contents
Embers of Your Memory
Whispers on the Wind
Eternal Echo
Seas Apart
Seasons Change
Rays of Yesterday

In the quiet moments of life, we often find ourselves reminiscing about those we miss deeply. The following collection embodies the echo of hearts yearning for reconnection and the poignant ache of absence.

Embers of Your Memory

A gentle whisper in the silent night,
Echoes of laughter, moments so bright.
Each memory, a star in the darkened sky,
An ember of you that never says goodbye.

Candlelight flickers, a dance for the lost,
Counting the cost, oh what a cost.
Warmth of your presence, now so rare,
In the dancing flame, I find you there.

Turning the pages of albums so tender,
Each snapshot a testament, a sweet surrender.
Your smile captured in an eternal embrace,
Frozen in time, but not in place.

I reach for the stars where I feel you might be,
In the canopy of night, your face I see.
Miss you I do, in countless ways,
In every dawn and the sunset's blaze.



Whispers on the Wind



Whispers on the wind, they carry your name,
Scattered thoughts, a flickering flame.
Lingering in the breeze that gently blows,
Speaking of you, it somehow knows.

The sun retreats, its warm touch fades,
Longing grows within the evening's shades.
The secrets of the night in silence we share,
In the comfort of the dark, I find you there.

Pillow soaked in memories, sweet and sorrowful both,
Holding onto dreams where I can hold you close.
You are the missing beat in a lonely heart's tune,
The night drags on, morning cannot come too soon.

Yet, amidst the yearning, a gentle peace so true,
For I know the wind carries my love to you.
In every whisper, in every tear that's spent,
You are the love I’ll forever lament.



Eternal Echo



The silence speaks louder than any word said,
A symphony of thoughts of you swirl in my head.
An echo resounds in an empty room,
Waves of missing you, a relentless monsoon.

Photographs, once colorful, now seem so gray,
Eyes looking back, with so much to say.
The laughter we shared, now a silent hum,
The absence of you, to which I succumb.

Counting the moments that pass without end,
Each tick of the clock, a message I send.
In the hope that our souls can somehow entwine,
In an eternal echo that outlasts time.

As I close my eyes, it’s you I see clear,
In the still of the night, it’s your voice I hear.
An imprint you've left, deep inside my heart's alcove,
A testament to the depths of my love.



Seas Apart



The ocean vast, a mirror of skies,
Its depths conceal, where my longing lies.
Waves crest and fall, in rhythms of you,
Seas apart, yet I’m drenched through and through.

Tides pull at the shore, in relentless yearn,
Your name they chant, for your return.
Carved in the sand, then washed away,
The love we have, no ocean can sway.

Gulls cry above, in their lonesome song,
Mimicking my heart, where you belong.
Horizons where we once watched suns set,
Now horizons of hope, since the day we met.

Sailing the seas in dreams so wide,
To where you are, no distance can hide.
Buttoned-up feelings, now come undone,
I'll cross the ocean to where we begun.



Seasons Change



Leaves fall softly, in silence they lay,
Like words unspoken since you went away.
Autumn whispers of change, of time we stole,
Its cool embrace wraps around my soul.

Winter's frost kisses pane with care,
Glazed over moments that we can't share.
White blanket of snow covers our tracks,
Frozen in longing, the warmth it lacks.

Spring's hopeful blooms, heady and sweet,
Carpet of colors at my weary feet.
New beginnings sprout, in distances vast,
Yet memories of you, they ever last.

Under the summer sun where shadows play,
I miss you most, in the heat of day.
Each season's passage, like verses you penned,
Till the seasons circle, and I see you again.



Rays of Yesterday



Sunbeams reach through clouds so gray,
Teasing out memories of a brighter day.
Your laughter echoes in morning light,
A reminder of days, once vivid and bright.

Noonday sun casts shadows long,
Silhouettes of us, where we belong.
Seeking solace in the warmth it gave,
As if its touch could bridge the grave.

As dusk approaches with subtle grace,
The sun dips low, hides its face.
Our time, a moment against the endless sky,
A bittersweet sign that time slips by.

Captured in the gold of the fading light,
Your essence lingers, holding me tight.
In the rays of yesterday that come and go,
My love for you will forever glow.




PUBLISHED: Dec 25, 2023
Written By
Elijah Mitchell
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