Poems about the Sun

Elijah Mitchell
The sun has been a source of inspiration for poets throughout the ages. These poems explore the many facets of the sun's presence and its profound impact on our world.
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Table of contents
Solar Verses
Invocation of Dawn
Unwritten Solarium
Celestial Haiku
Solar Canticles
Ballet of Daybreak
Ode to the Silent Star
Sun's Memoir
Aubade to the Everlasting Sun

Solar Verses

Golden chariot across the sky,
Its fiery wheels in silent spin,
A burning poem that could not lie,
Illuminates the world within.


Each dawn's a verse of purest light,
With every ray, a word takes flight,
Amidst the canvas wide and bright,
The sun scripts day from the night.


Midday brings a sonnet strong,
Its lines of heat where shadows belong,
The glare of truth in a world of wrong,
A stanza where all souls throng.


As afternoon wanes to gentle prose,
A softer rhyme the sunlight shows,
Each photon dances and then slows,
In twilight's poem, anything goes.


The sun dips low, its poem done,
A silent ode to the stars begun,
But fear not the absence of the sun,
For tomorrow, a new verse will come.



Helios in quiet slumber lay,
Dreaming of the solace of day,
Each morning, his dreams alight,
A fiery tome against the night.


Gentle whispers of warmth evolve,
As silent riddles of light he'll solve,
Every beam, a line to divulge,
As the sun's thoughts in space revolve.


Across the void, the verses spread,
Life's crescendo in gold and red,
An endless poem that all can read,
Where warmth and life and love succeed.


The sun descends with weary prose,
Its daily poem nearing close,
In fading light, the content glows,
A narrative resting in repose.


As dusk's last light retreats from view,
A silent pact ‘tween night and dew,
We’ll find solace in the moon's soft hue,
Until the sun's verse begins anew.


Invocation of Dawn

Dawn breaks, a silent clarion call,
Horizon's line starts to scrawl,
A prayer in light to the waking land,
The sun's own plea, tender and grand.


It paints the heavens with hues of fire,
Each stroke a note in a celestial choir,
Rising, reaching with fervent mien,
A blazing ode, serene, unseen.


The zenith greets with fervid kiss,
A sonorous and golden bliss,
Pouring solace on all below,
In the sun's cathedral, life will grow.


The day wanes, the pen slows,
In the sun’s epilogue, soft wind blows,
Each wisp of cloud, a fading phrase,
An elegiac dance in twilight's maze.


And as the dusk draws the shade,
Night's impending, cool crusade,
The sun bows out, its poem sealed,
Until the dawn is once more revealed.


Unwritten Solarium

The sun, a lonely poet's fire,
Burning above, an unbound pyre,
Each flare and burst, a line inspired,
A wordless verse that never tires.


Beyond clouds, its stanzas soar,
Illuminating both rich and poor,
A story spread on nature's floor,
To read in warmth forevermore.


Mid-day's quill, the fiercest blaze,
Flows unchecked in the zenith's gaze,
Ink made of heat, in lifeful splay,
Every second, a new display.


Evening's ink begins to fade,
A tender script against the shade,
Light softens to a coppery glade,
In dusk's embrace, the lines are laid.


The sun retreats, its saga spun,
A tale ended, a night begun,
Its verses etched in time and space,
Await the morn, the sun's new grace.


Celestial Haiku

Rising sun, compose
Haiku in pink and gold light
Morning's brief poem


Verse upon the blue,
Nature's syllables align
Sentient and true


Intertwined with heat,
Lines without script or constraint,
Vivid, incomplete


Twilight's soft haiku,
Syllables in cool descent,
Day's final debut


In silence it fades,
The sun's shortest form of speech,
Night over the glades


Solar Canticles

A morning canticle ascends,
Where dawn's first light and shadow blends,
Each ray a note in harmony,
Nature’s own melodic spree.


Midday's chorus robust and clear,
A opus only heart can hear,
In the solar peak's resound,
Its canticle to life unbound.


The afternoon's soft sonnet slips,
Between the leaves, light gently drips,
A quiet canticle of rest,
In warmth, the world is sweetly dressed.


As the sun's anthem starts to sear,
Each purple cloud, a note so dear,
A serenade to the closing light,
A prelude to the coming night.


With twilight's hushed and final plea,
Night encroaches silently,
Yet the sun's canticles remain,
In hearts and minds, they sing again.


Ballet of Daybreak

Upon sky’s stage, daybreak ballet,
As sun ascends, begins its play,
Pink and orange hues pirouette,
A radiant dance we'll not forget.


In solar grace, light leaps and bounds,
A dance of day on the horizon found,
Each movement a brave overture,
Sweeping darkness, morning's cure.


The zenith beams with dazzling plume,
The sun's full dance defies the gloom,
Life’s ballet in abounding chorus,
A spectacle that spreads before us.


Curtain calls as shadows draw near,
The sun's ballet lessens its cheer,
Amber colors take their bow,
As evening prepares its solemn vow.


The final act, light fades from view,
The day's ballet at last is through,
But in our hearts, the dance remains,
Until the sun rises to reclaim its reigns.


Ode to the Silent Star

Oh silent star, thou art not mute,
Thy brilliant lines, none can refute,
In the vast script of endless blue,
Thy golden ode begins anew.


Invisible words on the breeze,
A poem felt with graceful ease,
Each whispering ray a solstice scribe,
Upon which all life does imbibe.


Majestic author, pure and bright,
You draft in flames and sheerest light,
A tome of warmth, a tale so grand,
That spreads its verses cross the land.


As shadows lengthen, echo wanes,
Thy radiant sonnet briefly strains,
Yet even as thy presence sags,
The memory of daylight drags.


Silent star, your work is done,
As night's cool blanket is gently spun,
Rest now, your ode remains alive,
Till dawn allows your words to thrive.


Sun's Memoir

The sun inscribes its memoir skyward,
In every rise and set acknowledged,
Its golden penmanship unfurled,
A diurnal chronicle of the world.


Morning writes in hopeful verses,
While life anew each page rehearses,
Midday scribes with steadfast hand,
A highpoint in the day's demand.


Afternoon memoir, drifting light,
Edging slowly toward the night,
Each stroke a blend of glow and grace,
Time’s tender shift from space to space.


The sunset dips in fervent hues,
A memoir's close that softly sues,
Its vibrant colors mix and mesh,
In fleeting moments, time to refresh.


So ends the sun's daily write,
Until the morn restores its light,
Of memoir's pages, we are the keepers,
Till sun bestows its light once deeper.


Aubade to the Everlasting Sun

The earliest birds begin their song,
To praise the sun's return before long,
A gentle aubade in soft refrain,
Welcomes the glow that breaks the chain.


Light spills forth in choral verse,
Each ray a melody to pierce the curse,
Of darkness, cold, that night had brought,
In rosy tones, the sun is sought.


An angelus rings at solar noon,
Where thriving hearts are brought to swoon,
Under canopies of light, we trust,
In this aubade, from dawn to dusk.


The sun's last aubade - a crimson plea,
With every hue that fades to the sea,
A parting song, the end of day's hum,
Softly surrendering its kingdom.


Yet, in the night, we hold the tune,
Knowing the aubade will return soon,
For the everlasting sun will rise,
Bringing its hymn to open skies.


PUBLISHED: Feb 23, 2024
Written By
Elijah Mitchell
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