Ocean Poems: Poetic Explorations of the Sea's Depths

Hazel O'Connor

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Dive into the evocative world of poetry where the ocean's majesty meets the art of words. Explore the depths of emotion and the ebb and flow of life through the rhythm and rhyme inspired by the sea.
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Table of contents
Whispering Depths
Odes of the Tidal Scribe
Eternal Ebb and Flow
Mariner's Mythos
The Azure Muse
Ballad of the Briny
Sea's Sonnet
Seafarer's Script

Whispering Depths

Seas chant in murmuring tones,
Gentle whispers of the deep,
Crashing waves on weathered stones,
In their embrace, secrets keep.


Each tide, a tale untold,
Rippling under moonlit stares,
Silver paths that dare unfold,
Mariner's silent prayers.


Neptune's canvas, vast, profound,
Where dreams and fishes soar,
In brine, the world's pulse found,
A primal, rhythmic core.


Forever shall man stand, in awe,
At this endless cerulean door,
Where whispers draft the explorer's law,
And depths call out for more.


Odes of the Tidal Scribe

Verses float on crests of blue,
Poetry penned by the tidal scribe,
Each line a surge of something true,
Rhythms that nature prescribes.


Salty stanzas kiss the shore,
Waves recite with every crash,
The ocean's lore in every pour,
In foam, their voices splash.


Seafarers navigate by verse,
Lulled by the iambic flow,
Sea's sonnets, both blessing and curse,
Guide where the brave dare go.


Couplet reefs beneath the tide,
Where colored corals brightly bloom,
Syllables where fish confide,
In the water's woven loom.


When day's last light dims to a spark,
The ocean's verse, a lullaby dark,
Though sands of time may leave their mark,
The poet's sea is never stark.


Eternal Ebb and Flow

Eternal ebb, perpetual flow,
The sea's own metered time,
It carves its verse on shores we know,
An endless, briny rhyme.


Cycles spun since ancient days,
In every swell and surge,
The tides, they rise, as if to praise,
The moon's relentless urge.


Beneath stars' distant glow,
The ocean scripts in currents quaint,
A narrative below.


And so the dance of sea remains,
Bound to lunar bow and sways,
Eternal ebb, the salt-stained strains,
Compose the ocean's ways.


Mariner's Mythos

Upon the swaying stage of seas,
The mariner finds his myth,
Amongst the billows and the breeze,
Where elements doth writhe.


His tale, interwoven with the brine,
A script of storm and calm,
His soul aligned with water’s line,
His psalm an ocean's balm.


The waves recite each chapter clear,
The spray, a curtain call,
His odyssey, both far and near,
Where horizons enthrall.


The hull his stage, the mast his pen,
With sails inked by the skies,
The sea's applause calls him again,
With each sun's rise and demise.


The journey scribed in foamy trails,
Through mythos vast, he soars,
Engrained in every sailor's tales,
Are ocean's deep-felt roars.


The Azure Muse

The ocean, a canvas of azure muse,
Where every hue’s a stanza’s birth,
Sunlight sparkles on the water's ruse,
Reflecting the mirth of Earth.


Chapters scribed in shifting sands,
At the whim of tidal flows,
Lores buried by impatient hands,
That only the deep sea knows.


The ocean weaves its tales in brine,
Each crest a line, each trough a space,
In liquid scrolls, the runes entwine,
And time itself they grace.


The azure muse does thus impart,
In every breaker’s dying art,
The verses of the sea at heart,
Its poesy shall never depart.


Ballad of the Briny

Listen close to the briny ballad,
Harmonies in the rush of tide,
An anthem deep, chorus hallowed,
The ocean’s own heart open wide.


Lyrics laced with the taste of saline,
Chants that cycle with the lunar light,
Each wave a note, pure and pristine,
Singing the song of the night.


The roving currents hum in tune,
An oratorio's broad caress,
Beneath the watchful, silent moon,
They score the seas with finesse.


Every splash upon the docks,
Each foam-edged stanza climbs,
The water’s melody unlock,
And syncs with the sands of time.


From depths to surface, bold and gallant,
A narrative writ in water’s valance,
Eternally plays the briny ballad,
Within the ocean's grand expanse.


Sea's Sonnet

In every crash upon the shore,
Sea's sonnet finds its rhyme,
A narrative of lore of yore,
Beyond the reach of time.


Its meter set by moon's decree,
With couplets cast in waves,
Each stanza, a discovery,
In ocean's hidden caves.


The chorus sung by salty wind,
A tale that never tires,
In every breaker's end, begin,
The sparks of Neptune's fires.


The cloak of night drapes over sand,
The daylight's verse complete,
But still the poem, ever grand,
Resumes with dawn’s heartbeat.


So listen as the breakers crest,
Each line they roar and flaunt,
The sonnet of the sea, unblessed,
Eternal is its haunt.


Seafarer's Script

Lines drafted on the ocean's floor,
In scripts no man can scribe,
Where waves dictate the tempo's roar,
And with the shore, they bribe.


A parchment made of liquid blue,
Inked with foam and spray,
Each chapter a horizon's new,
As night gives chase to day.


Seafarer's eyes, they read the swells,
Verses set by tide's command,
Their memoirs in the seashell’s bells,
Narratives that span the land.


PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2024
Written By
Hazel O'Connor
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