10 Heart-Wrenching Poems About Lost Love and Sorrowful Goodbyes

Tariq Bennett

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A collection of poignant poems that delve into the heartache of love lost, capturing the raw emotions of separation and the shadows left behind.
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Table of contents
Whispered Goodbyes
Wilted Roses
Unseen Chains
Shadows of Love
Echoes of A Heartbeat
Tears in Rain
Ghosts in the Heart
Hourglass of Hearts
Bridges Burning Bright
Vestige of Vows

Whispered Goodbyes

Once hearts entwined, now cold and stark,

A flame extinguished, lost its spark,

Eyes that shone with love now weep,

For whispered goodbyes that cut so deep.


In silent dreams, I reach for you,


Through the abyss, a love once true,

But shadows cling to what is gone,

And I awake to face the dawn.


Love's tender story left untold,


A book with pages worn and old,

Its chapters close with silent cries,

Our ending penned in whispered goodbyes.



Wilted Roses



Wilted roses in the glass,

Beauty faded, time did pass,

Murmurs of a love must end,

Where once lover, now just friend.


Their petals fall, a silent plea,


For what was ours will never be,

A sorrow deep, no heart should bear,

For love lost in life's unfair snare.


With every petal that hits the floor,


A memory fades, forevermore,

Wilted roses, in quiet lament,

Of love that came and love that went.



Unseen Chains



In silent anguish, hearts do pine,

Entangled in love's cruel vine,

Unseen chains that hold us tight,

Despite the struggle, despite the fight.


Once joyful hearts now beat alone,


Their melody a softer tone,

Where laughter rang, now silent halls,

And from my eyes, the teardrop falls.


The chains may break, a soul set free,


From love's tight grasp on what could be,

But even as I walk away,

Those unseen chains still bid me stay.



Shadows of Love



The laughter's gone, the joy's amiss,

In the shadows of our final kiss,

Moments treasured, now they fade,

Into the night, our love's parade.


No more the sun does rise as two,


Just hollow echoes, me without you,

To walk through life with half a soul,

Under love's dreary, endless toll.


Shadows of love, they haunt my dreams,


With silent whispers, muted screams,

In this darkness where I've dove,

Forever wanders my lost love.



Echoes of A Heartbeat



The beat goes on, yet feels so wrong,

An echo of a love long gone,

The rhythm lost, the dance undone,

Within my chest, a lonely drum.


No longer does this heart of mine,


Sync with yours in perfect time,

Its solitary thump, a cry,

For the love that's passed it by.


In silence, I still hear the beat,


Of two souls in harmony so sweet,

A requiem for a love deceased,

And on that echo, my heart feasts.



Tears in Rain



Tears mingle with the pouring rain,

A sorrow deep, a heart's refrain,

Each drop a tale of love once bright,

Now lost forever to the night.


Through storms of grief, we seek the light,


A way to make the wrong things right,

But love's cruel joke, a twisted fate,

Leaves only tears to contemplate.


In rivers run my silent screams,


Lost love floats down in watery streams,

And as the skies begin to clear,

Still rain can't hide a single tear.



Ghosts in the Heart



I walk among love's spectral ghosts,

Their whispers haunt, their memories boast,

A gallery of the times we shared,

Now but echoes of a love impaired.


These phantoms cling with icy grip,


To heartstrings frayed, a sinking ship,

For every joy that once was felt,

Is now a blow that's keenly dealt.


The spectral dance, it never ends,


On ghostly waltzes, my heart depends,

Yet in these steps, the pain's reborn,

As love's sweet ghost remains forlorn.



Hourglass of Hearts



Our love, an hourglass on the tilt,

Grains of passion slowly spilt,

Time's cruel hand, relentless sway,

Has washed our colored hues to gray.


With each grain, a memory falls,


Our castle crumbles, wall by wall,

Until the sands of us are thin,

And emptiness is all within.


Now the glass stands still, no more to turn,


In love's dry desert, I yearn and burn,

For pieces of a love that parts,

Like whispered secrets of shattered hearts.



Bridges Burning Bright



Burning bridges light the night,

A path of flames, no love in sight,

Each ember a moment we once knew,

Now ashes in the bitterness we brew.


We stood upon that bridge, so close,


Now distant shores, our silent dose,

Where came the spark that set the blaze?

In love's demise, lost in the haze.


An inferno rages, love's last stand,


Our future lost to fire's hand,

As we turned back, our tears ignite,

The final chapters in the light.



Vestige of Vows



Promises made in the heat of night,

Now vestiges in the cold, harsh light,

Vows whispered in starry skies above,

Now lies buried in the grave of love.


We carved our oaths on stone so deep,


Yet seams of fault did creep and seep,

Time eroded what we swore to hold,

And left our love story untold.


The echoes of those sacred words,


Lost to winds, no longer heard,

In the quiet, I recall our vows,

But time has silenced their avows.




PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 2024
Written By
Tariq Bennett
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