Poems about Mountains

Tariq Bennett
Mountains have long captivated the human imagination, towering over the landscape as symbols of strength, beauty, and the sublime. These poems explore the many facets of these majestic natural wonders.
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Table of contents
Summits Whisper
Alpine Echo
Pillars of the Earth
Monoliths in Moonlight
Ode to the Untamed Peaks
A Solitary Peak
The Ascent Eternal
Reign of the High Looming
Thrones of the Wild
Cradle of Heights

Summits Whisper

In whispers veiled by morning mist,
The mountain speaks in stone and earth,
Its peaks like elders, age-kissed,
Bestowing quietude and mirth.


Each rock a tale, ancient, entwined,
With mossy beard and lichen crown,
Guarding secrets of the sky-climbed,
In emerald cloaks and granite gown.


Climbers yearn for its profound hush,
To conquer height, to touch the sky,
The wind's soft song in twilight blush,
While eagles 'round the summits fly.


Clouds drape o'er hills in reverence,
The sun breaks through with golden lance,
Illuminating the immense,
Inviting the stone hearts to dance.


When dusk lays down its purple veil,
The mountains rest, their stories spun,
In dreams of climbers on the trail,
And promise of another sun.


Alpine Echo

Beneath the stern and watchful brows
Of mountains tall, in solemn rows,
The echo of a lonesome cry
Ascends to meet the stately snows.


From peak to peak, the sound does leap,
In alpine cradle, soundly sleep,
The voice of stone and ice is thrown,
Across the chasms, vast and deep.


The cliffs embrace the bellow's reach,
A choir amidst the rocky breach,
With every stone a solid tone,
The mountain's lesson they beseech.


The tales they tell, of time and change,
Their faces worn yet not estranged,
No epitaph need mark their path,
Their history in layers arranged.


Yet still the echo finds its place,
Within the mountain's stark embrace,
An endless song, as they belong,
Together in this lofty space.


Pillars of the Earth

Sentinel giants rise with grace,
Pillars of earth, a hallowed base,
Their crowns scratch at the canvas blue,
In pride, they their boundaries trace.


Majestic spires touch heaven's gate,
Their stoic forms our spirits sate,
Anchoring land to sky's vast view,
Forged in fire and cooled by fate.


Gazes climb their daunting face,
Humankind seeking its place,
In search of solace or a clue,
Upon the heights they wish to trace.


Their slopes ever in green's embrace,
Patterned by snow, a lacy lace,
Mountains offer a grand tableau,
Frame life's story, a natural chase.


Unmoved by time's eternal race,
They stand, our earthly dwelling's base,
While rivers sing and forests grow,
Guarding all with stoic grace.


Monoliths in Moonlight

Their faces touched by moon's soft gleam,
Mountains bask in night's tender stream,
Silhouetted against the dark,
In silver light, they seem to dream.


Silence holds the alpine arc,
Where stars embroider constellations stark,
Upon the velvet of the night,
The peaks kin to celestial mark.


In lunar dance, without contrite,
They claim the heavens' borrowed light,
An audience of stone and might,
Weaving dreams till morning's flight.


The craggy brows do not resist
Night's tender kiss, the amethyst,
Their jagged lines soft in the tryst,
By shadows draped, by mist insist.


Once sun ascends from night's black mist,
The mountains shed their moonlit twist,
Revealed in dawn's rosy glow,
A transformation none can resist.


Ode to the Untamed Peaks

Oh untamed peaks, with winds unbound,
Where the silence's roots run deep in the ground,
You stand where heavens bow in awe,
Above where eagle and falcon are crowned.


Your spires, like monarchs draped in white,
Rules over day and governs the night,
Against your might, oceans seem slight,
Your permanence is the climber's delight.


In your presence, time does bend,
Eons in your gaze do end,
In your shadow, we comprehend,
Vast legacies that our lives amend.


Ragged crests cut the sky asunder,
A testament to earth's raw wonder,
Your hidden hearts of frozen thunder,
Inspire both the poet and the plunder.


Steeped in myth, you wildly beckon,
To your heights where the clouds reckon,
In you, nature's divine lesson,
We find our truths and introspection.


A Solitary Peak

Above the plain, a loner stands,
Crowned by time's relentless sands,
A single peak against the sky,
A symbol strong, a timeless brand.


The winds caress its jagged flanks,
Along its spine, life's endless ranks,
Bared to sun and storm's caprice,
A sentinel midst nature's pranks.


In isolation's proud repose,
With every dawn and sunset's close,
It touches the horizon's hues,
Where solitude and silence chose.


Seasons dress it in their themes,
In blooms of spring, and winter's sheens,
Its constancy – the world esteems,
A peak apart, alone, it seems.


A tale it tells, of rise and fall,
Against the sky, it stands so tall,
In aloneness, strength it seeks,
That solitary peak - bewitches all.


The Ascent Eternal

Upon the shoulder of giants, we rise,
Seeking the wisdom that silence buys,
The mountain calls, in echo lies,
Invitations to claim the skies.


Each step a word in stone declared,
A narrative of battles shared,
With every breath, the ascent dared,
The peak's reward, so boldly snared.


The path winds up through stories vast,
Through shrouds of mist, the die is cast,
The climber's will against the past,
Binding their name to summits vast.


As altitude's embrace grows tight,
Horizon's canvas blooms in sight,
A masterpiece of pure delight,
Atop the world, embraced by light.


Descending then to tales we tell,
Of heights we sought, of times we fell,
The climb within shall always swell,
Upon the mountain's life-long spell.


Reign of the High Looming

The high looming, stoic in reign,
Harboring tales of sun and rain,
Above where green fades into white,
Their grandeur eternally plain.


Sentries of eon's swift flight,
Their silence speaks to transient plight,
Presiding over valleys bright,
Towers of strength amid the light.


Gathered clouds entwine their crests,
In aerial waltzes, they are dressed,
The mountains' might does not jest,
On nature's anvil, they are pressed.


Vistas from their watchful gaze,
Unveil the dawn's first gentle rays,
They witness life in countless ways,
Within their fold, the world sways.


Eons pass, yet they stand true,
Beneath the weight of skies so blue,
Their dominion old, yet ever new,
Kings of rock, to which we're due.


Thrones of the Wild

Mountains rise, like thrones of the wild,
Nature's bastion, pristine and undefiled,
Above the fray of human wile,
Their timeless visage kindly smiled.


Where pines like sentinels stand tall,
Winter's snow and springtime's thrall,
Beneath the sun, the summit's call,
Invites the brave to scale the wall.


Carved by glaciers' ancient hand,
Adorned by weather's artful band,
A testament to earth's command,
Upon their apex, wonders land.


Each crevice holding secrets tight,
Each boulder a beacon in the light,
They watch the day turn into night,
A canvas bound in hues so bright.


So here they stand, stoic and grand,
Firm hold over the airy land,
In their might, we understand,
The beauty of the wild's command.


Cradle of Heights

The mountains cradle the dawn's first light,
In folds of shadow and peaks so bright,
Where heaven seems to kiss the earth,
And day and night merge in their might.


Embrace of green and granite hue,
Each soaring crest births skies anew,
Alpine air, so crisp and slight,
Through veins of rivers - life they strew.


Paths weave through their storied stone,
To summits where the wind has flown,
Nature's pulse, the hiker's delight,
In the mountain's heart, the world is known.


A sanctuary from time's sands,
Mountains rise with ancient hands,
Crowning landscapes, pure and white,
Their majesty, forever stands.


As twilight's shroud falls gently down,
Hills and valleys lose their crown,
But in dreams, they hold the light,
In the cradle of heights, wear night's soft gown.


PUBLISHED: Feb 21, 2024
Written By
Tariq Bennett
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