Short Poems for Kids

Tariq Bennett
Embark on a delightful journey through a collection of whimsical and heartwarming poems, perfect for sparking the imaginations of children and the young at heart.
4 min read
Table of contents
A Day at the Park
Wonders of the Zoo
Little Stars
The Magic Words
The Tooth Fairy's Visit
Whispers of the Wind
Morning's First Light
Seasons in a Spin
The Library Nook
The Rainbow after Rain

A Day at the Park

Giggles and swings in the sky,

Feet kicking clouds way up high.

Laughter swirls in the breezy air,

Memories made with utmost care.


Sandcastle dreams by the slide,


Joy as vast as the ocean wide.

Little hands in creative play,

Imagination blooms in colorful array.


As the sunset paints with gold,


Day at the park, stories told.

With sleepy yawns, heads rest in laps,

Dreamland near, after sweet park maps.



Wonders of the Zoo



Through the gates, a world to see,

Majestic beasts wild and free.

Monkeys swing from rope to tree,

Children laugh, filled with glee.


Elephants trumpet, stomp and play,


Lions rest in cool, shaded bay.

Striped zebras munch on scattered hay,

Kids learn while they romp and sway.


When the day's end is drawing near,


Whispers of each creature we hear.

Tales to tell, sparking dreams so clear,

Night-time falls, but memories dear.



Little Stars



Twinkle, twinkle in the night,

Little stars with gentle light.

Guiding sailors, granting wishes,

Lighting up the dark like little fishes.


Up above the world so high,


Stars adorn the velvet sky.

Children's eyes with wonder gleam,

Catching stardust in their dream.


When the dawn brings forth the day,


Little stars must hide away.

But dreams they sparked go on to play,

In hearts of kids who danced in their array.



The Magic Words



Two magic words can open doors,

"Please" and "Thank you," not a chore.

They brighten rooms, they soothe and mend,

Whisk away gloom, make a friend.


With "Please," we ask so gently,


Words like soft petals, sent deliberately.

And “Thank you” is our warm reply,

A grateful melody that can't be shy.


So sprinkle magic in your talk,


Let kindness in your footsteps walk.

Words that shine like morning dew,

"Please" and "Thank you" – just for you.



The Tooth Fairy's Visit



Under the pillow, a tooth left with care,

For the Tooth Fairy flying through the air.

Carefully she searches, while the moon gently weaves,

Finding white treasures beneath the leaves.


With a sprinkle of dust, what was gone now is found,


In its place, a coin round.

Children snooze with a secret delight,

Awakening to a shining morning light.


Thank you, dear Fairy, for your visit last night,


For making the loss of a tooth a delight.

Now with a smile, we greet the new day,

With a new tooth on the way!



Whispers of the Wind



Listen to the whispers of the wind,

Secrets of the earth it's pinned.

Rustling leaves tell stories old,

In the breeze, adventures bold.


The wind dances through the trees,


Swaying branches with graceful ease.

Invisible to the eye, but still we know,

It's the wind’s way to pass hello.


When storms arrive with gusts and blows,


The wind may roar, but then it shows.

A might that cleanses, making new,

And after the storm, the skies so blue.



Morning's First Light



The sun peeks out, with morning's grace,

Golden beams on sleepy face.

Rising high, the sky to paint,

New day's canvas, without restraint.


Birdsong trills in the crisp air,


Squirrels scamper without care.

Dew on grass like scattered jewels,

Nature's waking, with her tools.


Children rise, new games they seek,


In morning's bloom, their joy peaks.

Day ahead, moments to make,

In each sunrise, chances awake.



Seasons in a Spin



Spring flowers bloom, colors wide,

Beauty waking side by side.

Summer follows with her sun,

Children's laughter, splash and run.


Autumn's dress in golden hue,


Leaves fall gentle, skies so blue.

Winter's frosty lace spins tight,

Snowflakes cover grounds in white.


Round we go on this Earth's ride,


Seasons change with time's sure stride.

Each one special, to explore,

Memories make, forevermore.



The Library Nook



In the library's cozy nook,

Lies a wonder, an open book.

Pages turn, stories unfold,

Adventures brave and tales so bold.


Children nestled, silent crowd,


Drifting on words spoken loud.

Dragons fly and pirates seek,

Treasure maps and mountains peak.


When the tale ends, a satisfied look,


Another journey, another book.

In the library's nook, dreams take flight,

On the wings of stories, into the night.



The Rainbow after Rain



Look up high, after the rain,

Colorful arch, joy's refrain.

Rainbow bridge from cloud to ground,

Whispered magic, in silence found.


Colors mingle, red to violet light,


Forming gently, a splendid sight.

Children's eyes with wonder alight,

Chasing the end where treasures might.


So when the sky cries, do not frown,


Rainbows come, when rain calms down.

Colors vivid, in the sky they reign,

Reminding us, there's joy after pain.




PUBLISHED: Jan 12, 2024
Written By
Tariq Bennett
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