Poems about School

Zoe Monroe

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Explore the emotional journey of school life through a collection of heartfelt poems that encapsulate the essence of learning, friendships, and growth.
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Table of contents
The First Lesson
Chalkboard Chronicles
Recess Rebellion
Classroom Expedition
The Keeper of Secrets
Test Day
Untamed Thoughts
Schoolyard Bonds
The Last Bell
Our Teachers, Our Guides

The First Lesson

The morning bell with cheerful rings,

New backpacks full of books and things.

Anxious hearts and bright-eyed looks,

Embark on journeys not found in nooks.

Teachers with smiles greet our days,

Weaving knowledge in wondrous ways.

Fresh minds eager to unbind,

The secrets that they're set to find.

Friendships form in this place of cheer,

Laughter echoes, far and near.

The first lesson taught without a test,

Is school's where our young minds grow best.



Chalkboard Chronicles

In dusty trails of chalky lines,

Lies the shape of Einstein's finds.

Numbers dance, and letters sway,

To teacher's rhythm, day by day.

Young eyes fixed on her moving hand,

Deciphering the world's demand.

From scribbles raw to scripted lore,

Each stroke a key to wisdom's door.

A world unfurls on this slate grey,

A generation's mind in play.

Chalkboard chronicles, etched in time,

A symphony in silent rhyme.



Recess Rebellion

Beyond the desks and glaring lights,

There lies a field of sheer delights.

Where balls are thrown without a care,

And children's laughter fills the air.

Tag is more than just a game,

It’s freedom from the classroom's frame.

A surge of life in open space,

Recess a youthful heart's embrace.

But as the bell tolls its decree,

Back to books from jubilee.

With wistful grins, they leave rebellion,

In memories of grassy haven.



Classroom Expedition

We voyage through the textbooks vast,

As present blends with future, past.

Each lesson is a new terrain,

Unearthed with joy, and sometimes pain.

The chalky dust, our flying sand,

Deserts crossed by learned band.

The maps we draw on whiteboard's shore,

Guide us to knowledge's core.

And when the day draws to an end,

Our minds are richer, hours well spend.

In classroom expeditions bright,

Every query finds its light.



The Keeper of Secrets

A library stands, proud and still,

A keeper of secrets, time's goodwill.

Its walls lined with another's past,

A quiet nexus, holding fast.

Each spine's a door to worlds unknown,

To lands unseen and seeds unsown.

Whispers there, though silence reigns,

In every book, wisdom contains.

So take a walk through silent halls,

And listen as adventure calls.

Through rows of texts and tales that beckon,

A school's heart beats within its section.



Test Day

The sun arises, pens at ready,

Hands are trembling, keep them steady.

A page of questions, stern and stark,

The test begins, a daunting mark.

In rows we sit, in silence bound,

Time is ticking, minds are wound.

Pencils scribble, answers form,

As knowledge spills, fresh and warm.

And then it ends, breathe a sigh,

Papers pass, as moments fly.

Test day's trial, now complete

Growth through challenge, no small feat.



Untamed Thoughts

The bell rings out, the day begins,

With lined paper and clicking pens.

Yet minds will wander, far and wide,

To where imagination does abide.

Square windows frame the sky's expanse,

Untamed thoughts given the chance.

Shimmer of dreams within grasp's reach,

Lessons they echo, beyond speech.

Yearning to fly beyond this room,

Away from lectured thoughts that loom.

Yet anchored here with every note,

In seas of learning, we all float.



Schoolyard Bonds

Skies of blue over pavement slate,

Young alliances that we create.

Where every secret, trade and deed,

Form the bonds that we all need.

Through tetherball and hopscotch lines,

These friendships forge, and trust defines.

Days may pass like turning pages,

But schoolyard bonds last through the ages.

We seek, we find, we laugh and yearn,

In every lesson that we learn.

And when our paths begin to part,

The schoolyard stays within our heart.



The Last Bell

Seasons turn, and then at last,

The final bell, echos past.

Desks abandoned, halls so quiet,

Chapters close, bittersweet riot.

Gathers memories in its peal,

Years of growth, joy, and appeal.

The endings blend with fresh starts,

Gratitude within our hearts.

We step beyond, with sure strides,

Filled with knowledge, life provides.

The last bell's toll, a fond farewell,

Leaving school's empowering spell.



Our Teachers, Our Guides

The pillars of our schoolroom's guild,

Are teachers, knowledge they've instilled.

Patience vast as ocean's tide,

Within their words, we find our guide.

They map the unknown, chart the course,

Steer our minds with gentle force.

Giving light to subjects dark,

Illuminating curious spark.

So let's thank those who day-by-day,

Lead us through the learned fray.

For in each lesson, they impart,

A piece of wisdom, heart to heart.




PUBLISHED: Jan 27, 2024
Written By
Zoe Monroe
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