Snow Poems

Zoe Monroe
Experience the serene beauty and quiet magic of winter through a collection of poems that capture the essence of snow in all its forms.
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Table of contents
Silent Snowfall
The Snow's Embrace
Whispers of Winter
Magic of the Snow
Reflections on Ice
Snow's Symphony
Evening's Snowfall
Winter's Lullaby
Infinity in Snow
Cold Night's Friend

Silent Snowfall

Whispering flakes that touch the ground,

Softly laying without a sound.

Silver mantle, a tranquil sight,

Cloaking the world in purest white.


Each flake a whisper from the sky,

An icy kiss from up high.

Gently swirling, a ballet slow,

In the glow of the streetlight's show.


Blanket snug over city and field,

Under the snow, all’s concealed.

While we sleep, it works its spell,

To wake and find the world made well.



The Snow's Embrace

The snow falls down, so slow and hushed,

Upon the trees, a frigid blush.

In its embrace, the forest sleeps,

While over roots the snowdrift creeps.


A gentle touch upon the pane,

As flakes conjoin, a transient chain.

A dance of chill, a frozen lace,

Endless beauty, nature's grace.


In every flake, a unique tale,

A fleeting life in its small scale.

The snow’s embrace, holds tight, secures,

A moment's warmth it still assures.



Whispers of Winter

Snow whispers to the barren trees,

Adorns their branches with ease.

Winter's breath, a frosty song,

Within the white, hearts grow strong.


Crystal landscapes paint the earth,

Telling tales of spring's rebirth.

Every flake, a piece of art,

A tranquil stillness to impart.


The world in silence, wrapped serene,

A stillness like it's never been.

Whispers of winter, soft and low,

Within the dance of falling snow.



Magic of the Snow

When snowflakes dance with grace at night,

They coat the world in soft twilight.

In morning light, a magic scene,

With sparkling gems and silver sheen.


Each lawn and rooftop, fields afar,

Now glisten like a fallen star.

In silvery dress the earth is clad,

Such beauty makes the heart feel glad.


The crunch of boots on fresh-laid snow,

The rosy cheeks begin to glow.

In the quiet of winter's hold,

Lies a story yet to be told.



Reflections on Ice

Reflecting light of the pale moon glow,

The ice-bound lakes begin to show.

Secrets beneath the frozen sheen,

Stories paused, a quiet dream.


Along the banks where the willows bow,

The snow lies thick upon the bough.

The world is still, saved frozen creek,

Where winter's breath begins to speak.


A canvas vast, a shimmering slide,

There’s wonder in this chilly tide.

Reflections on ice, clear and true,

The world's reborn, fresh and anew.



Snow's Symphony

Listen close to the snow's soft fall,

Each flake a note, a wintry call.

A symphony of silent sound,

Blankets softly, all around.


The melody weaves through air so chill,

Composes upon window sill.

A hush, a pause, a breath so slow,

In the orchestra of snow.


The white crescendo rises high,

As flakes cascade from somber sky.

A tranquil tempo set at ease,

Winter's music aims to please.



Evening's Snowfall

Evening’s snowfall, gently down,

On the quiet, slumbering town.

Each flake a dream, from heavens sent,

They weave a tapestry, heaven's rent.


Covering roads, and paths once clear,

The world transforms, the snow draws near.

A veil descends, with tender swathe,

Within the cold, nature’s wraith.


But peace it brings as it descends,

Unity where white extends.

Evening’s snow, a gift so bright,

Turns our world to soft twilight.



Winter's Lullaby

Winter’s lullaby, soft and sweet,

Snowflakes tap like tiny feet.

Whispering night, in cold’s embrace,

All of life slows down its pace.


Lay down your head, close weary eyes,

Under the watch of snowy skies.

The blanket spread, across the land,

As dreams take hold with a tender hand.


Gentle dreams the snow shall weave,

Softly whispers, take your leave.

In the arms of winter’s song,

Sleep, where all dreams belong.



Infinity in Snow

A single flake, so intricate,

With countless more does it create.

Infinity within the snow,

In every drift, the mysteries grow.


Designs unique, no two the same,

Each flake, an artist's untamed flame.

Together they form a sea of white,

An endless story, day and night.


Under the weight of heaven's pearls,

The branches bend, in swoops and swirls.

Unending beauty, vast and low,

In the deep heart of the snow.



Cold Night's Friend

On frosty nights when stars align,

The snow it whispers, ‘All is fine.’

A friend in coldness, pure and fair,

It blankets all without a care.


Woven into the world's fabric,

It brings a calm that’s almost magic.

Softening footsteps, muffling sound,

In the comfort of snow, solace found.


A fleeting cloak, a transient glisten,

In its presence, we pause and listen.

Cold night’s friend, till dawn’s ascent,

Watch over us, your hours spent.




PUBLISHED: Jan 27, 2024
Written By
Zoe Monroe
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